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New Releases for the Week of Sept. 16, 2012

Borderlands 2

In anticipation of this week’s new publishing efforts, players would be wise to dust off their idle hardware. Between the releases of four of Kinect-based titles and a trio of new Wii games, neglected peripherals and consoles might have a chance at redemption, especially with compelling offerings like Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition and La-Mulana. Meanwhile, Those with engorging wallets and a passion for fisticuffs might be interested in Street Fighter: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, a $150 celebration for Capcom’s much-loved fighting franchise.

Borderlands 2
F1 2012
Jet Set Radio
Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout (Kinect)
Kinect Nat Geo TV
Kinect Sesame Street TV
Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection
Street Fighter: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set

Borderlands 2
F1 2012
Jet Set Radio
Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life Special Edition (PS2 Classic)
RAW: Realms of Ancient War (PSN, $9.99)
River King (PS2 Classic)
Street Fighter: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set

Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout
Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition
La-Mulana (WiiWare, $10)

Hotel Transylvania

eShop Releases announced 9/20

Feisty Feet (PS Mini)

Little Big Planet PS Vita*

Alea Jacta Est
Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition
Borderlands 2
F1 2012
Jet Set Radio
Torchlight II
Train Simulator 2013

*There have been multiple reports of Gamestop breaking Little Big Planet PS Vita‘s September 25th, U.S. street date.

DesertEagle’s Pick: Although I wasn’t quite as feverish about the original Borderlands as the rest of the free world, I did appreciate the game’s scalability. Typically, games that are fun for a group are insipid tests of patience for the single player. Hopefully, the sequel adds some heft to it’s predecessor’s storyline and make AI opponents a little less predictable. For staunch solitaries with no interest in loot collecting, I’d have to recommend Kirby’s Dream Collection, especially if you don’t own too many of the games (Adventure, Dream Land, Dream Land 2, Dream Land 3, Super Star, and the Crystal Shards) in the anthology.

Borderlands 2

BlueSwim’s Pick: Having spent most of the last week playing through Jet Grind Radio on the Sega Dreamcast, I can safely say that it’s a classic. With Jet Set Radio on XBLA and PSN, the cel shaded beauty gets remastered HD graphics and much-need improvements to both the controls and camera system. Veterans of the original version will also be delighted to know that all but one song from the Dreamcast game’s soundtrack will be a part of this re-release. Speaking of the soundtrack, this week, the U.S. gets the Jet Set Radio – Original Soundtrack album on CD and digital formats. As an even sweeter bonus, several tracks from Jet Set Radio Future are included on the album, too. I haven’t looked forward to a CD this much since Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe 2.

Jet Set Radio

SeanNOLA’s Pick: I played Jet Grind Radio the day it came out, start to finish, and put it down. Then I compiled the complete soundtrack and played it on a loop for most of the rest of highschool. I can almost guarantee that I won’t be able to enjoy the HD Remake of Jet Set Radio, but that doesn’t mean that you guys shouldn’t check it out. I want my memories to stay pure, but if you haven’t played it before, it’s a pretty important game.

Jet Set Radio

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  1. My buddies are forcing me to pick up Borderlands 2. I know- cry me a river, right?

  2. I’f just fine with my free PS+ copy of Borderlands. Maybe I’ll drop some cash on the the DLC.

  3. I just finished watching a speed run for La-Mulana. I can’t wait until Thursday.

  4. Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition. I see some stores are selling this for $30. Even though it’s on VC is various forms, I want to own the disk.

    It seems unlikely that Nintendo will allow my DLC to play on the Wii U given their attitude with the 3DS.

    • That and having a bunch of games that I already played (and bought for much cheaper than $50) is why I won’t be buying a Wii U.

      Seriously, why is Nintendo competing with 7 year old consoles? Even with their touch screen gimmick, I don’t know too many people who will buying their system.

      • I’ll be holding off until they give more info on DLC and software.

        Anyone believe Pachter’s claim that the WiiU will be sold out until April?

        • He says things to drive up investor’s interest. He’s the puppetmaster.

          This will only be true if Nintendo limits numbers (it happens with every console to drive up demand), still I doubt they’ll pass on a quarter of profits.

          • The guys like the gaming mafia. You cut him a check and he’ll hype your product to investors “It’s going to sell through the roof”.

            You don’t pay the man, and he’ll say your product is doomed. Just look how he flip flopped on products.

          • Nah, Pach-Man’s just a big Bayonetta fan. That’s all. 😉

  5. Hello guys, Torchlight II this week!

  6. I had zero interest in playing Kinect Sports until I was listening to one of your old show and you mentioned they were made by Rare. Yeah, they’re slumming it, but I still want to see what the lads are up to.

    Anyone know the price for this one?

  7. I played the original Borderlands and thought it was cool for an hour or so, but the game really didn’t change all that much. I’m not hating on it, but it felt a bit empty to me.

  8. Borderlands 2 this week. I already bought Torchlight II on Steam on get the first game free.

  9. I probably won’t pick up Borderlands 2 until it drop in price, but I just love the art style. Hopefully, there’s more story in this one.

  10. I loved the the first Borderlands and even though there were times I played it alone. It was tedious but overall I enjoyed it. I will be one of those people that will dust off my XBOX for this game. I can’t wait!

  11. Kirby for me. And yes, I have to hook my Wii back up.

  12. Do you guys plan on reviewing Borderlands 2?

  13. I have no idea who Harley Pasternak is either, Des. I don’t even know if Harley is a guy or girl. Might as well be Mitch Mitchley’s Hollywood Workout, because I’ve never heard of this person.