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New Releases for the Week of December 23, 2012

Fluidity Spin Cycle (3)With 2012 rapidly  coming to a close, most publishers have decided to let their revenue streams freeze up like a Canadian creek. Not so with Nintendo, who will be offering a wealth of downloadable titles for their portable platforms. With notable releases like Fluidity: Spin Cycle and Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, it’s gratifying to see the publisher sparring competitively with contemporaries.

No releases

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD (PSN, $9.99)

Wii U
No releases

Fluidity: Spin Cycle (eShop, $TBA)
Johnny Impossible (eShop, $5.99)
Mahjong 3D: Warriors of the Emperor (eShop, $9.99)
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (Virtual Console, $4.99)

Jump Trials Extreme (DSiWare, $1.99)
Goooooal América (DSiWare, $4.99)
Wizard Defenders (DSiWare, $1.99)

No releases

Shadows on the Vatican – Act II: Wrath

Robert’s Pick: Late in 2010, developer Curve Studios released their charming physics-based puzzler puzzler- Fluidity, to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Regretfully, Nintendo’s WiiWare download service never quite garnered a robust fanbase, dooming the game to obscurity. With the release of Fluidity: Spin Cycle for the 3DS, the developer gets a much deserved second chance at earning admiration. With a stronger narrative impetus and gameplay that remains faithful to the original, the title is the one highlight in an otherwise tepid week of releases. Just make sure you play the game in a soft-floored environment, Spin Cycle remarkably lives up to it’s moniker, challenging players to rotate their portable a full 360 degrees.

Fluidity Spin Cycle (1)

Sean’s Pick: Who’s buying a game this week? I mean realistically? Hopefully, you’ll be too busy enjoying the gifts that you have been given or are giving to be buying a game, unless of course, you are buying a game for the new system you unwrapped, in which case you have an entire generation of titles to play. I would recommend starting with Mass Effect, because regardless of which console you unwrap, there is probably a Mass Effect game available for it, and it’s probably worth playing.

Mass Effect (1)

Eric’s Pick: If not for Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, the pick of the week would be the remaining doors of a chocolate-filled Advent calendar. Also known as the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, The Lost Levels first saw the light of day in the U.S. as a part of Super Mario All-Stars for the Super Nintendo (and later the Wii). The reason for this is because Nintendo thought the game would be too difficult for some American gamers and opted to go with a retooled Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic as the U.S. sequel, instead. It’s a tough game, alright, but if you’re looking for a good challenge on the 3DS, it’s an easy recommendation at $5.

Super Mario Bros The Last Levels (1)

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  1. Yikes, a whole lot of nothing this week.

  2. Since this is kind of the OT thread:

    RIP THQ. Thanks for the good times.

    • They had a good run. Maybe Blue will get a WWE game without all the glitches.

      Peronally, I hope Saint’s Row and Red Faction live on.

    • UbiSoft is looking to buy their assets – maybe they can keep a few studios alive as well? I’d love to see Relic keep their doors open, and I think Ubi could treat the Warhammer 40K license with respect (they are European after all)

  3. Once two releases this week: jack and shit.

  4. I might give Fluidity a spin.

  5. Which game has the T-rex in it?

    Nothing for me this week and the next.

  6. “No Releases” pretty much sums up this list. 😉

  7. Pretty blah week. Still, MERRY CHRISTMAS guys.

  8. The Lost Levels for me. Even tho Nintendo has been pimping Mario, I’m still game.

  9. Fluidity for Wii kicked ass. I’ll probably get the 3DS version.

  10. The Lost Levels for sure. I gave every Mario game available. No going to stop now.

  11. Fluidity, depending on the reviews might get a pick up.

  12. How can you guys even suggest one of these games when there’s a ton of sales going on? Show some steam love guys.

  13. Heard a shoutout on Cheapassgamer. Nice going!

  14. You forgot Munch’s Odyssey HD for PS3.