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New Releases for the Week of December 18th, 2011

Think you’ve spent a wad of cash this holiday season? With a purported cost of $140 millions dollars, its doubtful you have outspent Electronic Arts, who will be releasing Star Wars: The Old Republic this week. With subscriptions (after the game’s complementary 30 day trial expires) hoovering around the 15 dollar a month mark, analysts like Wedbush’s Michael Pachter are expecting the game to be profitable, bolstered by the exploits of smugglers and bounty hunters alike.

Trine 2 (XBLA)

Apples to Apples (PSN)
Sonic CD (PSN)
Trine 2 (PSN)

Soccer Up (WiiWare)

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan – The Chosen Few 3D
Might Switch Force! (eShop)
Tetris (eShop)

Chronicles of Vampires: Origins (eShop)
Doodle Fit (eShop)
Rytmik Retrobits (eShop)

Centipede (PSone Classic)
P.O.W. – Prisoner of War (Mini)
Prehistoric Isle (Mini)

Postal III
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Vampires vs. Zombies

DesertEagle’s Pick: This week’s narrow list of new releases makes an endorsement of Trine 2 easy enough. By tasking players with using the distinct skillset of each protagonist, the original Trine was able to unseat The Lost Vikings as one my favorite entries in the ‘cooperative character’ genre. Hopefully, the Wizard, Knight and Thief’s newest conundrums will keep my mind off how much I’ve spent this Yuletide season.

BlueSwim’s Pick: I looked at this week’s releases and one phrase entered my head; “This is not The Old Republic you’re looking for.” I have zero interest in playing an MMO, even if it’s based on one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. I think The Old Republic is going to have a tough time getting a foothold. It’s a $60 game with a $15/month subscription fee released towards the end of one of the most packed holiday seasons in gaming history. And to top it off, it’s going up against the MMO juggernaut, World of Warcraft. Wait a minute, I’m supposed to be offering a recommendation, aren’t I? Okay, go get Sonic CD (if you haven’t already). There!

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  1. I want to play SWTOR, but I’m not ponying up $59.99+$15 a month for the privilege.

  2. Sonic CD already came out. I downloaded it last night for $5. Go me!

  3. I am excited for Star Wars, I might not play right away, but I’m sure I’ll sink some time into the game.

  4. Satazius sounds and looks like something Rockin’ Android should be putting out. Glad to see Capcom is doing something besides UMvC3 updates.

  5. My free time is spoken for through 2012 and maybe 2013.

  6. SWTOR will be better than Galaxies. By how much is anyone’s guess, but I think by a wide margin.

  7. As someone who doesn’t really like MMOs (ok, maybe its that I like ENDINGS), I’m mildly curious about The Old Republic. Not enough to drop $60 on it, but still curious.

  8. Why do the streetlights in Star Wars look they should be in 50’s America?

  9. I’m up for Trine 2. I avoided the PC version so I can play on my console. Man, it’s been a rough wait.

  10. I can’t believe Postal is still a thing.

  11. I’ll try Trine 2, I liked the first one.

  12. Carter Pewterschmidt

    Trine 2 will get a trial for sure. First game was a slightly broken masterpiece. Who know what co-op will do to the game.

  13. Vampires vs. Zombies? Would they really go after each other?

  14. Trine 2. Will buy day one.

  15. I never played Sonic CD, so that will get on my hard drive this week. Probably won’t have time to play it though.

  16. Time for a bye week to catch up on the backlog.

  17. I expect things to look pretty sad for the next month or so until XIII-2 comes out.

  18. So how much did you spend this year, Deagle, You’re a reviewer. Youre not supposed to be busying game when you get them for free.

  19. Are Sage and Sean taking the week off or protesting the week selection of games?

  20. Sonic CD it is. I’m with BlueSwim and the Blue ‘Hog

  21. Trine 2 for me this week. Hopefully it’s $10.

  22. Pretty bad week for new releases. Good think there’s still enough of a backlog to keep me busy until Feb or so.

  23. Looking forward to Trine 2. The first one was great.

  24. You realize Michael Pachter is wrong more often that he is right, don’t you?

  25. You guys should offer a little run down of what you will be reviewing/playing for the upcoming week as well.

  26. Postal 3 finally came out.

  27. Which version of Centipede came out for the PSP? I don’t remember a PS1 version.

  28. I’ll be picking up Sonic CD. It’s the one 90’s Sonic game never played. those Sega CD units were like $300 dollars.

  29. POW from the old cart-blowing Nintendo days? Woohoo, it’s been to long war captives.

  30. Is comparing Sonic CD to Trine 2 like comparing Apples to Apples?