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New Releases for the Week of April 22, 2012

From donning a horned helmet and swinging humungous melee weapons at walking blood-bags in Bloodforge to whip-fisting through a swath of foes in Prototype 2, this week’s new releases offer a few outlets for slaughterous expression. For those not yearning to unleash the geysers of crimson fury, there’s always Chuck E. Cheese’s Arcade Room, where sweet catharsis can be found in a round or two of Whac-A-Mole.

Bloodforge (XBLA, $15)
Prototype 2
Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector’s Edition
The Walking Dead: Episode 1: A New Day ($5)
UEFA Euro 2012 (DLC for FIFA 2012, $22.50)

Darkstalkers 3 (PS1 Classic)
Future Cop LAPD (PS1 Classic)
Prototype 2
Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector’s Edition
Red Faction (PS2 Classic)
The Walking Dead: Episode 1: A New Day ($5)
UEFA Euro 2012 (DLC for FIFA 2012, $20)

50 Classic Games 3D
Shifting World

Chuck E. Cheese’s Arcade Room (DSiWare)

Akari III (PS Mini, $3)
Darkstalkers 3 (PS1 Classic, $6)
Future Cop LAPD (PS1 Classic, $6)
Golf Mania (PS Mini, $4)

No Releases

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The Walking Dead: Episode 1: A New Day ($5)

Risen 2: Dark Waters
The Walking Dead: Episode 1: A New Day ($5)

DesertEagle Pick: Although PC gamers like Samurage will be singing shanties about her rum-soaked Risen 2 experiences, console player like myself will have to wait until July 31st to shiver our timbers and toss down another gulp of grog. At least the wait is offset by the promise of additional content to placate anxious players. Instead, I’ll be focusing on helping James Heller seek justice amidst the open world environment of Prototype 2. Being able to jump atop a helicopter, rip its missiles off and then target the trajectiles toward the craft looks like the type of hyperbolic fun that games are adept at delivering.

BlueSwim’s Pick: Back on the original Nintendo DS, there was a compilation title from Nintendo called Clubhouse Games. It had all sorts of different classic games to choose from, like Checkers, Chess, Poker, various other card games, Darts, Bowling, and a bunch more. 50 Classic Games 3D reminds me a lot of Clubhouse Games. It has the card games, Darts, and Chess of Clubhouse Games, as well as games that didn’t have, such as a Battleship clone, a slot machine, and Roulette, to name a few. While it may lack the “Nintendo polish” of Clubhouse Games, 50 Classic Games 3D should get the job done for gamers looking to have some all-time greats on the 3DS.

SeanNOLA’s pick: Oof. The clear choice is between Prototype 2 and Risen 2 – the sequel to a forgettable emo-thriller, or a pirate RPG for the gaming PC I don’t have. Decisions decisions…. I suppose abstention will give me time to try out the latest Shining Force 3 translation patch. Hooray for Saturn classics!

Samurage’s Pick: Ahoy, there. Deagle has indeed predicted my pick this week. It’ll be the salty seas for me: swinging punches, assaulting pirates, and tackling the monsters of the briny depths.  All while maintaining a firm grip on some rum, of course.  The preview of Risen 2 did not disappoint, and the game itself promises to be badder, bolder, and now with 20% more drunkenness. And for those of you planning to wait for console release, might I suggest this as a mighty fine time to try your hand at some PC gaming?  The controls of the title are more than manageable and the game won’t disappoint.  So climb aboard, Matey!

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. $18.50 is a bit pricey, but I really, really want to get UEFA Euro 2012.

  2. I’m interesting in Prototype 2, but I can and will wait for a price drop. The first one was $20 a month or two after release.

  3. I’m interested in Prototype 2, but all the editions have me confused.

  4. The “regular edition” has the RADNET bonus which “gives fans 55 free pieces of additional content delivered for seven weeks following the game’s launch.”

    The Blackwatch Collector’s Edition give you:
    – hardbound art book
    – soundtrack CD.
    – Colossal Mayhem DLC pack
    – Avatar gear for the Xbox and dynamic themes for PS3.
    – Dark Horse digital comic entitled either “Labrinth” or “Labryinth”
    – voucher for 20 percent off of Prototype merchandise.

    Plus all the RADNET goodies.

  5. No much out this week.

  6. Thanks for putting Mac games on there. Now, all you need in iPhone game releases.

  7. I’m hoping 50 Classic Games is like Clubhouse Games.

  8. Actually, I had my eye on Shifting World. I might have to check it out this week.

  9. Kind of a crap week if your not into Prototype or PC gaming.

  10. I wish Prototype 2 had a demo. I can’t buy it without at least a short hands-on.

  11. Hey, thanks for the shout-out!

    Are the other writers taking the week off or what?

  12. I’m with Deagle, P2 is the choice if you don’t have the PC for Risen 2.

  13. Why do you just call it the Vita? The real name is “PS Vita”!

  14. Considering that I have yet to beat the first Prototype, I think I will wait on that one. Does anyone have tips on how to complete the last mission?

    • Run around avoiding his attacks and every once in a while stop and get him with the special claw attack, the one that comes from the ground (in PS3 = hold triangle). At the same time try to kill all the guys with rocket launchers and remember where they dropped their weapons.

      Once you get to the last 1:30 mins run to the rocket launchers and empty them on the boss, if you’re lucky you’ll stun him at least once and you’ll get a few free hits. If he’s still not dead (probably he won’t be) keep doing the underground claw thing over and over. Oh, and don’t forget to throw things at him.

      I will take at least 10 times to do this, cause he’s a cheap bastard.

  15. I can’t stand going to Chuck E. Cheeses, why the hell would anyone in their right mind want to play a game of it?

  16. Ahoy mateys, I’m getting Risen 2: Dark Waters from Steam this week.

  17. Shining Force III? 50 Classic Games?

    You guys are three week late on the April Fool’s front.

    • Sean, are you playing SFIII on a Saturn or through emulation? How is the game? Will you be talking about it on the podcast?

      • I’m thinking the cynical one (NOLA) is my favorite now.

        Do tell more about Shining Force III, as it how to play the damn thing.

      • I’m playing on a Saturn. I have a ProAction Replay and I’ve taped my door-switch so I can use the swap trick on Scenarios 2 and 3 (I own the US copy of Scenario 1, so there’s really no need for me to swap that one out).

        It’s good (of course) but I’m still chugging my way through S1 first, so I haven’t really made it to any of the patched content yet. At the rate I’ve been playing, I’ll probably hit S2 by the end of the month.

        • How did you obtain the other episodes?

          Your Saturn is still alive? Congrats!

          • I got Scenario 2 on eBay, and Scenario 3 at a convention – I think it was E-for-All. It was at the MadGear booth. I also picked up Front Mission 5 at the same time.

            Scenarios 2 and 3 aren’t all that expensive. I think I paid $25 a piece. Not bad when you consider I paid $90 for the US Scenario 1 back in 2001.

          • If there’s a kind god, Camelot will make another Shining game.

          • Sure you did.

          • Why wouldn’t he?

            He’s obviously a fan of the series and on the podcast they’ve all spoke out about supported developers and being anti-piracy.

            Just because you might copy/download/pirate a game, doesn’t mean everyone else has shady morals.

  18. Ok Blue, you got me interested in 50 Classic Games.

    Did some research and it’s $20 which is cool, but there’s also two covers and even two titles (one with 3D on the end). This has me a bit worried.

    • I might have to get that one. 50 games (even if they’d just so-so) for $20 isn’t bad at all.

      BTW- I think you need a weekly comic in your New Release thread.

  19. I’m up for some emo-thrills, as long as they don’t include any cheap shots this time out.

  20. Nice to see the pick of Risen 2. Funny that the sequel is getting a bit of love on the internets- only Desert and Shipwreck were the only people who mentioned that game in a kind way it seems.

  21. Sage, are the Risen 2 graphics as good as that screenshot? If so, I may have to bite.

  22. I remember Darkstalkers 3 was pretty good. Is it better than the PSP version?

  23. Uh, that dialog is from Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom, which was available in the US not the translation.

    • Once the first of the 3 scenarios came out here right? So are the other two translated fully now? Have you seen the real ending yet?

      • Scenario 1 came out in the US, but none of the other discs did. There has been a group translating the other 3 discs for years, and they’ll release patches every once in a while – they’re on Revision 13 now.
        Essentially all of the text has been translated and inserted, but a lot of it hasn’t been properly tested, so there are some goofy glitches, like text running out of the windows or apostrophes being replaced with script, but for the most part, they are completely playable.

        I’ve never seen the end, so I’m pretty stoked to finally get the chance. I don’t own the Premium Disc, and I’m not sure how much story it really has on it, but hopefully enough is resolved at the end of S3 that I won’t be missing out on too much (especially since the Premium Disc is EXPENSIVE)

  24. I played a lot of Red Faction on the PS2, it was the best FPS of the generation, IMO.

  25. How come you don’t post the RB DLC or the other add-ons?