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New Releases for the Week of May 29th-June 4th, 2013

Remember Me (1)

Along with the usual roster of expansions, ports, and sequels, this week’s new releases offer a few titles that almost didn’t make it to market. Following an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, Class of Heroes II failed to acquire the funding that would permit the publishing of physical media. Untroubled, the localization efforts of Monkey Paw and Gaijinworks sought to bring over a digital release, but even that hit a snag due to a rights issue over the opening song.  Mercifully, that’s all been remedied, allowing PSP and PS Vita owners to enjoy this purportedly much-improved sequel, in digital form and through a pre-order campaign- on UMD media.  Likewise, Xbox 360 owners almost missed out on Remember Me. Originally developed through a partnership with Dontnod and Sony, the project was cancelled before being reinvigorated for a multiplatform release by Capcom.

Crysis 3: The Lost Island (DLC, XBL, $15.00)
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Four
Remember Me
State of Decay (XBL, $20.00)

Crysis 3: The Lost Island (DLC, PSN, $14.99)
Remember Me

Wii U
No releases

Gummy Bears Mini Golf (eShop, $5.99)

No releases

Class of Heroes II (PSN, $24.99)

LIMBO (PSN, $14.99)

7 Grand Steps
Crysis 3: The Lost Island (DLC, $15)
EVE Online: Odyssey (Free DLC)
Marvel Heroes (Free to play)
Remember Me
Panzer Corps: Allied Corps
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Four
Planetary Annihilation
Prime World: Defenders
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – Forbidden Worlds
Titan: Escape the Tower

Robert’s Pick: 3DS owning role-playing fans are urged to scope out the Project X Zone Demo, which unites characters from Namco Bandai, Sega and Capcom properties. While the wait until the June 25th release might seem insufferable, perhaps the launch of Remember Me can help pass the time. Set in Neo-Paris, circa 2084, developer Dontnod Entertainment’s title offers the open-ended skulking and stalking of the Assassin’s Creed series transposed to a moody cyperpunk context. With the ability to manipulate other people’s memories and a protagonist struggling to uncover her own identity, the twists and turns of environmental navigation look to be replicated by Remember Me‘s intriguing plot.

Remember Me (2)

Jeremy’s Pick: By now you know that if there’s ever a Stardock strategy game on the New Release list, it will get my nearly undivided attention. Especially so with the Sins of a Solar Empire series. Stardock has gotten very good at post-launch support and repurposing of their existing material and making it feel even deeper and more engaging, and Sins is one of my favorites. The Forbidden Worlds expansion includes new planet types such as Greenhouse, Barren, Oceanic) with specializations and bonuses that will add even more depth and strategic diversification to that galactic map. For less than the cost of a lunch, Forbidden Worlds offers enough new material to give me another excuse to jump back into Sins, and that’s really all I need from it.

Sins of a Solar Empire

Say’s Pick: As a MMO fannatic, I’d have to choose Marvel Heroes as my pick of the week. It promises to pack a lot of fun and action pack into its RPG-lite mechanics. Known faces from Avengers, X-Men and many others to bring a total of about twenty playable characters- with all of them naturally having unique skills and leveling trees. Even though it might not offer Hollywood-esque big-budget cutscenes, mind blowing graphics, or revolutionary gameplay – it sure brings a free to play option worth checking out to all Marvel fans out there.  I’m looking forward to give it a try, in honor of our beloved DesertEagle I shall pick Hulk and smash all things in his name.

Marvel Heroes

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  1. I’m amazed that Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 4 wasn’t kickstarted. Jerry and Mike can seem to get anything financed.

  2. The screenshots for Remember Me have me curious. I just wish there was a demo. Openworld games developed by new studios (that as you said got cancelled at one time) have me worried.

  3. I’ll be giving Marvel Heroes a try. If it’s any good maybe I’ll throw a few bucks at Gazillion.

    (I missed the Founder’s Pack…)

  4. I hope you guys review Class of Heroes II. I am surprised that Deagle didn’t pick the game.

    Oh, and grabbing Project X Zone. Why didn’t I hear about this game?

  5. Also, if you’re EVEN thinking about buying Gummy Bears Mini Golf, spare your 3DS and throw it out the window now. I picked up the Wii version at a pawn shop for $2 and the game gave me stage 4 eye and thumb cancer.

  6. Remember Me looks and sounds interesting, but I’m definitely waiting for a review before committing.

  7. Part of the problem with the Class of Heroes II kickstarter campaign was it’s incentives. Your name would be in the game, but not in the credits….Victor Ireland never explained that.

    Also, you didn’t even get a digital voucher at the early levels.


  8. Remember Me?

    How could I not? Dat ass.

  9. Sake-powered Samurai

    Never played the 3rd Penny Arcade adventures, but it seems strange they would wait years between episodes.

    Also, should a PA game be like really funny?

    • If memory serves, the PA guys had some sort of fight with the developers after the 2nd episode. They released the story outline of the 3rd episode to give fans closure, then were approached by a different developer to make the last episode. That’s why there was suck a long wait for Episode 3, and why it is so different from episodes 1&2.

      As for t

      • the humor: I wouldn’t call it “funny.” It’s mostly fan service stuff for Penny-Arcade fans, which is fun, but references are probably the lowest form of humor (yes, lower than poop jokes). It’s neat if you’re a fan, but if you haven’t been reading since 1998, you might not get half of the “jokes”.

        • I don’t mind tasteless jokes (look at my name), but I expect a few chuckles from the PA games. I played the first two and got maybe 3.

          I don’t know, maybe its that their material is limited, but the games aren’t that funny. At the strip is now only funny once is a while.

          • “HEY! REMEMBER DIVX?! IT IS AN ABUSIVE DVD PLAYER! THAT’S STILL FUNNY, RIGHT?! ALSO FRUIT FUCKER STILL FUCKS FRUIT, SO THAT’S STILL HUMOROUS 10 YEARS LATER!!!1! Oh yea, also our Apple fan character has tattoos now because we started using Macs and now they’re cool because we’re cool.”

        • I sure didn’t know that about episode 3, I’ve only played 1 and I’ve got to agree with you on that – if you are not following them it’s very difficult to get in the “jokes”. The fruit fucker was certainly that one thing that drove me away from reading at all them anymore.

  10. devildakimakura

    I’m dying for a new Vita game and they give us Limbo?

  11. First ten minutes of Remember Me.

    Looks good. Maybe not $60 good…

  12. What’s the price on Limbo? Any new features or just a port?

  13. This week will go to Remember Me. I have intrigued by this game for some time and I don’t think it will leave me hanging. 🙂

  14. Hulksmash american games. Hulk like Japanese game with little girls or penguins.