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New Releases: December 26 – January 1st

Traditionally, the last week of the year is a meager time for new releases. The final, few remaining calendar days of the twenty-teens seems to validate that trait, with far fewer games than usual. Sure, there’s a few mildly familiar titles, with a pair of Deponia games coming to Switch and a three-dimensional action-adventure game crafted from former Rare developers. But largely, it’s seems like an ideal week to chip away at backlogs that have swollen from a deluge of holiday releases.

Header image: Tamarin, PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4
Tamarin (digital, $29.99)

2048 Cat (digital, $2.97)
Akuto: Showdown (digital, $5.99)
Arcade Archives: Vs. Balloon Fight (digital, $7.99)
Demon Pit (digital, $7.99)
Deponia Doomsday (digital, $19.99)
Goodbye Deponia (digital, $19.99)
Gunma’s Ambition -You and me are Gunma- (digital, $9.99)
Pulstarario (digital, $0.99)
Roll’d (digital, $1.79)
Roombo: First Blood (digital, $3.99)
Sheep Patrol (digital, $0.99)

Xbox One
The Clocker (digital, $12.99)

Dancing Arrow: Beat Smash (17.49)
Enternal Liiivie ($TBA)
Foxfall ($9.99)
League of Pixels (free to play)
PM-1 Inverse Universe ($12.99)
Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya ($10.49)

Weekly picks will return in 2020! 

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  1. No one picked Roombo: First Blood? C’mon lads!

  2. Robert is chasing after the furry audience?

  3. This week’s new releases feel like the equivalent of “Cats” complete with scary looking human/animal face.

  4. I can’t figure out what Gunma’s Ambition it supposed to be about. I asked my Dad, who is from Japan. He looked gave a smile, and didn’t say anything. I’m counting on your, Robert.

  5. Bring back the nice looking header pics, please.

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