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New Releases: October 18th-24th, 2018

Whether you opt to play as the Chosen Undead, the Bearer of the Curse, or the Ashen One, this week you’ll have to muster up every last drop of survivalist determination to make it through the Dark Soul Trilogy, just one of this week’s new releases. If you must be the one with the might, this week sees the annual collection of hunting and fishing games, permitting players to skulk land and sea for their next virtual meal. If case you’d rather confront fellow humans, this week also has you covered, with everything from the weaponry of Soulcalibur VI to the firearms of Resonance of Fate or Heavy Fire: Red Shadow to settle your score.

Header image: Soulcalibur VI for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

PlayStation 4
ACA NeoGeo: Strikers 1945 Plus (digital, $7.99)
Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock – Anabasis (DLC, $TBA)
Dark Souls Trilogy (physical, $79.99)
Halloween Forever (digital, $TBA)
Heavy Fire: Red Shadow (physical and digital, $19.99)
Just Dance 2019 (physical and digital, $39.99)
PAW Patrol: On a Roll! (physical and digital, $39.99)
Resonance of Fate 4K-HD Edition (digital, $34.99)
Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (digital, $18.99)
Soulcalibur VI (physical and digital, $59.99)
Soulcalibur VI Deluxe Edition (physical, $99.99)

ACA NeoGeo 3 Count Bout (digital, $7.99)
Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Championship Edition (physical and digital, $39.99)
Black Bird (digital, $19.99)
Cabela’s: The Hunt – Championship Edition (physical and digital, $39.99)
Dark Souls: Remastered (physical and digital, $39.99)
Drift Legends (digital, $4.99)
Just Dance 2019 (physical and digital, $39.99)
I Hate Running Backwards (digital, $14.99)
Momonga Pinball Adventures (digital, $5.99)
Nickelodeon Kart Racers (physical and digital, $39.99)
PAW Patrol: On a Roll! (physical and digital, $39.99)
Personality and Psychology Premium (digital, $7.99)
Pizza Titan Ultra (digital, $11.99)
Season Match (digital, $9.99)
Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (digital, $18.99)
Spencer (digital, $6.99)
SpiderSolitaire Black (digital, $5.00)
Syberia 3 (physical and digital, $49.99)
The Legend of Evil (digital, $7.99)
The Room (digital, $8.99)
Tied Together (digital, $14.99)
WILL: A Wonderful World (digital, $11.99)
Windjammers (digital, $14.99)
Zarvot (digital, $19.99)

Xbox One
Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock – Anabasis (DLC, $TBA)
Dark Souls Trilogy (physical, $79.99)
Heavy Fire: Red Shadow (digital, $19.99)
Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption (digital, $18.99)
Soulcalibur VI (physical and digital, $59.99)
Soulcalibur VI Deluxe Edition (physical, $99.99)

Blazing Core ($17.99)
Death race ($11.24)
Disgaea 5 Complete ($29.99)
Elemental War ($13.49)
Kingdom Rush Origins ($14.99)
Lethal League Blaze ($TBA)
Light Bearers (free-to-play)
Megadimension Neptunia VIIR ($29.99)
Reigns: Game of Thrones ($3.99)
Resonance of Fate 4K-HD Edition ($31.49)
Return of the Obra Dinn ($19.99)
RideOp – Thrill Ride Simulator ($16.99)
Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption ($TBA)
Soulcalibur VI ($59.99)
World War 3 ($TBA)

Robert’s Pick: Minato-based tri-Ace has been one of my favorite developers, crafting the Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, and Radiata Stories franchises. In 2010, the developer teamed up with SEGA to develop Resonance of Fate, a role-playing game that exhibited an unabashed love for guns. And while sensibilities toward firearms have shifted significantly in the years following the game’s release, Resonance is rooted in the fantastic, with stylish special moves inspired by The Matrix rather than anything resembling reality. If you’re the type of person who appreciates an RPG with a distinctive combat system, this week’s remaster might be the way to go, with Leane’s locks depicted in 4K/60fps glory.

Matt’s Pick (Editor, DigitallyDownloaded): I genuinely can’t pick just one title this week, because so many of the releases really sing out to me. I’m a fan of Dark Souls, so having that in a portable form for the first time ever on the Switch is appealing. As a fan of Souls, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption looks like it’s doing some really interesting things to subvert the standard formula. And I am such a fan of Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock. There’s no way I’m missing out on the DLC for one of the best tactics strategy games in the last decade. And like Robert said, Resonance of Fate is a genuine classic.

For all of that, since Robert would get mad at me for not playing nice if I didn’t pick one particular title… Soulcalibur VI. What an impressive 3D fighting game this is. It’s super easy to get into if you’re not familiar with fighting games, and at the same time has heaps of depth if you’re *really* into your fighting games. And Seong Mi-na and Talim’s bodies…. Hnnnnng. Dead or Alive 6 has a real challenge ahead of it.

Ryan’s Pick: Nothing gets me creatively cursing more than a Dark Souls game. It’s true, and I love them for it.  However, I’m passing on the Ashen One this week for SoulCalibur VI. I can finally make my own fighter character that looks like Killface from Frisky Dingo, so why wouldn’t I be excited? Also, true to the series’ tradition of including impressive cameo characters, the iconic Geralt of Rivia joins the fray for battle. I’ve always liked their choices for the cameo characters, including the Star Wars additions in SoulCalibur IV. I’m also glad to know that they have included my favorite character Voldo in the latest game. He’s weird to the core, and I like to believe he listens to nothing but dark synth. The character lineup and some of the alternate costumes (I’m looking at you Maxi – with your Elvis costume) always helped this series stand out in my mind from the rest of the genre. You can pick up this game and immediately do pretty well when playing, and at the same time the game has a pretty high ceiling for those that want to get competitive. That’s right, it’s time to ring out and enjoy that merciless beat-down by that one friend that just always kills you in fighting games no matter what character they pick. But the soul still burns!

Zack’s Pick (Senior Editor, RPG Site): Seeing as how I’ve never played Resonance of Fate outside of its demo, I feel almost obligated to recommend the game to those looking for something completely different from the typical mold. It helps one of the main characters is voiced by Nolan North – Nathan Drake himself.

But I’m actually very excited to get Dark Souls Trilogy this week. I have only ever beaten Dark Souls II (Soul Arrow spam ftw) so I don’t really have any experience messing with the other two entries. This is clearly the perfect bundle for people like us who have wanted to give it a try. Considering the amount of value this compilation holds, and with my positive experience with Dark Souls II (yes, I liked it), this is going to be a great set to enjoy the Halloween holiday!

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  1. Wait a got dang minute.

    When did Soulcalibur become one word. You can either spell the title wrong or combine words but you can’t do both. Is Yotoriyama ok with this?

    • Its been that way all along. Well Soul Edge was two words, but every Soulcalibur game was one word.

  2. I never played the original Resonance of Fate but I heard a number of good things about it.

  3. Just Dance doesn’t seem like a game that can be played in handheld mode on the Switch. What’s the point?

  4. I was hoping that RoF would be in the range of $20. $31 is a bit high.

  5. I’m kind of surprised no picked Disgaea 5 for PC.

  6. Matt’s right. Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock is really good. I’m surprised there’s no review here.

  7. “He’s weird to the core, and I like to believe he listens to nothing but dark synth”

    Ryan, I come just for your comments.