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New Game Releases: August 20th-26th, 2015

Steins Gate (1)

The annual arrival of Madden NFL signals two things. Unmistakably, it indicates that the commencement of the professional football season is just weeks away, with the Steelers facing off against the Patriots on September tenth. But for gamers, the title signifies the start of the holiday gaming season, where a relaxed release schedule gives way to deluge of games.

Header Image: Steins;Gate, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita

PlayStation 3
Back to Bed (PSN, $TBA, Cross-buy)
Madden NFL 16 (also on PSN, $59.99)
Madden NFL 16 Deluxe Edition (also on PSN, $69.99)
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (also on PSN, $TBA)
Steins;Gate (Also on PSN, $39.99)
Steins;Gate El Psy Kongroo Edition Rice Exclusive ($79.99)

PlayStation 4
Back to Bed (PSN, $19.99, Cross-buy)
Calvino Noir (PSN, $24.49)
Capsule Force (PSN, $14.99)
Dishonored Definitive Edition (also on PSN, $39.99)
I Am Bread (PSN, $12.99)
Madden NFL 16 (also on PSN, $59.99)
Madden NFL 16 Deluxe Edition (also on PSN, $69.99)
Mega Man Legacy Collection (PSN, $14.99)
Nova-111 (PSN, $14.99)
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (also on PSN, $59.99)
Shutshimi (PSN, $9.99)
Tina’s Toy Factory (PSN, $6.99)
Until Dawn (also on PSN, $59.99)
VVVVVV (PSN, $7.99)

Wii U
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (eShop, $7.99)
Crab Cakes Rescue (eShop, $7.99)
Factotum (eShop, $9.99)
Mortar Melon (eShop, $5.99)
Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Grey Wolf (eShop, $7.99)
Woah Dave! (eShop, $4.99)

Xbox One
Dishonored Definitive Edition (also on XGS, $39.99)
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (also on XGS, $39.99)
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Deluxe Version (also on XGS, $59.99)
Madden NFL 16 (also on XGS, $59.99)
Madden NFL 16 Deluxe Edition (also on XGS, $69.99)
Mega Man Legacy Collection (XGS, $14.99)

3D Gunstar Heroes (eShop, $5.99)
LBX: Little Battlers eXperience (also in eShop, $39.99)

PS Vita
Amnesia: Memories (PSN, $29.99)
Back to Bed (PSN, $TBA, Cross-buy)
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (also on PSN, $TBA)
Shutshimi (PSN, $9.99)
Steins;Gate (Also on PSN, $39.99)
Steins;Gate El Psy Kongroo Edition Rice Exclusive ($79.99)
VVVVVV (PSN, $7.99)

PC (all titles available on Steam unless otherwise indicated)
Afterlife Empire
Age of Survival
Amnesia: Memories ($17.99)
Bernie Needs Love
Break Into Zatwor
Capsule Force
Crookz – The Big Heist ($22.49)
Curse of the Crescent Isle DX
Evoland 2 ($19.99)
Fish or Die
Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden
Galactic Conquerors
Grandia II Anniversary Edition ($14.99)
Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients ($26.99)
In Between
Link: The Unleashed Nexus
Mega Man Legacy Collection ($14.99)
Mr. Makeshifter
Party Hard ($9.92)
Planet of the Eyes
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire
RymdResa ($10.79)
Shadowrun: Hong Kong ($19.99)
Shelter 2 Mountains
Sound Shift
Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings
Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power ($19.79)

Robert’s Pick: Nearly six years after the original Japanese release of Steins;Gate for the Xbox 360, the title is making its console and portable debut in the U.S. Fortunately, visual novels age well, and the storyline, while short on interactivity, is thoroughly compelling filled with believable explanations for its fiction and surprisingly, well-foreshadowed plot twists. It’s easily the best work with time-travel as a core premise since 2006’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and a worthwhile pickup for PlayStation 3 or PS Vita owners.

Steins Gate (2)

Gonçalo’s Pick: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love Shadowrun. It’s the only universe I know where you can play as a magic-wielding Robocop master-hacker orc. Sure, if you did all of this you’d be seriously undermining your character’s combat worthiness, but the mere fact you can is enough for me to love the franchise. Shadowrun Hong-Kong aims to expand on Returns‘ and Dragonfall‘s strongpoints while minimizing past linearity and low-content criticisms. I for one am extremely excited for it and hope gamers will finally receive the Shadowrun game they hoped.

Shadowrun Hong Kong

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    The game, anime…manga. Where to start?

  3. Does this mean a podcast with nothing but Madden trivia for Jeremy?

  4. Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising might be the first downloadable Nintendo game I ever bought.

  5. Some really good deals on Madden if you have 15 to trade in.

  6. Gears of Bro for me this week, bro.

  7. I think it’s Evoland 2 not the first one.

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  9. Are you sure Steins;Gate is being offered on PSN? I only see Amazon and Rice Digital…

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  11. “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” doesn’t get nearly enough praise. Love that anime.