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New Game Releases: April 21th-27th, 2016

Stranger Sword City
From the reappearance of Star Fox’s Fox McCloud, Corpse Party’s Satoshi Mochida, and nine classic SEGA titles in the SEGA 3D Classics Collection (sadly, an unlockable version of Fantasy Zone was lost in the jump overseas), this week’s schedule of new game releases is rooted in retro goodness. But for those seeking fresh experiences, at least a few variations exist, from Stranger of Sword City’s taxing take on dungeon crawling to Lumo’s proclivity for isometric puzzle-platforming.

Header Image: Stranger of Sword City, PS Vita

PlayStation 4
Alienation (PlayStation Network, $19.99)
Arcade Archives Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen (PlayStation Network, $7.99)
Battle Worlds: Kronos (PlayStation Network, $19.99)
Brick Breaker (PlayStation Network, $9.99)
Don Bradman Cricket (PlayStation Network, $59.99)
Jetpack Joyride (PlayStation Network, $2.99)
Party Hard (PlayStation Network, $12.99)
Rocketbirds 2 Evolution Americas (PlayStation Network, $19.99, Cross-Buy with Vita)
Tales from the Borderlands (retail, $29.99)
The Magic Circle: Gold Edition (PlayStation Network, $19.99)
The Sun and Moon (PlayStation Network, $9.99, Cross-Buy with Vita)
Zombie Vikings (retail, $19.99)

Wii U
Blockara (eShop, $6.99)
Dreamals (eShop, $4.99)
Mario Party DS (eShop, $9.99)
Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard (retail, eShop, $59.99)
The Pinball Arcade (eShop, free)

SEGA 3D Classics Collection (retail, $29.99)

PS Vita
Rocketbirds 2 Evolution Americas (PlayStation Network, $19.99, Cross-Buy with PS4)
Severed (PlayStation Store, $14.99)
Stranger of Sword City (retail, PlayStation Network, $39.99)
The Sun and Moon (PlayStation Network, $9.99, Cross-Buy with PS4)

Battlefleet Gothic Armada (also at retail, $35.99)
Bridge 2 ($8.99)
Colosse ($TBA)
Corpse Party ($TBA)
Don’t Starve Together ($10.04)
Demon’s Crystals ($TBA)
Endciv ($TBA)
Epic Clicker Journey (free)
Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director’s Cut ($TBA)
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander ($13.49)
Heaven Island Life ($0.79)
It’s Killing Time ($TBA)
Leave Me Alone ($2.99)
Mini Metal ($TBA)
My Night Job ($6.39)
Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher’s Stone ($5.99)
Save the Dodos ($TBA)
Tadpole Treble ($TBA)
TurnOn ($TBA)
Wayward ($TBA)
Western Press ($4.39)
Wolflame ($5.39)
XO-Planets ($7.49)

Robert’s Pick: 1993’s Star Fox hooked me from the start, ensuing a loyalty to the franchise. Sure, there have been letdowns. From eating bland bowls of Corn Flakes in hopes of receiving a tie-in watch (which Kelloggs never sent), to the spin-off that turned a beloved on-rails shooter into an anemic Zelda-clone. But this interview between Iwata-san and Miyamoto is a tear-inducing reminder of the folklore and creativity that accompanies each Arwing-piloted joyride- with inspiration taken from torii gates, animal archetypes, and the Thunderbirds. I know I’ll be doing some superfluous barrel rolls in celebration.

Star Fox Zero

Gonçalo’s Pick: Few companies have as rich a background as my beloved Sega. From console games, to arcade releases, handheld titles, mobile titles and have even had a hand in supporting PCs since the late 80s. While their production during the Genesis / Mega Drive and Dreamcast days were indeed stellar, it’s a shame that it seems that this is all they’re remembered for these days. This is why I absolutely adore the idea behind Sega 3D Classics Collection.

Not only are we finally receiving arcade-perfect ports of titles like Thunder Blade and Power Drift, but they’re actually being improved via an optional three-dimensional feature which makes full use of the 3DS’ capabilities. This is the sort of compilation I wish more companies would focus on, though sadly, the main programmer behind this project, Akira Saito passed away recently. Though I have never met him or spoken to him, his repertoire is impressive ranging from Sega properties, but also Konami’s Gradius, Castlevania and Contra series. Gaming is now poorer due to this loss.

Fantasy Zone II


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  1. I’m really surprised you picked Star Fox Zero. It’s been getting some bad reviews. Polygon refused to even review it. Care to comment about it?

    • I haven’t read Polygon is a long time. I think Ive seen one or two of their reviews after the Sim City score changing incident. I differ in opinion and technique. For one, I try to be a cultural relativist and take a more objective approach to criticism. As such, I would have not knocked down Bayonetta 2 for it’s sexuality, nor would I deduct from Call of Duty’s score for jingoism.

      I haven’t played Star Fox Zero, but I intend on buying on Friday. I tend to like almost anything that Miyamoto has had a hand in, and even his critically mixed games (Wii Music, Nintendogs) do something interesting. I still think Link’s Crossbow Training was an underrated light-gun shooter.

      • Damn, shots fired. 😉

        To me it seems like Polygon, IGN, Giant Bomb and those big sites are still dominated by the same white, bearded quasi-hipsters who tend to scoff at Japanese games and get all undone by fan-service.

      • Fair enough.

        Even though you seem to favor Japanese games (more reviews are writtem) you also seem to be fair to all games, Eastern and Western.

        • Well, Gator-friendly sites aren’t really know for they’re review writing ability.

          • *Their

            You should probably learn some basic grammar before criticizing anyone’s writing ability

          • Typos happen on phones. “Know” should have been “known” “They’re” should have been “they’re” but you know what? There’s a difference between a forum comment and a full professional review.

          • This isn’t a review. It’s the editor choosing which of the games releasing this week he’s more excited for.

            But then again, given your grammar, I don’t expect your comments to thoughtful or to possess anything that would imply you hold any sort of intelligence.

          • It’s about games … not grammer. I find it interesting that one would comment on another persons level of intelligence with little to no insight into their upbringing, personal background, or accomplishments. Not very smart.

          • Agreed. It’s the internet, people jump to conclusions all the time. While I agree with the grammar bit, there are some review sites out there that describe the most basic details of game. I want analysis and that’s becoming rare, especially when it’s free of political slant.

  2. A Nintendo fanboy picks Nintendo games every time.

  3. Game title that best describes my GF’s sex life: “Leave Me Alone”.

  4. Where did you get the info on SEGA 3D Classics Collection lot giving us a game?

  5. How about a Stranger of Sword City review? Also, let me know if one is coming.

  6. What games are on the SEGA 3D Classics Collection cart?

    • According to Sega’s own website, the collection contains Power Drift, Puyo Puyo 2, Fantasy Zone II W, Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Blade, Galaxy Force II, Altered Beast, Fantasy Zone II , Maze Walker.

      Personally, I’m excited to see some Sega arcade love

  7. Spongebob Nopants

    The Pinball Arcade isn’t really free. You have to buy entire sets of tables.

  8. RIP Iwata.

  9. I like the windblown skirt in the top pic.

  10. Star Fox is getting some decent reviews even a few perfect scores. To each their own.