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New Game Releases: March 30th-April 4th, 2017

Originally slated for a Valentine’s Day release, Persona 5 finally makes it’s stateside debut this week, arriving in four different SKUs. While PlayStation 3 owners get a single edition, PS4 players have a trio of options, with a standard version, steel book, and the “Take Your Heart” edition which includes the aforementioned study case, a soundtrack CD, 4″ Morgana plush, 64-page art book and school bag.

Header image: Persona 5, PlaySation 3 and 4.

PlayStation 3
Persona 5 (retail and PSN, $49.99)

PlayStation 4
Drawn to Death (PSN, 19.99, free for PS+)
Persona 5 (retail and PSN, $59.99)
Persona 5: SteelBook Edition (retail, $59.99)
Persona 5: “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition (retail, $89.99)

Nintendo Switch
ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug (eShop, $7.99)
Lego City Undercover (retail and eShop, $59.99)

Wii U
Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes ($6.99)
Miko Mole ($5.00)
Pikmin 2 (eShop, $19.99)

Xbox One
Thimbleweed Park ($TBA)

Brave Dungeon (eShop, $5.00)
Four Bombs (eShop, $1.49)
Kung Fu Fight (eShop, $1.99)
SubaraCity (eShop, $3.99)

Antihero ($11.99)
Ballistic Overkill ($11.99)
Battleship Bishojo ($11.69)
Beat Cop ($13.49)
Dick Wilde ($16.99)
Guns of Icarus Alliance ($17.99)
Miniature Garden ($TBA)
Nightstar: Rogue Wings ($8.99)
On the Road ($14.99)
PacaPlus ($TBA)
Swarm Universe ($11.99)
Thimbleweed Park ($TBA)
Virtual Sports ($16.99)

Robert’s Pick: While some might consider Japanese role-playing games a niche genre, Atlus’ Megami Tensei series has been the outlier, attracting a growing audience with each successive iteration. With a context in modern-day Tokyo, anime cutscenes produced by Production I.G., and a theme about not quite fitting in, Persona 5 represents everything I enjoy about JRPGs.

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  1. Yep, P5 for me. Been waiting forever for the game.

  2. “Dick Wilde”, huh? That’s an interesting name!

  3. No surprise for your pick this week.

  4. The regular edition of Persona 5 only comes out after the steelbook launch version has been sold out.

  5. Will you be reviewing P5 this week?

  6. Persona 5 this week. I’ve been waiting for months to play the game.