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New Game Releases: October 6th-12th, 2016


From two twentieth anniversary titles (Tomb Raider and Duke Nukem), a pair of games that seem to be named after Ikea furniture (PSIBO and SKORB), and a $240 Collector’s Edition for Gears of War, this week is both the best of times and the worst of times, as well as an epoch of incredulity. But with titles like Mafia III and Dragon Quest Builders showing up on the schedule, we’ll drop the Dickens paraphrasing and implied cynicism to welcome this week’s handful of promising pursuits.

Header Image: Higurashi When They Cry artwork.

PlayStation 3
WWE 2K17 (retail, $59.99)

PlayStation 4
100ft Robot Golf (PSN, $TBA)
Aragami: Collector’s Edition (retail, $29.99)
Dragon Quest Builders (retail and PSN, $59.99)
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (PSN, $19.99)
Mafia III (retail and PSN, $59.99)
Mafia III Collector’s Edition (retail, $149.99)
Mafia III Deluxe Edition (retail and PSN, $79.99)
Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience (retail, $49.99)
Payday 2: The Big Score (retail and PSN, $49.99)
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration (retail and PSN, $59.99)
Reus (retail, $29.99)
Tropico 5 Complete Collection (retail, $49.99)
WWE 2K17 (retail and PSN, $59.99)

Wii U
Act It Out! A Game of Charades (eShop, $9.99)
Hurry Up! Bird Hunter (eShop, $7.99)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (eShop, $9.99)
Ninja Pizza Girl (eShop, $9.99)
Paper Mario: Color Splash (retail and eShop, $59.99)
PSIBO (eShop, $4.99)
SKORB (eShop, $8.99)

Xbox 360
WWE 2K17 (retail, $59.99)

Xbox One
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour (XGS, $19.99)
Gears of War 4 (retail and XGS, $59.99)
Gears of War 4: Collector’s Edition (retail, $249.99)
Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition (retail and XGS, $99.99)
Mafia III (retail and XGS, $59.99)
Mafia III Collector’s Edition (retail, $149.99)
Mafia III Deluxe Edition (retail and XGS, $79.99)
Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience (retail, $49.99)
Payday 2: The Big Score (retail and XGS, $49.99)
WWE 2K17 (retail and XGS, $59.99)

Disney 2-Pack, Frozen/Big Hero 6 Combo (retail, $29.99)
Epic Word Search Holiday Special (eShop, $7.99)
Mega Man X2 (eShop, $7.99, New 3DS only)
Pixel Hunter (eShop, $2.99)
Psycho Pigs (eShop, $7.99)

PS Vita
Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors (retail and PSN, $39.99)
Dragon Quest Builders (PSN, $29.99)
Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni (retail and PSN, $39.99)

PC (via Steam unless noted)
Frog Climbers ($4.89)
End of the Mine ($14.99)
Gears of War 4 ($59.99)
Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition ($99.99)
Higurashi When They Cry – Ch.4 Himatsubushi ($TBA)
Infinite Minigolf ($14.99)
Laser Disco Defenders ($7.49)
Mafia III ($59.99)
Ride 2 ($TBA)
SHENZHEN I/O ($13.49)
Star Vikings ($8.99)
Syndrome ($21.24)
WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship ($TBA)

Robert’s Pick: It’s been almost a year and a half since Andrew House, the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment referred to the PS Vita as a “legacy system”. While that might have sounded like a death knell, the portable has continued to thrive, hosting a growing number of eclectic efforts. This week’s the Vita gets no less than three solid titles: Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors, Dragon Quest Builders and Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni. So whether you tastes lean toward role playing with fan-service, an RPG-builder, or yuri-infused, Senran Kagura-style fighting, good times are imminent. I’ll be skipping sleep and playing all three.


Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, PS Vita

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  1. Shrine Maidens and School girls should be the subtitle for this site.

    I’m not complaining just noticing.

  2. I want to know who the hell buys a $249 game?

    Do anyone know any of these uber-rich people? Do they really exist?

    • I have NO idea. Even if I was the biggest GoW fan, collected figured and made a shit ton of money, I don’t think I could justify it.

  3. Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni next week!

  4. Reus is $1 in PC bundles or $30 on console.

    Chose wisely.

  5. Criminal Girls 2 is getting my money this week.

  6. Dragon Quest Builders looks good. Too bad there’s no cross-buy.

  7. Why buy WWE 2K17 at $60 when you can buy last year’s version for a third of the price.

  8. Payday 2 is still around. That game has legs.

  9. Do any deals on Mafia 3? I want it for PC but not at full price.

  10. No Dragon Quest Builders review? What are you even doing with your time, bro?

  11. Summer Lesson review or you are dead to me.


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