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New Game Releases: January 17th-23rd, 2014

KickBeat Steam Edition

With anticipated titles such as Bravely Default, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII still several weeks away, players remain in the midst of a post-holiday shortage of new games. One company determined to benefit from this scarcity is Monkey Paw Games, who recently initiated their 2014 Retro Rush campaign. The promotion brings a number of attractive PSOne imports from Hyper Crazy Climber, Wolf Fang, and Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return to PS3 and Vita screens.

Lucifer Ring (PSN, PSOne Import, $5.99)

Wii U
F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition (eShop, $29.99)
UnEpic (eShop, $9.99)

PS Vita
OlliOlli (PSN, $TBA)

Insurgency (Steam, $19.99)
KickBeat Steam Edition (Steam, $9.99)

Robert’s Pick: Thanks to a gift from @Antonymity, I was able to try out an early build of Insurgency a few weeks ago. Even in its pre-release state, the FPS was remarkably involving- delivering mechanics that were assuredly slower and more tactical than most contemporary shooters. Game variants proved to be engaging and the level of detail across each map was astounding- both in the recreation of each war-scarred location and the ambient sound effects. While there have been a swarm of contemporary-era first-person shooter in the last few years, the team at New World Interactive have succeed in creating one of the better entries in the genre.


Gonçalo’s Pick: I’m generally not a fan of the Early Access concept, don’t get me wrong, I understand its advantages, but I generally prefer the mental comfort that comes with playing a “finished” title. With that said, if all my pre-release experiences show the same level of polish and attention to detail as Insurgency does I just may become a true believer. Sacrificing the fast and frantic gunplay found in most shooters for a slower and more tactical approach New World Interactive debut title definitely has me looking forward to their future releases.

Insurgency (2)

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  1. Lets all say it together…

    “There ain’t shit this week”

  2. Robert’s gone full PC on us!

    (How long before he realizes that there’s not too many JRPGs on PC?)

  3. Wait, isn’t Insurgency the MP FPS that’s already been out for a few years? Did they just finish it?

  4. Id love to give Insurgency a few days of my time, just need a new PC and a few years of dedicated WASD training so I’m not a walking target. 😉

  5. Is ANYONE really waiting for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?

  6. Find the heart in the top pic!

  7. Never heard of Lucifer Ring, but loved the original Tomba!

  8. UnEpic looks kind of interesting. A Metroidvania with a bit more RPG elements!

  9. I don’t see how someone wouldn’t like the Early Access program.

    If you want to play the finished product, just wait.

    If you want to get a taste of the game now, you can. Plus it helps build buzz for a game.

    • I think that’s exactly what he meant, Early Access is a choice I guess. Insurgency is a great pick for this week, I was surprised how even server availability was never an inconvenience.

      • Insurgency has been placed on my Steam watch list. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • “I’m generally not a fan of the Early Access concept”

        Its not what he meant.

        • “If you want to play the finished product, just wait” is what Richard said, which is exactly why I would think Gonçalo would mean, that he’s not someone who regularly goes into Early Access. That’s the connection of ideas I meant and why I said it’s some sort of an option, some like it and some others are not naturally drawn to it.

  10. If OllieOllie is a Vita skateboarding game, I might be interested.

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