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We Deliver (and Review) the Quiver

                                                                     Locked, loaded, and ready for fragging.

Anyone who has ever attended a LAN party knows it’s impossible to stow a full-sized keyboard in a standard backpack. Typically, players have had a few options: 1) carry the keyboard under your arm, letting the cord precariously dangle, or 2) find a big, unwieldy carry-all to haul your equipment. Now, Dust-Off, the manufacturers of compressed gas cleaners, have a third option with the Quiver.

The Quiver is an elongated messenger bag, specially designed for the ‘tech’ crowd. It is worn across the chest, and comes with two places to secure the bandolier-style front strap, depending on if you want the bag on your right or left side. A keyboard can be steadily fastened inside the bag by two Velcro straps. Shrewdly, the designers of the Quiver coated the inside with a non-marring synthetic fabric, so the paint won’t come off your “WASD” keys.

                                 Don’t forget to put some cheddar in your Quiver- ’cause a mouse loves cheese.

Additionally, the Quiver has three zip-sealed pockets, along with an internal mesh lined sleeve. Inside, users have six envelopes for optical based (DVD and CD) media, as well as a pocket on the front strap for their cellphone. The top pocket is ideal for mp3 players, as there is a handy cord port for headphones or earbuds. The Quiver’s construction is nearly flawless; the front strap is securely sewn to the bag, and all the zippers are of top quality. We tried overstressing the zippers, but they held up consistently and refused to fail. With the exception of an iron-on logo on the top compartment that looked like an afterthought, the build quality of the bag is top-notch.

For gamers on-the-go worried about damaging their gear in transit; the Quiver has got you covered. The carrier has one quarter inch of protection all around. Fortunately, this protection doesn’t come at the cost of excessive weight or unwieldiness – the bag is about a pound and a half when empty, and created no discomfort when worn for two hour outings.

When we first heard that the Quiver had a MSRP of seventy dollars, we thought that price would be prohibitive for many gamers. Well, Dust-Off listened to feedback, and the new price is a much more reasonable $45. So those seeking a first-class method of transporting their gear safely and elegantly, should definitely look into purchasing one.

Tech-Gaming will be giving away one Quiver bag courtesy of Dust-off. To win, just leave a comment stating how the Quiver will assist you in toting your high-tech gear. A winner will be randomly chosen from the valid entries on October 31st, 2008. One entry per reader, please.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Looks, good but not $70 good. This site has been all gizmodo lately.

  2. Nice looking bag. You’ll only look slightly dorky with one.

    Wear with pride!

  3. Saw the lan-patry legolas comment, and had to laugh!

  4. Haha, no one’s following the contest instructions, so I auto-win.

    The quiver will help me carry and store all my PC crap thats all over my den right now. It will make my girlfriend happy.

  5. I take my PC stuff to school (ITT Tech) so this would help me greatly.

    Thanks for the review. It was great.

  6. It’ll make sure my leet razr mouse doesn’t get wet.

  7. I enjoy PC games at my friends- this would make life convenient for me.

  8. Looks good. I have an expensive keyboard, so this will take care of it!

  9. This will help me not need to find an unattended hotel cart at the next quakecon.

  10. Awesome, this would assist me greatly in toting my gear to many nerdly gatherings.

  11. This would be great for me. I take my computer almost every where I go, but I’ve been forced to carry it in a large target bag. It’s embarrassing to say the least.

    And now if I win I can get my accessories stolen even easier!

  12. Nice looking bag; I’ll carry my lunch and PC junk.

  13. If I win, I won’t have to use the cheap plastic bag I use now.

    Ill save the EARTH!

  14. looks kinda neat, but way too costly

  15. I’d use it for my monthly LAN party, and to take my junk to school.

  16. Id give it to my husband, who got his computer crap all over the house.

  17. Id rather pay $70 for a good bag, then buy a bunch of $25 cheap ones that will break.

  18. It would he a lot easier than just throwing it all in the car when I head to a LAN.

  19. I need this instead of my old eastman pack.

  20. I need one to carry all my stuff to and from work. I’m a IT technician.

  21. Nice review.
    I really want this bag. But that price tag… I might be able to make one for $70. And it would be custom. Very cool though.

  22. Cool stuff.

    The Quiver would make it much easier to transport my computer stuff from school to home and to LAN parties.

  23. I’m a bag nut and this is something I’ve always wanted to safely carry my gear all over.

  24. Doesn’t look too bad, could hold an EEE and a mouse easily. Price really is the killer though.

  25. Id want one for the intimidation factor. I could psyche out my competitors with this.

    Great review!

  26. Right now my LAN bag is a clothes hamper. Stop laughing, I need this!

  27. Now I can can release my monkey back into the wild, after years of making the little best carry all my PC gear to LAN parties. So long, G.W., go climb a tree, now.

  28. I would use this bag to help haul my stuff to and from college and home and also when I go to my cousins we like to play WoW, and my computer is much nicer ;).

    Hope I win!

  29. I run a LAN party here in Albany, NY. I have seen first hand how much of a pain it is to try & carry all your equipment in.

    This would make it much easier for gamers to carry their equipment into a LAN party.

  30. I need this to carry all my PC junk around town.I never leave home without it.

  31. I need this to carry all my PC junk around town. This would make it much easier to carry my equipment to a LAN party. I need this! Hope I win!

  32. Whoa, this looks great to carry all our our equipment in. I’m a total geek, so I love carrying these sort of things around with my gear inside. Looks pretty sturdy, and I’m sure it’ll make taking things around places safe and hassle-free.

  33. this actually seems pretty helpful, and it looks pretty good

  34. I just got an e-mail from the Dust-Off reps; we were incorrect about the price of the Quiver.

    It was reduced to $45 due to gamer feedback, which seems much more reasonable.

  35. $45 I would do, but $70 was asking too much, especially with the economy and all.

    Nice looking bag.

  36. A bag like that screams, “I’m hear to decimate you all”. Nice.

  37. I have LAN Parties in my garage and at my buddies. I need this bag; keyboards are too big.

  38. Looks cool. This bag would help me move around my keyboard storage devices for editing movies.

  39. great looking bag. I need this for carrying my pc/art equipment for multimedia exhibits.

  40. I carry my own custom programmed keyboard to the local PC Bang. This would work out perfectly.

  41. Looks pretty useful to me! 🙂

  42. The thought of wining the bag makes we quiver with excitement.

  43. Could use a bag to carry all my computer junk around.

  44. Looks nice and $45 is very reasonable.

  45. I could use this. I like showing off my games at friends’ houses, but I don’t like using their equipment (Yes, mine is better, and I’m not just being cocky).

  46. Great review, guys.

  47. I saw on of these on the subway the other bag. Cool bag. How did they get it if it’s not out yet????

  48. This would make a good bag for my freelance tech supporting

  49. Need this for my revolving all night gaming sessions. LANs every other week.

  50. This is going to be awesome for It people, and gamer geeks alike. As a gaming geek I think this will be great for parties.
    My nieghbor is an IT person and I showed him and he said, damn! I need one for work.

  51. Looks great. Possible for something I need to carry my gear and show it to my friends easier.

  52. what a cool bag

  53. I need a good man purse for my mouse and keyboard combo. This will do the job quite nicely, especially with that mp3 pocket.

  54. I’m another IT guy who wants, no needs one of these.

  55. I need a good bag, hopefully i win 😀

  56. I really dig the name. It looks like everything fits in there nice and snug.

  57. Wow, that would be nice to have!

  58. How would the quiver help me transport my PC stuff Well, it wouldn’t. Instead, I”d be using it to transport my portable gaming library, consisting of a Game Boy, Game Boy Color, GBA, GBA SP, Game Gear, DS Lite, and PSP, along with games. This is one of few cases that would be large enough. 😛

  59. im a hardcore gamer and this is just what i need to make travels easier.

  60. I think it would be great for someone like me who does tech support housecalls for my friends and family. It allows me to pack all that I need into a small package without carrying something foolish like a plastic bag containing all of my equipment. Thanks for the informative review, I’ll may purchase one.

  61. seems like a good product but I don’t know if I’d drop that much money on a bag.

  62. I would use it for some LAN fragging parties

  63. Dude I would use that bag for sex toys. Like the keyboard will be a giant dildo, and I can wrap that bag around my wrinkle stick. TITTIES!!!

  64. Now they just have to trick it out with some LED lights.

  65. i could really use this. i just recently built a new LAN-party PC. it would be great to carry all the peripherals.

  66. Interesting:
    Could maybe have a small cooler in it for drinks.

  67. Always had a hard time fitting my keyboard in a standard backpack for LAN’s, not to mention fitting all of the cords. Looks like the Quiver makes this pretty simple, might actually pick one up if I don’t get it.

  68. This was always the worst stuff to carry around. Keyboards, Mice, Cables… You would stuff all this in a bag and then waste 10 minutes de-tangling wires instead of playing. This is much better then using a plastic supermarket bags that rip… and better for the enviornment too!

  69. When I saw the pack at E for All I thought it was pretty cool.

  70. Congratulations, WSB!

    You’ve won the Quiver carrying case in the recent Tech-Gaming contest. Please give me your name and address, so we can send this out first thing Monday!


    Robert Allen
    12576 Herrick Ave.
    Sylmar, CA 91342

  71. I could actually use this alot.

  72. This bag is amazing. i wish they would have came up with this years ago.

  73. This is a pretty sweet bag. Must be great for LAN-parties. I would love to get my hands on one of these!!!

  74. This bag looks perfect everytime I go to a PC game tourney. I’m sick of the equipment that the tournament sponsors provide.

  75. This is awesome. I wish i could get one!!

  76. heck yeah I’d like to win one. That does look pretty sweet DE.

  77. Pretty cool, won’t be buying it but it’s interesting

  78. I remember seeing sbout one of those, i’d be nice to have one since I like to lan it up with some friends every now and then. Be a lot easier to carry stuff around and then some.

  79. It was always annoying to carry around my accessories and finding a good place for it. Should be cool when this comes out.

  80. Nice idea. The individual compartments for each essential item will keep cords from being a tangled mess (which is what always happens when you try to carry stuff in a backpack or duffel). CAG: tcolberg

  81. might pick one of these up, too embarassed to admit what I carry my laptop in now

  82. this looks really cool. would love to win one!

  83. Nice, I’d love one of these for LAN partys!