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One of the best perks of writing for tech-gaming is the industry shows. Being able to attend launch parties, expositions, and conventions puts me in contact with some truly amazing and talented people. Last month, while attending the Final Fantasy Fan Festival, I got the chance to meet some of the charming Square Enix people, and discuss the merits of Star Ocean and Disgaea. Basically I got to geek out in person, rather that over the internet.

One of the people I ran into at the FF XI convention was Rob ‘Pennyman’ Welkner, co-host of Coin-Op TV Live. Wearing a t-shirt with a graphic inspired from the Xevious control panel, and having a Mirror’s Edge ringtone, I knew Welkner was an authentic gamer. However, I wasn’t aware of his weekly show; that oversight has been quickly remedied.

A few gamers may remember Tech-TV’s The Screensavers, a delightfully nerdy show that ultimately lost most of its charm and became G4’s Attack of the Show. Before the show became over-polished and pandered to a less geeky demographic, I watched the show religiously. Fortunately, Coin-Op TV Live is the spiritual successor to the beloved program.

Every week, Welkner and co-host Hailey Bright construct an entertaining show out of genuine charm, high-profile industry people, and a healthy love of video games. I’d encourage all of our readers to check out Rob and Hailey’s program. For me, Coin-Op TV’s delightful combination of authenticity, engaging content, and wit can be beat by anything the major networks put out.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Can you call it TV when it’s on the internets?!?!

  2. I’ll watch it if I get a change. Do they have an achieve if you miss the live show?

  3. I’ll check the show out, cuz Hailey is the hotness.

  4. I’ll give it a go, because you guys don’t seem to pimp much out besides games.

  5. Sounds uber geeky! Thanks for the tip.

  6. I watched a few minutes. The production values are non existent, but the host aren’t annoying, which is a minor miracle for a video game show.

  7. The dude reminds me of the guy from Swingers.

  8. hey guys – thanks for the comments! we do archive COIN-OP TV on the site – you can find the past episodes here:

  9. Bookmarked for later.

  10. So are DesertEagle and TideGear going to be on the show or what?

  11. Sounds very cool!

  12. Great show. I’m going to watch it now.

  13. Wow, how come Coin-Op has such a low page ranking? Their Alexa is 1.5M, While StreamTv only gets 315,000

  14. I kind of like that.

    Some impressive guests, all they need is Miyamoto

  15. I’ll have to give a the show a chance.

    Why is it called coin-op, if they talk console games, though?

  16. I watched a few episodes, and I gotta say it’s not bad at all.

    Much better than ScrewAttacks junk. Not quite as good as 1UP.

  17. I watched a few shows and liked it. The best thing? Rob knows when to keep his mouth shut and let the guest talk. Most people that do interviews cant do this.

  18. Well, Alexa isn’t everything.

    I tried to install the Alexa toolbar on my laptop, and my viral protection wouldn’t let me with a good deal of circumvention. People forgo a bit of privacy, for very little in return.

    Simple put Alexa isn’t very inaccurate because a small percentage of web users actually use it.

  19. I really like the show, I’ll be watching the live show if possible. Oh yeah, Hailie is eay on the eyes which doesn’t hurt.

  20. Yeah, what’s the point of using Alexa. You’re just helping amazon get richer.

  21. hey guys – thanks for the positive comments and willingness to check out the show. COIN-OP TV the video podcast was carried on a website that we partnered with early on which had a high Alexa rating. When that site dissolved I made the wordpress blog site to ‘house’ episodes in one place. Also – the video podcast (shorter episodes) are uploaded and syndicated on a handful of sites like youtube, dailymotion, gametrailers, break and others. The weekly LIVE show is only syndicated as part of http://www.TheStream.TV network as we are one of the original shows to launch with their site. Hype and advertisement is all word of mouth as we all do this independently and out of our own pocket. Now that I’ve been exposed more to I’ll be sure to have someone from the site on the show as a guest!

  22. Thanks for the info. I’ll be watching it.

  23. Cool show. I’ll be tuning in LIVE!

  24. That Sadie girl is hot, man! I watched that episode twice.

  25. I never heard of the show. And I watch my share of gamecasts.

  26. Cuz coin-ups were the first videogames, duh!

  27. Anyone with a Mirror’s Edge ringtone is cool in my world.

  28. I watched two episodes. If I wasn’t backlogged with show and podcasts, I’d watch more.

  29. They need to have David Crane on the show.

  30. Yeah, she caught me eye, too. The producer of the show knows guys like cute girl gamers. Smart.

  31. I watch one and a half shows. The pacing is a bit slow sometimes. Maybe they could keep all the episodes around 20 minutes or so.

  32. Desert can talk RPGs- Role Playing Games and Rocket Powered Grenades. And how he manages to be a man yet love Singstar 😉

  33. Bookmarked the site.

  34. I spent New Years Day watching episodes.

  35. This show was great! I really liked it- Rob and Hailey were so fun to watch and really informative about video games too!

  36. This was way better than I thought it would be.