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Touch the Virtual Monkey with EyePet

While Tokyo citizens deal with wild monkeys, PS3 owners in the EU will be able to play with virtual ones. SCEE’s EyePet, due in ‘late 2009’, will use the oft-neglected Playstation Eye Camera to create a pet simulation, in an effort to overtake the casual gaming market. According to Sony:

Working in ‘Augmented Reality’, EyePet is fully aware of people in the
room and will interact with you and your environment. Place an object
in front of the camera that EyePet hasn’t seen before and it’ll know
exactly what to do with it, give it something new and it’ll examine it
thoroughly. Tickle it by waving your fingers in front of the camera: it
laughs, poke it: it jumps, roll it a ball: EyePet chases around the
screen after it.

While that could be interesting for a few hours, we see one potential drawback: creating an open space for our virtual simian. With game rooms becoming cluttered with guitars, drums, and Wii Fit boards, free space is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. Let’s hope our monkey doesn’t languish between a stacks of unopened clearance games, looking as sad as the unsimulated animals at the local zoo.

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  1. Sure Sony, this will sell PS3s.


  2. This begs the question- can you spank the monkey?

  3. Yes, 3x a day. thank you.

  4. I dont know. Can you?

  5. Could be fun as a DLC games. No way would this be worth $60…

  6. This could be bigger than Hannah Montana with the kids.

  7. Seamen did this 5 years ago.

  8. Cute monkey on the subway sign.

  9. Monkey see Monkey do… I wonder if this is popular will Nintendo and Microsoft make virtual pets, too.

  10. Why mention that talentless harpy here?

  11. Aww cute!

  12. Why is this not coming to the US?

  13. I want a cat or a dog, not a monkey.

  14. Yeah, this will put Sony in 1st place.

  15. lameness.

  16. I cant deny- that monkey is cute.

  17. It a decent concept; they just have to do it right.

    Imagine a virtual monster that you train to eat people and destroy little cities, and fighter your friends online.


  18. Can you smash it with your Wii Fit board?