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Tech-Gaming Attacks the Shark (Chair)

Here at Tech-Gaming, we purchased two of the early gaming chairs that appeared on the shelves at local retailers a few years ago. Although those chairs were light and relatively inexpensive, they were also small and uncomfortable during marathon gaming stretches. Those ‘Game Rockers’ looked and felt as if they were made for children; surely adult gamers deserved better.

As gaming has overrun America’s dens and bedrooms, requiring its own dedicated space with Surround Sound systems and HDTV; players are in need of furniture to maximize the experience. That’s the impetus behind Boomchair, a line of chairs elegant enough to complement a gameroom without being excessively costly. 

The Boomchair Shark gets its aquatic moniker from its hammerhead-like appearance when viewed from a low angle. The chair is black, sleek, and contains nary a right angle. The chair wouldn’t seem out of place in an import tuner, with its minimalistic styling. Upon unpacking the unit, we noticed the dedication to craftsmanship- joints of the fabric were clean with no traces of stray threads. The overall construction build felt solid- we expect our model to offer a place to rest our rears for years to come. The fabric itself is a thick, dense synthetic that was impervious to spills- water beaded off the surface.

                                       Yes, it has vibration, but it won’t make you levitate as shown here. Sorry.

Once we connected the included AC adapter, and unpacked the RCA cords (with included miniplug) we were ready to test the sound capabilities of the chair. The Shark has four speakers: two 3 inch mid-highs, and two 4 inch subwoofers. While the chair’s sound quality was clear and distortion free, don’t expect truly powerful output. The Shark seemed to teeter on the edge of loudness, never verging on obnoxiousness. We found the chair to work best in combination with another powerful sound system.

While the loudness wasn’t deafening, those seeking powerful vibrating feedback won’t be disappointed. The chair includes a vibration function, that thankfully, allows users to adjust the strength of the feedback, or turn it off altogether. Vibration is tied to the lower end of the sonic spectrum- low bass sounds will trigger a tingling back message. A bit of care was applied in selecting the knobs used adjust the volume, balance and vibration; they had a bit of weight and don’t feel like the flimsy potentiometers common in many game chair controls.

For average sized games under six feet, the chair should be perfectly sized. However, for the larger gamer (I’m six foot-five), the neck rest doesn’t elevate to functional levels. However, even without the head cushion, I was able to game comfortably for several hours straight. The chair offers the necessary firmness, with enough cushion to keep the player focused on his/her game, not the seating conditions.

The Boomchair Shark is worth its $110 asking price; we found it comfortable, functional, and stylish. We were pleasant surprised at how the chair made playing portable games at home so enjoyable. All interested parties can find one at their local Target or by clicking here.

– 27 inches long  x 23 inches wide x 34 inches high
– 3 inch mid-high speakers @ 3W
– 4 inch sub-woofers @15 W

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. sounds good but not $110 good.

  2. Nice looking seat!

  3. This review jumped the shark. Just kidding, good analysis!

  4. Sounds great!

  5. Not much power at all coming out of those speakers.

  6. Good review. Sounds better than my old ass couch.

  7. At long as it doesn’t leave any bite mark, it looks ok by me.

  8. Cool looking chair. If they ever go on sale, I’m getting one.

  9. Looks nice- nice, fair review!

  10. A bit expensive for me. Glad to hear the build quality is good.

  11. I have one of those old game rockers. Its beat to hell and has bite marks from when my dog was a puppy. It may be time ti upgrade.

  12. Not as good as the seat that can’t be beat title from your other review. So which do you prefer the Sumo or the Shark?

  13. Why didn’t you put the chair in the shark mouth????

  14. What’s the cheapest retail price you guys have seen it for?

  15. Great review. Makes me want one or two.

  16. Immoral Immortal

    Nice shark pic! Sounds like a good chair for gaming, but I don’t like being on the floor.

  17. The Cake is a Lie

    3 watts? Wow, that’s nothing. My receiver puts out 100.

  18. Reminds me of Jaws. The chair not the review.

  19. Do they sell the chair without the speakers?

  20. Your right it looks like a rice rocket seat.

  21. Ive paid a lot more for furniture. Seems good for the price.

  22. Congrats, that review didn’t “bite”. I’ll get once as soon as my girlfriends cats die; they wreck everything.

  23. Boomchair- it sounds like it will explode when you sit on it. Not the best name.

  24. I like the color scheme.

  25. Chairs that vibrate are hot.

  26. I really want a set of these. Is there an easy way to join two?

  27. Wish my PS3 controller did

  28. Dos the gray part feel like sharkskin????

  29. Yes, in the photo is does look like a slick grey, but it’s actually a silver and black checkboard pattern that looks fairly elegant.

  30. Not bad looking at all. Game chairs are growing up.

  31. Does it come with the shark? I could go for some soup right now. hahaha

    Great review!

  32. Sound like a good, quality chair. Its interesting to see how the gaming market has spawn furniture.

  33. I have a boomchair. Damn good piece of gaming equipment. In a year, there’s almost no viable signs of wear.

  34. Looks like the model is having fun with the vibrating chair 😉

  35. I won’t have the size problem like you, DE.

  36. I bought this thing on a recent trip to Target (on sale for $79. Was great at first, very comfortable and I was using it on the higher volume levels so it seemed great. I was asking myself how I possibly gamed without it before. But when I used headphones for the first time I noticed a constant hum and also that when the LED’s changer colour/flicker, there is a slight pop in the audio. After I noticed it with the headphones, I could notice it with the speakers as well if the volume is anywhere less than half.

    May be just my unit though. I live in Canada (bought it on a trip to the States) so returning it is a pain (not to mention I threw out the packaging) and sending it for warranty is even more tedious since the warranty says it’s only for the lower 48, ie. they probably won’t ship it back to Canada.

    I’ll probably just live with it and use it on high volumes only so I don’t notice the hum and pops. Maybe I’ll open it and disconnect the LED’s to see if it fixes the pops.

  37. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, as soon as I plug the AC power in, there is a loud pop in the speakers. This has happened every time since the very first time I plugged it in. If anyone else has one, please post if you are having any of the same issues.

  38. The popping audio is a bad connection, except for when you first power on the unit.

    There are no Target’s in Canada? If not, I know it’s slightly unhethical, but Id exchange it at another retailer that sells the Shark. That way the manufacturer get the defect back.

    I got one for about $85 and have had no problems.

  39. Can you clarify? Does your unit pop when you plug in the AC adapter? How about a mild hum in the speakers even with the volume very low or at minimum setting?

    I don’t know if there even is a Canadian retailer that sells it so not sure where I could exchange it….

  40. Yes you can join 2 ( or more even) because each chair has an output that you can connect to the input of the next chair.

  41. When there is no power to the unit, and then it’s powered, I get a pop. That’s pretty typical for powered speakers.

    But I don’t hear any hum, when the unit is on maximum volume. I think that’s the sign of a short.

    Target’s return policy is pretty lenient. You have 90 days to return sometime, so that’s something to factor in, too.

  42. is the shark compatible with wii or DS Lite?

  43. Yes, it works with both of those devices.

    I like using the chair when I’m testing portable games.

  44. These are $27.xx if your Target has any.

  45. I got the same exact problem. I guess I’ll be taking mine back to the store tomorrow to exchange it.

  46. This is a cool and relaxing chair. Love it 🙂

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