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White Knight Chronicles 2 Review

Reviewers tend to approach sequels and expansions differently. Expansions carry with them an understanding that the would-be purchaser is not only familiar with the original title, but actually enjoyed it enough to consider spending additional ...

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ClaDun x2 Review

Since its release over six years ago, Sony’s PlayStation Portable has served as a home for some delightfully eccentric titles. One of the best exemplars of this trend was 2010’s ClaDun: This is an RPG!, ...

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

For years, games have attempted to replicate the complexity of free will. From adjusting the way a NPC treats the protagonist, offering optional side missions, or providing a conclusion based on the player’s actions, quality ...

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Love Requited: Catherine Review

Despite an obsession with bombastic violence and a near-constant objectification of the female body, there are signs of maturation in gaming. Faced with refreshingly pensive objectives, Catherine challenges participants to prevail against the type of ...

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Here’s Looking at You, Kid- Bastion Review

What is the concept? As the inaugural effort from a seven-person development team known as Supergiant Games, Bastion delivers a masterful modernization of the action-role playing game. Recalling the action and narrative heft once displayed ...

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