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Puddle Review

What is the concept? Recalling the amorphous matter-maneuvering stages of 2006’s Loco Roco as well as 2010’s Fluidity, Puddle’s angle is that you don’t have direct control over the game’s liquescent substances. Instead, the triggers ...

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Mighty Switch Force Review

With a library teeming with smartphone ports and simplistic original diversions, the 3DS’s eShop has been a bit underwhelming. If not for the Ambassador Program games and a sporadic Gameboy title, players could be forgiven ...

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Three Against the World: Trine 2 Review

What is the concept? Recalling the SNES puzzler, The Lost Vikings, Trine 2 tasks players with utilizing the unique skillsets possessed by a trio of protagonists. From Pontius the knight’s competency for breaking foe and ...

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Line and Reason- Lucid Review

What is the concept? Ever since Bejeweled popularized the match-three puzzler in 2001, players have enduringly eliminated patterns of similar items from their screens. Wisely, Lucid abandons the genre’s conventional control method, where players shift ...

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Love Requited: Catherine Review

Despite an obsession with bombastic violence and a near-constant objectification of the female body, there are signs of maturation in gaming. Faced with refreshingly pensive objectives, Catherine challenges participants to prevail against the type of ...

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