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The Little Acre review

The release of 1983’s Dragon’s Lair validated the game industry’s infatuation with Hollywood animation. The title, as well as 1984’s Space Ace, demonstrated that coin ops weren’t limited to pint-sized, pixelated, protagonists. Instead, both games ...

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Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure review

Point-and-click games frequently reveal a schism that’s difficult to ignore. Protagonists are habitually depicted as dashing, intelligent, social charmers- an amalgam of attributes that makes them uniquely qualified to solve a succession of puzzles and ...

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The Rivers of Alice review

When the gaming medium as a whole started taking larger evolutionary steps during the mid-to-late 90s a question arose among its community; can games be considered art? A proper answer to this question is largely ...

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The Charnel House Trilogy review

Big budget horror games have done a good job of utilizing surprising jump-outs or gory graphics to terrify gamers, but sometimes they lack that lingering feeling of dread which follows you into your bedroom as ...

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