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Okami HD Review

Creativity is like a flower: exquisite when in bloom, but also despairingly fragile. The aptly-named Clover Studio (its moniker a portmanteau of Creativity Lover) created three remarkable franchises in as many years, before splintering under ...

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New Little King’s Story Review

It’s hardly surprising that 2009’s Little King’s Story was a critical darling. As a clever amalgam of kingdom simulation, real-time strategy, and light role-playing elements, the game stands as one of the better third party ...

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Ys Origin Review

Given my wide-reaching dismissal of the anime aesthetic this generation, it’s hard to believe that I’ve let the Ys series wriggle its way into my heart. I was more or less ambivalent toward the series ...

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Sorcery Review

When Sorcery was first revealed at Sony’s 2010 E3 press conference, the title seemed like the Move’s killer app, allowing players to cast fantastical spells by flicking and twirling the motion-sensing peripheral. Following two years ...

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