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On Par with Sony’s Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (HSG:OT2) for the PSP doesn’t deviate far from its predecessors. From the series’ requisite post-game cinemas showing the beauty of nature, to the bobble-headed player models, the Hot Shots games are not known for innovation. Instead, this entry in the ten year-old franchise aims to refine the already excellent gameplay, while including all the elements that gives the series its unique flavor.

Playing a game of HSG couldn’t be simpler- player’s start by choosing one of the two available characters, then they are on the first course in seconds, thanks to the title’s speedy load times. Once gamers are at the tee, they press the “X” button three times to swing their virtual clubs- once to initiate the swing, once to set power, and one final time to decide on accuracy. A nine-hole game can be finished in less than fifteen minutes, making this a perfect title for commuters.

Soon, players will be unlocking new players, courses, and accessories. HSG:OT2 includes twenty-four characters- fourteen new players along with the ten from the first PSP title. Likewise, the title takes its predecessor’s six courses and adds six new ones, giving players a wealth of content. Gamers will also be to unlock over 250 different clothing options and accessories, to dress their avatar as they see fit.

While this Hot Shots game is just as beautiful as the first PSP game, with its lush greens, gentle clouds, and spotless framerate, some graphical oddities persevere. For example, when CPU golfers calculate their shots, the game freezes for a second or two, which is especially noticeable when rain is present. Still, we can’t knock the title too much- this same quirk is found in the PS3’s Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds.

New PSP owners with the slightest inkling towards golf should try the Playstation Store demo. Inevitably, they will find themselves hooked on the title. Owners of the original PSP Hot Shots Golf may want to wait for a price drop. Its $30 price for the addition of online multiplayer and some additional content may only be justifiable for fans of the series.

Final Grade: A-

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  1. Video golf- no matter how fancy they dress it up, it’s incredibly boring to me.

  2. Love that Samurai golfer. If he chops the ball in half, I’m there.

  3. I wish they had more golf games for the DS. Nice graphics for a handheld unit.

  4. Great review. I see it has a pretty high metacritic score. If I ever get a PSP, I will have to get this.

  5. I completely agree. The first one was a blast, and I got to try the new one. It feels like more of the same. That may not be enough of a good thing for the price tag.

  6. My grandpa looks EXACTLY like they guy in the bottom pic. He even wears a visor sometimes. but he’s not a caddy 🙂

  7. Blood would be nice.

  8. Any connectivity between the PS3 and PSP version of Hot Shots Golf?

  9. Would gamers who don’t like golf like it?

  10. Tobal2 wrote:
    Would gamers who don’t like golf like it?
    I’ve only played golf once in my life, yet I still enjoys the Hot Shots games greatly.

    Fenix wrote:
    Any connectivity between the PS3 and PSP version of Hot Shots Golf?
    Sorry Fenix, there’s no connectivity between the games.

  11. My wife picked up the game on release date, and sent it to me. Should be here in Iraq later this week.

    I can’t wait to play!

  12. Agree with what others have said- Golf is boring!

  13. Pretty good GFX for a PSP.

  14. I want a PSP game I can play on the go, and this might do the trick. How does it compare with Tiger Woods?

  15. I haven’t played this since the Ps1 days. Was that really ten years ago.

  16. Just got the demo. Playing now. Thanks guys for the link.

  17. This is much more arcady then tiger woods. Catoonish and cute.

  18. Plan on pciking this one up. I had sold the old copy which I now regret.

  19. It’s too hot in NY to play anything with the word hot in the title.

  20. I’d buy this if I had any money left over from MGS4.

  21. Since I just bought PS3 Out of Bounds, is there any need for this?

  22. I like mini-golf much better. Anyone want to hit the Treasure Island course??

  23. I wish they had some more Sony characters; Crash, Spyro, etc.

  24. Video golf games are interesting. Ive never played gold in real life, yet play these all the time.