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New Releases for the Week of October 16th, 2011

While the week ahead promises to bring forty-six new SKUs onto store shelves, there’s probably only title that has near-universal appeal- Batman: Arkham City. Dwarfing Rocksteady Studios’ 2009 predecessor in both scope and ambition, the title promises to deliver an appropriately moody playground in need of a thorough criminal cleansing. Speaking of cleaning, we still haven’t received confirmation on just how much poop-scooping will be required in The Sims 3: Pets. Hopefully, we can hire a full-time collector with all those extra simoleons our characters have been hording. It’s the kind of dirty work, we don’t like doing around here.

Batman: Arkham City
Ben 10: Galactic Racing
Dungeon Defenders (XBLA)
JASF: Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighter
Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine
Minute to Win It
National Geographic Challenge!
PowerUp Heroes
Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure
The Sims 3: Pets
Tropico 4

Batman: Arkham City
Ben 10: Galactic Racing
Everybody Dance
JASF: Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighter
Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine
Max & the Magic Marker: Gold Edition (PSN)
National Geographic Challenge!
Okabu (PSN)
Payday: The Heist (PSN)
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
The Sims 3: Pets
Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure

Ben 10: Galactic Racing
Big Foot: King of Krush
Family Fued 2012
Gem Smashers
Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine
Jungle Speed
National Geographic Challenge!
Price is Right: The Decades
Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure

Pet Zombies
Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure

1001 Touch Games
Ben 10: Galactic Racing
Max & the Magic Marker
Petz: Puppiez and Kittenz
Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact
Speedball 2 Evolution

JASF: Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighter
Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure
The Sims 3: Pets

DesertEagle’s Pick: Early buzz has Arkham City as a early GOTY contender. Despite a stack of reviews which vie for completion, I’ll be shoehorning at least a few hours into the title’s campaign. Hopefully, controlling Cat Woman will be as much fun as watching Anne Hathaway strut around in a taut leather outfit. Me-ow!

Samurage’s Pick: I already have $5 down on Arkham City; I’ve been awaiting this release since I beat Arkham Asylum. Even if I hadn’t though, it would still be my pick. Now the only question is- is Best Buy offering a better pre-order deal than Gamestop. Let the bat-scapades begin 🙂

BlueSwim’s Pick: Sage, I believe the answer you’re looking for is actually K-Mart. Sure, they may not have some exclusive DLC, but they are giving you something even better; gaming credit. By picking up Batman: Arkham City at K-Mart, you’ll get a $30, that’s three-zero, people, gaming credit effective starting the following week. That’s more than enough of a reason to recommend the sequel to the best Batman game ever. Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed! (Editor: Why not check out for all the Arkham City deal options?)

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  1. You speak the truth. There’s only one game that’s worth caring about this week.

  2. “Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine”

    I guess that’s what happens with old Cowboy’s coaches. They tinker around with old cars.

  3. Maybe the final build of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One will be better.

    I’m doubtful, though.

    • I thought you guys were a bit harsh on Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. The beta seemed pretty fun to me, especially with 4 people.

  4. I fail to see any redeeming quality in Anne Hathaway. Ok, maybe there’s two, but still…

  5. This week I’d like everyone to wish our friend SeanNOLA a happy birthday!

    Although he’s out of town, when he gets back, I’ll force him to drink this (see image) mixed with some kind of green alcohol.

    Monster Huntin’ Midori, on the rocks! Hold the Popo blood.

  6. Wow, I wonder how well JASF: Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighter right after Ace Combat.

  7. When I was a kid National Geographic Challenge used to be to find the boobies.

  8. Remind me Rocksmith’s hook again? Another music game with a real guitar? YAWN!

  9. Pet Zombies and dogs and cat?

  10. Professor Layton and the Last Specter! I love the Prof. Layton games.

  11. Just Batman: Arkham City this week.

  12. Okabu looks like it might be fun. I mean Jesus, who can’t get into Clud Whales???

  13. Arkham City!

  14. I hope the combat is better in Arkham City. Punching people in the face got old pretty quick.

  15. Edward Penishands

    Well NOLA likes comics, and Blue likes action games. I’m predicting all four pick B:AC.

  16. Isn’t Dance Central 2 coming out next week?

  17. Hey Deagle, did Rune Factory actually make it out? I haven’t seen it in any store.

    Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure might be cool. Some are saying it might be the big toy this holiday season.

  18. I think I can live without the fatman suit.

  19. So what’s the story with Payday: The Heist? Why was it delayed? Seems like it would make a good interview on the show.

  20. Maybe Ultimate Ninja Impact, if it’s really changed since the last Naruto PSP game.

  21. I have a minor interest in Tropico 4.

  22. Batman this week for me.

  23. Honestly I won’t be picking up anything until Battlefield 3.

  24. Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure actually looks kind of fun.

  25. Hopefully someone can review it so I justify spending $70 on “toys”.

  26. Not until either later this week or next week. 😉

  27. My choice is for Batman!!

    p.s Happy Birthday NOLA!!