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New Releases for the Week of June 12th, 2011

After securing a place on Wired‘s Vaporware award list a total of 9 times (even winning the Lifetime Achievement honor in 2004), the King is back, baby. Apparently, Duke’s resurrection was enough impetus to motivate another missing protagonist- eleven years after American McGee’s Alice, the raven-haired heroine makes a return to gaming with Madness Returns.

Alice: Madness Returns
Child of Eden
Duke Nukem Forever
Record of Agarest War Zero
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Wipeout: In the Zone

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Call of the Dead (DLC)
Duke Nukem Forever
Golden Axe II (PSN)
Outland (PSN)
Record of Agarest War Zero
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Stealth Force Edition
Wii Play: Motion

Balloon Pop 2
Cubic Ninja
Deca Sports Extreme
Pinball Hall Of Fame: Williams Collection
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Autobots
Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Decepticons

No Releases

Alice: Madness Returns
Duke Nukem Forever

DesertEagle’s Pick: If I were to draw a Venn diagram showing the intersection of gamers who haven’t played the PS2, PSP, Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360 iterations of Pinball Hall Of Fame: Williams Collection AND are pin-loving 3DS owners, those two circles might look like they were merely touching. Set theory aside, I’ll probably be playing the game for the third time; hopefully next-gen console only table Tales of the Arabian Nights made the final cut.

BlueSwim’s Pick: Duke and Alice may be making their returns to gaming this week, but it’s Eden that’s the star of the show. Child of Eden‘s colorful, trippy art design has captivated me since the first time I saw it; it’s almost surreal. I’ve never seen anything in gaming that’s quite as unique and beautiful. If the game plays anywhere near as good as it looks, this one’s an easy recommendation. The spiritual successor to Rez is shaping up to be the perfect example of “games as art”.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: The other day, I got a call from my mom. As soon as I picked up she screamed “DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE’S A NEW DUKE NUKEM?!” I told her I did, and reminded her that first-person shooters have changed a lot in 10 years, and that she probably wouldn’t like this one quite as much, because it’s one of those “mouse shooters,”as she calls them. As disfunctional as it sounds, Duke Nukem 3D holds a special place in my family… Not sure how I feel about my mom playing a game with so many strippers nowadays though…

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  1. First! Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum this week.

  2. Whats the possibility of Alice: Madness Returns being worth $60? I feel like I need to wait for a price drop on this one.

  3. Whats the possibility of Alice: Madness Returns being worth $60? I feel like I need to wait for a price drop on this one.

    • Dude, you ever play or heard of Bad Day LA? I picked it up for $3 (new) and still felt ripped off.


  4. Duke Premium edition should come with a pair of Ray-Bans, a coupon for a flattop at Fantastic Sam’s a a roll of XXL condoms.

    Gearbox, I’ll do your marketing.

  5. Devourer of Time

    Wipeout is on the 360? I though that was a Sony game. Or did you make a mistake?

  6. Where’s the other guys picks? Did you leave them at the convention center?

  7. Are you going to review Record of Agarest War Zero? If not could you?

  8. Do you really have to buy 2 Transformer DS games to get the whole experience? If so, that $60, the price of a 360 game.

  9. Was Golden Axe II the really shitty PS3 game that came out a few years ago? Why are they bring it back?

  10. Child of Eden!!!

  11. A word of warning for people with both systems- Alice: Madness Returns take up 3.4 Gbs of space on the PS3.

  12. A new Wii Play game? Sign me up. Everybody seems to hate on the first game, but my kids have got more than $50 in play out of it. And thats without the Wiimote.

  13. I’m getting Pinball Hall Of Fame: Williams Collection like that old man Deagle.

  14. Alice: Madness Returns

  15. I still need to get Infamous 2

  16. They’re still making Deca Sports games?

  17. I wonder if Cubic Ninja is anything like Mini Ninjas? I really liked that game.

  18. The last Transformers was pretty good. I might be down for another.

  19. Alice seems like it could be cool.

  20. My Mom always talks about “that dirty game your Dad used to play where you flash money at strippers and make them shake it”. I think I’ll get Forever for pops.

  21. I might give Duke a whirl. I’m sure it’s funny at the very least.

  22. Record of Agarest War Zero for me.

  23. What is TG reviewing this week?