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New Releases For the Week of July 24, 2011

From sheep springing to life in one’s dreams (Catherine), tribal shamans jellifying tsunamis (From Dust) to little blue creatures shaking their asses to Katy Perry (The Smurfs: Dance Party) there’s an abundance of surrealism in this week’s new releases. Hell, even the urban contextualization of Trine (formally known as Revoltin’ Youth) seems oddly nightmarish.

From Dust (XBLA)
Dragon Age II — Legacy (DLC)

Dragon Age II — Legacy (DLC)

The Smurfs: Dance Party

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions

Match 3 Madness

Revoltin’ Youth (PSN)

Dragon Age II — Legacy (DLC)
Dragon Nest
From Dust
The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff
Wildlife Park Tycoon

DesertEagle’s Pick: When I tell people that I yearn for a rich, adult-oriented role-playing experince, I’m often asked if I have played any of the Leisure Suit Larry games (yes, I have). While Al Lowe’s lothario may seem right up my immature alley, deep down I want a game which explores the complexities of relationships like literature and cinema. Full of Japanese quirk and thirty-something aganst, I plan on spending my entire week with Catherine.

BlueSwim’s Pick: All aboard the Catherine bandwagon! This blatantly obscure, borderline oversexed piece of block puzzle goodness from Atlus is shaping up to be a hidden gem among the year’s releases. Be forewarned, though, I’ve heard that even on easy, this game packs a punch. You might also want to steer clear of any video reviews that have gone up lately as they supposedly contain spoilers. Strip down to your boxers and make a commitment to the one night stand.

Samurage’s Pick: Ever since getting to know Catherine better at E3, I’ve been eagerly awaiting her arrival. Finally, she’s coming.  I even pre-ordered the “Love is Over” Collector’s Edition over at Amazon, so the game should arrive on my doorstep bright and early Tuesday morning.  And though I am also especially excited for From Dust, I feel I can play that while I wait for Catherine to be delivered into my arms. Mmmm-mmmm, that’s a good gaming week.

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  1. Is anyone surprised that Deagle’s excited for Catherine?

    Are you getting the collector’s edition?

  2. I’m confused in Katherine or Catherine the good one that’s the girlfriend?

    • Katherine McBride is your girlfriend, Catherine is the hottie who might have a one night stand with.

  3. Only one pick this week? Is everyone at Comic-com or what?

  4. No PS3 version of From Dust this week? That bites if its true.

  5. The fact that people are still making match 3 games is indeed madness.

  6. Deagle, I admire your sense of class. Sensual Catherine pic without resorting to exploitation.

  7. Is Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions just the old games in 3D?

  8. From Dust! From the previews, it sounds epic!

  9. When Smurfs dance do they ‘do the Smurf’?

  10. Sorry EA and Bioware, but DA2 was so damn disappointing and obviously rushed that I refuse to buy any DLC for it.

  11. Shigenori Soejima just makes every other artist look bad. The man puts so much emotion into each design.

  12. Revoltin’ Youth just reminds too much of Youth in Revolt- that really bad movie.

    • I thought it was amusing. Not funny, mind you but amusing.

      Catherine looks good, but the hard as hell talk has me worried.

  13. I still need to grab Bastion.

  14. Catherine.

  15. From Dust sounds just crazy enough to entertain me.

  16. Two votes for Catherine. Might have to put $5 down this weekend.

  17. After reading some of the reviews for Catherine (7.5, 7.0) I think you are a bit too hyped on the game.

  18. Three for Catherine? How is that even possible? Atlus must be sending you a big check.

    • I don’t ever remember seeing three picks for the same game.

    • Atlus didn’t send me anything to get that endorsement. I mean, if they want to send me a copy of Catherine out of the kindness of their hearts, I’d gladly accept it. But, no, no money hats were either given to or worn by me for that recommendation.

  19. Isn’t the plural of Shaman “Shamen”?


  20. Ok, I’m really interested in Catherine now…

  21. Catherine sounds super cool.

  22. From Dust will get a trial.

  23. From Dust PC delayed!

  24. Ok, Catherine is in, time to see what the fuss is about.

  25. Hey guys when is the Catherine review coming?