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New Releases for the Week of August 7th, 2011

Whether your target is a insurgent general spearheading a coup in a banana republic or an actual, potassium-filled banana, this week’s new releases should serve up a tidy plate of foes. Although releases for Sony’s platforms seem to spare, the company is poised to to remedy this situation, with the announcement of PSN Play.

Fruit Ninja Kinect
Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Extended Edition)

No releases

No releases

e-Shop releases listed on Thursday

Picture Puzzle Collection
Puzzler World 2
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Touch N Play Collection
Zoonies: Escape from Makatu (DSiWare)

PSN releases listed on Tuesday

New Star Soccer 5

DesertEagle’s Pick: So far, the Kinect has proved to be a frustratingly unresponsive piece of hardware, requiring repositioning and recalibration with almost any title which looks at my whole body. As Child of Eden has shown, the unit can track arms capably, lending hope that Fruit Ninja Kinect will offer a workout exhausting enough to wash away any pent-up frustrations created by the peripheral.

BlueSwim’s Pick: Upon looking at this week’s releases, I believe that the pick of the week is whatever you were playing last week. For me, that’s Super Godzilla on the SNES (which you’ll be hearing more about soon enough). Unless Nintendo amazes with its 3DS Virtual Console release(s), save your cash for next week.

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  1. Fruit Ninja is a cool 99 cent app, but as a $10 XBLA title, no thanks.

  2. Dishonest Mistake

    Crap week. Next!

  3. Ironhide, what you think of this week’s releases?

  4. I won’t be buying any games this week. Just comics and maybe I’ll splurge and go to the movies.

  5. Deagle, if you hate the Kinect so much, why recommend a game for it?

  6. If Fruit Ninja K is any good, I’ll just wait for The GunStringer and get it for free.

  7. “Touch N Play Collection” sounds dirty enough for me.

  8. At least Spy Kids in only on 1 platform!!!

  9. Deagle, whats different about Sniper: Ghost Warrior?

  10. I’ll try Fruit Ninja Kinect out.

  11. Sucks for everyone but DS owners, and for them it sucks just a bit less.

  12. So PSN Play is just like Summer of Arcade then. I guess that’s cool.

  13. You going to review Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Desert?

    • I’m pretty sure he already did. I mean the old version. Doesn’t this just have DLC and extra rifles?

  14. Nothing for me this week.

  15. Custard's Revenge

    bit of a crap week.

  16. Thanks for the new releases, but there’s nothing this week.

  17. I guess Sage thinks there’s nothing worth getting excited about.

  18. I’m with Bababluie- save that money!

  19. I’ll be playing the Driver: SF demo. That is all.

  20. Are those peas? Peas are veggies not fruit!

  21. Fruit Ninja Kinect just got sliced and diced by IGN, if that means anything. 5.5 ouch.

  22. too long a article for a small problem. your just complaining.

  23. I see NOLA posting, but where’s his witty pick of the week?

  24. My mission is to locate Sniper: Ghost Warrior EE today!

  25. FYI: Sniper Ghost Warrior Steelbook Extended Edition was pushed back until 8/30.

  26. FYI: Sniper Ghost Warrior Steelbook Extended Edition was pushed back until 8/30.