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New Releases 1/4-1/10: Colder Than a Snowman’s Heart Edition

This weeks biggest release centers around a crash-test dummy with large aspirations. Not only is Cid the Dummy being released on four platforms this week, he is also looking to reinvigorate the two dimensional platfomer. We wish our yellow and black clad hero the best on his heroic endeavor.

No Releases

Savage Moon

Cid the Dummy
Fishing Master World Tour
Paws & Claws Pet Resort

Cid the Dummy

Bigfoot: Collision Course
Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero
Jumble Madness
Paws & Claws Pampered Pets

Cid the Dummy

Cid the Dummy
Saints Row 2

DesertEagle’s Pick of the Week: With it’s unique amalgam of shooting gallery elements and environmental puzzles, Elebits was a capable Wii title. I hope the DS conversion retains most of the original game’s charm.

TideGear’s Pick of the Week: Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero looks like it could be quite cool. It’s definitely a departure from the original Wii title which I did like. Moon looks interesting but shooters, not to mention portable shooters, have to do something different to really hold me. Lastly, Cid the Dummy might be fun but I must say I’m a bit skeptical.

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  1. First! What about Retro Game Challenge?

    This site ( Says it’s coming out this week.

  2. Nothing good at all.

  3. Ya’ll missed Hotel for Dogs. No biggie, cause I wasn’t buying it anyway.

  4. Who the hell is Cid the Dummy?

  5. Looks that that got delayed until February 🙁

  6. When Sake 2 coming? Thats probably the next decent game.

  7. Is CID the Dummy made up? I’ve never heard of it, and I follow the new release schedule pretty avidly.


    According to IGN it’s coming out, and it looks real.

    Real freaking bad! LOL.

  9. Sake 2? That sound awesome. Cant wait for that one. I love me some of that boom-boom rice juice.

    Skate 2 is the 21st, dude 😛

  10. Cool picture! How can I get a copy without the ‘new releases’ text?

  11. I hated elebits for the wii. No fun at all, and the time limit was super frustrating.

  12. Anyone remember the Crash Test Dummies?

  13. I’m saving my money for RE5.

  14. Fishing on the wii could be done right, but I doubt ‘Fishing Master World Tour’ is a must have game.

    Imagine casting, getting feedback when the fish bites, and using the nunchuck to wheel in the fish.

  15. Snowmen are playing Mortal Kombat. That’s great!

  16. Saints Row 2 if it gets decent reviews (no GTA4 port crap)

  17. I’m waiting for Retro Game Challange, too.

  18. Great pic! Hope things are warm for ya, DE. If not fire up that 360!

  19. Yeah, I’m waiting for Skate 2 also. RE5 and SF4 are my next purchases.

    With releases like this it’s easy to stay on track.

  20. Cid the Dummy sounds like European shovelware. I guess the reviews on Metacritic will be about 50-60.

  21. That sucks.

  22. Nothing but junk. My wallet thanks the game industry for releasing nothing good.

  23. Who you calling a dummy, dummy?

    J/k It’s Armyant and no purchases for me. Any DLC this week?

  24. I’m guessing in the 40 range.

  25. Looking at that pic makes me feel c-c-c-c-old.

    Nothing for me.

  26. I saw Savage Moon was added. Is that a DLC title?

  27. TideGear is right about portable shooters. Give me a second analog stick, Sony.

  28. Any word on the quality of Savage Moon?

  29. No reason to hit the gamestore today.