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New Releases 1/25-1/31: Immortal and Immoral Edition

So when did the PS2 take a sip from the Holy Grail? Support for Sony’s second home console appears eternal as the beloved system gets twice as many new releases titles as the Nintendo Wii. Sure it’s a lowly 2-1 ratio, but a small miracle in 2009. Battle on, you 64-bit, warrior!

Afro Samurai
MLB Front Office Manager

Afro Samurai
MLB Front Office Manager


The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity

DJ Max Fever

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Iron Triangle

MLB Front Office Manager

DesertEagle’s Pick: While anime to game transitions often turn out awkward, I have heard many good things about Afro Samuari. From Samuel L. Jackson’s voice-over f-bombs, to the game’s stylish presentation, the title should be worth a look to fans of the series.

TideGear’s Pick: I agree with DE’s take on how anime to game transitions tend to go. Hopefully, Afro Samurai will be well done. I just wonder if I should check out the anime and/or manga first? Anyway, believe it or not, my pick for this week is The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity! While on first glance it appears to be some shovelware title directed at kids, it actually looks to be a quirky, frantic and fun platformer. Here’s hoping!

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  1. Nothing for me this week.

  2. Does MLB FOM have any baseball play in it, or it just a management sim?

  3. Who the hell is Coraline?

  4. The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity sounds like a porno title.

  5. I will pick up Afro Sam. eventually. maybe after a price drop.

  6. I’ll save my money this week.

  7. F-bombs from Samuel? Hellz yeah, I’m there!

  8. WARNING: I hear front office manager is garbage.

  9. Afro Samurai might be worth a swing.

  10. DJ Max fever might be worth a go. Anyone have a songlist?

  11. Yep, I was Game infomer gave it a 3.5. Ouch.

  12. Its a movie that looks like Nightmare before Christmas. I think it even has the same director.

  13. Nothing for me.

  14. Afro dude looks like a badass!

  15. No DLC this week?

  16. Where’s Adam TideGears picks?

  17. I will probably just pick up some MS point cards for The Maw.

  18. Chase now has me interested.

  19. With the current state of the economy I’ll be buying nothing.

  20. I though the good games would be hitting the new release schedules again.

  21. I’ll wait for the Coraline reviews.

  22. What will you guys be reviewing this week?

  23. That is a bad score!

  24. I cant see myself buying a game with Felicity in the title.