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New Releases 1/18-1/24: Goodnight, City Edition

Hurray! 2009’s new release doldrums have finally lifted, as this week brings a few capable choices to store shelves. Just don’t look for any of these games at your local Circuit City, who announced they will be closing all of their stores. While we can’t say we always loved the retailer- stores were often messy and employees were less than helpful, they did have an occasional bargain. Farewell, firedogs!

Skate 2

Skate 2

Imagine: Fashion Party
Ultimate Shooting Collection

Big Bang Mini
Jumble Madness
Wonder World Amusement Park

Star Ocean: Second Evolution

Ar Tonelico 2: Melody Of Metafalica

Commander in Chief

DesertEagle’s Pick: Since First Departure was such a pleasant surprise, I have a sneaking suspicion that Star Ocean: Second Evolution will give my software-starved PSP a much needed reason to rejoice. Skate 2‘s jump (pun intended) to 60 frames per second also has me interested.

TideGear’s Pick: Skating games don’t really interest me. Big Bang Mini looks to scratch my love-for-quirky itch. However, as a shmup fan I’m all over Ultimate Shooting Collection! That’s my pick! I may end up trying Star Ocean: Second Evolution. That’s one RPG series I’ve been meaning to try.

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  1. Skate 2. and FIRST!

  2. Star Ocean: 2nd for me!!!!!!!!

  3. I wont miss CC, they sucked. The place was a craphole.

  4. What timing for commander in chief!

  5. Some good release this week.

  6. Ar Tonelico 2: Melody Of Metafalica

  7. Skate 2 for me. I loved the demo.

  8. How many of these games are you guys reviewing this week?

  9. Good Call, Desert. I also loved the first one. I thought you weren’t into RPGs, though.

  10. Wow, theres a few good things this week. Skate 2 and Sim Animals will probably get my money. EA’s going to get paid!

  11. Ar Tonelico 2

  12. What’s Big Bang Mini, a evolution sim?

  13. Skate 2 PS3 for me.

  14. Star Ocean for me. Let’s hope it’s less than $39.99 somewhere.

  15. Now, I’ll have to hit up BB. Oh well.

  16. No love for Ultimate Shooting Collection? I thought you guys like shmups!

  17. Frys $34.99

  18. Skate 2, if there’s a deal.

  19. is it AR or Ar?

  20. Visanthe Shiancoe

    It’s got my interest!

  21. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    ::Gasp!:: I’m adding this nowww!

  22. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s now my pick. I’d heard about it long ago and forgotten that’s what it was called.

  23. How can your name be DesertEagle you your pick not be Ultimate Shooting Collection? BBM for me.

  24. TideGear is picky. Not liking skating games? Seems DE will play most anything.

  25. Cheetos- God Of Cheese

    Less competition=higher prices. I’ll miss those rathole stores for sure.

  26. Jumble Madness. Anyone like word scrambles?

  27. Adam has taste, I don’t 😉

  28. I cant say I’ll miss the DVD’s bins that yo had to dig through like a homeless person looking through a dumpster for a moldy donut.

    Or the one checkout lane near the front of the store, that is also a return lane, while 3 guys in red shirts stand around.

  29. Is Ar tonelico a new game or a rehash?

  30. Star Ocean: Second Evolution, do I need to play the first one to understand what’s going on?

  31. Star Ocean for sure, and a strong possibility for USC and Skate 2. AT2:MoM a lesser chance.

  32. I’m with TG, I’ve never liked Skating games.

  33. Nothing for me this week.

  34. What about the Verizon guys who did nothing but stand around in their little box?


    No deals at Circuit Shitty. And no returns, which really sucks if you by something broken.

  36. Skate 2 demo felt just like more of the same.