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New Releases 1/11-1/17: Street Fighting in the Octogon Edition

Overheard this week at our local game store:

Cashier: Would you like to reserve Street Fighter IV? It’s going to be huge!
Customer: Street Fighter? Whose in it?
Cashier: All the old characters, but in 3D- Blanka, Chun Li, Ryu
Customer: What about Georges St. Pierre? (apparently thinking of the UFC fighter)
Cashier: Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s in there. They even bought Cammie back.

That’s going to be one confused customer on February 18th. At least they’ll be getting a free Ryu-inspired headband.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
Savage Moon

Deal or No Deal
Neighborhood Games

No Releases

Jumble Madness
Personal Trainer: Math
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

No Releases

Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall
Delta Force 10th Anniversary Collection
Mirror’s Edge
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

DesertEagle’s Pick: When making a choice between opening suitcases filled with random amount of virtual money and killing orcs, I will consistently choose orc killing. That’s not to say LOTR: Conquest is going to be great, but the game’s concept is at least appealing. The demo felt like developer Pandemic reskinned Star Wars: Battlefront, which for some, may warrant a purchase.

TideGear’s Pick: I love me some Mirror’s Edge and the new enhanced PC version looks fantastic. That’s definitely my pick! After that, Moon and Savage Moon are intriguing games with similar titles!

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  1. Man, GameStop gets preorder money like they hypnotize people. I’ve seen people drop $56 on stuff I know is going to be garbage.

  2. Nameless GS Employee

    Sadly most people who come into the Gamestop are sheep. We are forced to make the suggestions to you. We have a daily and weekly quota to make.

  3. How the f___ can Deal or No Deal be fun to play for more than 10 minutes?

  4. I’d like to see someone come in with a old briefcase and try to trade the clerk that for the Deal or No Deal game.

    Mega64, get on it.

  5. Umm, who is Georges St. Pierre? He does sound like a french Super Punch-out enemy.

  6. I hope you guys review that LOTR game. I liked the demo until the last enemy.

  7. I’ll take a look at MOON.

  8. I don’t really get what is funny about that conversation.

  9. St. Pierre is an UFC MMA fighter, and is NOT going to be in SF IV. I think the cashier, was just going along with it and didn’t want to say, “who is that?”

  10. How many games do you have to push a day? a week?

  11. Nothing for me this week. Skate 2 will be next.

  12. Alright! Mirror’s Edge for the PC, two months after everyone stopping caring about it.

  13. DE, you picking up Delta Force 10th Anniversary Collection, or Singstar?

  14. I’m buying that no releases game for the PSP 🙂

  15. Conquest demo was great. I cant wait to see the full game online.

  16. Jumble Madness DS for me.

  17. Typical GS employee, they never listen.

  18. Nuthin’ for me.

  19. If that pic is from in game, I’m there for Conquest.

  20. I’m waiting for your conquest review.

  21. Deal or no Deal? Jeez, the shovelware keeps on coming for Wii owners.

  22. Moon might be worth a go if it’s $19.99.

  23. God hates fat girls

    What is Neighborhood Games?

  24. I wonder if conquest will be any good. From the demo this could go either way.

  25. Please give me some PSP software sony. I just got a new 3000 for christmas.

  26. How many players on Conquest multi? It felt like a MMO to me.

  27. Warmonger or Whoremonger, LOL!

  28. Conquest on the DS? There must have been some cuts.

  29. Is Gamestop really giving a headband with SFIV. I can just picture the dorks wearing one.

  30. Never heard of Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall.

    Isn’t Tenchu for wii coming out soon?

  31. Wasn’t moon due last week?

  32. I want to know how you get the “New Releases” text behind the bad guy.

    Get a FAQ section, please!

  33. Delta Force 10 Year has:

    * Delta Force 2
    * Delta Force Land Warrior
    * Delta Force Task Force Dagger
    * Delta Force Black Hawk Down
    * Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre

    I might pick it up.

  34. Moon and Savage Moon on the same week?

  35. I’ll probably purchase LOTR once it drops in price, like all EA stuff does.

    What else will be reviewed this week?

  36. I’ll be reviewing Savage Moon. Look for a review tomorrow afternoon. Elebits DS is on the horizon also.

  37. Tide, I bought ME for the PS3 and don’t see your fascination with it. Sure it’s a cool idea, but the guns are lame, and the execution is very trial and error. Way too frustrating watching her fall for the 20th time in a row.

  38. Can’t wait for the Elebits review! Great wii game!

  39. Will you have a conquest review?

  40. What the hell is up with all these math game?