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Medved to Middle Class: “I’m Disappointed You Bought GTA IV”

When Grand Theft Auto 4 was released this past April without
the typical outcry of the mainstream press, we were pleasantly surprised. We
thought that they finally understood the GTA franchise, and its significance as
popular adult media. Michael Medved, writer for conservative website,
proved us wrong.

In his piece, War on Middle Class Values, Not on Middle Class, Medved lambasts Americans for spending sixty dollars on the game. How
dare they spend their economic stimulus check on a game “that glorifies
guerilla warfare, murder, irresponsible driving, prostitution, cop-killing,
international conspiracies and…car theft”? Later, Medved cuts to the thesis of
his argument: GTA IV is an attack on middle-class values. (Not American values,
mind you, strictly middle-class ones.)

For Medved, the pervasiveness of divorce and out-of-wedlock birth
is taking its toll on our government, financially. While few are comfortable
footing the bill for welfare mothers; we feel even fewer taxpayers are content
with spending thirty times that amount on the current three trillion dollar Iraq War.

His next target is a scourge worse than moms on the dole-
gamblers. Medved seems delighted that with the high price of gasoline, weekend wagers
can no longer engage in their low-brow pastime. By that logic, the recession should cleanse America’s moral fabric, right?

When cultural critics impose their value system upon the
general public, aren’t they mirroring the fundamentalists whose regimes we are supposed
to be overthrowing? Medved calls GTA 4, “grotesquely violent and
anti-authoritarian.”, but isn’t the ability to stand up against authority what
makes this country great? I’d like to think those who gave their lives in the
‘horribly violent’ American Revolution would think so.

Worse yet, Medved makes the common mistake of confusing
entertainment with reality.  By listing
GTA with real-world behaviors like divorce, single parents, and gambling, his argument
becomes hopelessly flawed. Regardless of one’s political position, divorce is
an actual phenomenon that affects spouses, children and families. Even those
that study video game violence and effects, would state that any game (yes, even GTA
) is not as influential, and potentially destructive as a tangible behavior.

Freedom is the foundation of the Armerican life- freedom to stand against authority, freedom to make one’s choices whether in marriage, pasttimes, or entertainment. Media critics like Medved don’t seem to understand the simple and crucial notion.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. What a douche!

  2. Hey wasn’t that guy on Sneak Previews?

  3. Some good points made.

  4. Hahaha LOL Great pic.

  5. is that pic him, and is it real?

  6. Another neocon blowhard.

  7. He looks like a dirty teabagger.

  8. I agree America would be better off if they didn’t play as many games. Why are India and many other countries so far ahead of us education wise? Fewer distractions.

  9. Yeah, it’s him. The gimpy finger looks photoshopped, tho.

  10. I wonder if he’s even played the frickin game.

  11. He’s just getting more hits, with ‘controversy’ like this.

  12. He’s just a publicity whore

  13. Good point about the war.

  14. Move to Afghanistan is you want to tell people how to live their lives, buddy.

    Deagle, you sound like a TRUE American!

  15. All he’s saying is that we can spend out money and time better than playing Grand Theft and Lottery scrachers. I have to agree.

    Well, looking at the orginal article he does seem to say if you play GTA you’re against middle-class values.

  16. Middle class values=busting your ass, working hard so you can buy GTA, and therefore keep the upper class rich.

    Upper Class values=keep the middle class, middle class, and tell them what they ‘should’ be doing.

  17. He looks like he’ll be caught doing bad things to little boys next week.

  18. Funny stuff.

  19. Should have put a turban on his head in th pic.

  20. Man, when will these guys give up?

  21. And what does Medved do for entertainment? Sodomy? Bestiality? Pedophilia?

  22. GTA is everything that’s wrong with our society; a unhealthy preoccupation with guns, sex and violence. It’s foul-mouthy and mean spirited. Medved is right.

  23. What’s wrong with an unhealthy preoccupation with guns, sex and violence? It made me the man I am today.

    Medved no doubt have an unhealthy preoccupation towards unicorns, rainbows and Ned Flanders. Doodly Doo!

  24. GTA is SATAN’S STRAP-ON poised to penetrate your rear ends!! You SCUMMY GAMER TYPES probably think it’s okay to engage in drug use and pre-marital sex too!

    I find this article SLANDEROUS and I will lock all of you up before you go on a killing spree from playing too many video games!


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    Besides it’s liable, slander is speech, ya dummy!