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KORG DS-10: We Just Can’t Get Enough

                                                           Trying carrying the original KORG in your pocket.

With absolutely no knowledge of the Japanese language, we approach
most import titles with a measure of trepidation. But when we heard that AQ
Interactive’s new KORG DS-10 synthesizer was entirely in English, our interest
was elevated. We couldn’t wait until the impending U.S. release for our musical
aspirations to be realized.

Once we received the game from YesAsia, we were overwhelmed,
not from any linguistic deficiencies, but the sheer amount of complexity
involved in this music tool. KORG DS-10 is no game, but rather a pure application
for creating music with two analog snyth simulators and a drum machine.

                             Living out our synth-rock fantasies. Did someone request Blasphemous Rumors?

After a few minutes of learning to navigate the DS-10
layout, we were creating a blippy, NES-sounding loop. Players can either move
through the two synthesizers, drum sequencer, patch screen, and mixer with the ‘D’-pad,
or by swapping screens with the left bumper, and then selecting an area with
the stylus.  For the most part, we found
the interface easy to navigate and zipper, however sequencing our patterns introduced
a bit of aggravation.

The application’s one shortcoming was immediately apparent-
two synthesizers and a drum track isn’t enough to create a complex musical
track. Perhaps the integration of a third synth was too much of a strain on the
DS’ processing abilities.

One feature we were unable to try was the ability to link
multiple DS wirelessly to trade sounds and play a musical piece together. We
are sure some individual will create a complex orchestral work with a myriad of
linked handhelds.

Final Grade: B

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Post some of your tunes!

  2. Sounds great. Nice review, guys.

  3. Cool info. I never heard about this. and 100% english? WOW.

  4. Depeche Mode references FTW!

  5. Can I make some gangster rap beats?

  6. Low battery on the Youtube video?

  7. Holy crap, this is awesome! Thanks DEagle.

  8. Lol, that looks awesome.

  9. To accompany this, we need a DS with Jam Sessions playing for guitar and maybe one playing Elite Beat Agents for vocals. Makeshift handheld Rock Band FTW!

  10. I want to mess with this, but I would probably get bored of it.

  11. This semms like it would be a good idea but also are there that many people that are going to be interested in something like this?

  12. Never heard of this before. Sounds like Jam Sessions, which is one of the few “music games” where the “why don’t you play a real guitar?” argument actually holds weight.

  13. Looks pretty good. Imagine a app like fruity loops on the DS or even the PSP.

  14. Pretty slick…although it seems like it would take forever to learn/remember what every feature did.

  15. I’ve been toying around with this for a week or so now. Its complicated but really awesome once you get a hang of things.

  16. Cool idea, not my kind of game but still cool all the same. I’m sure someone will end up composing a masterpiece with it.

  17. I always done bad with music games, software etc. yet always someone seems to master it and come up with some genius creation.

  18. I usually do not do good with music game, software. but it seems some one always masters these kind of games and comes up with something genius.

  19. In the right hands, this thing could be deadly!

  20. Lol, I love these non-game ds games only real pros like my friend would use that!

  21. You import something from Japan and instead of porn it’s a music making game? Well played website. Well played indeed…

  22. Oh, wow. that’s really cool!

  23. That YouTube video made me want to wear a skinny tie, some eyeliner and put lots of gel in my hair.

    I think I’m having an 80’s flashback!

  24. Sound like a f-ed up version of the Safety Dance.

  25. damn the DS can run about anything now

  26. If i had a DS, i’d admit, this would be kinda cool!

  27. Neat. Looks pretty complex tho.

  28. Great read, now I need to get me a ds.

  29. Wow. Now they need to combine this with something trippy like electroplankton.

  30. This will be a fun addition to the ds.

  31. That looks awesome!

  32. I totally wanted a synth when I was younger….siiiiiiiiick

  33. Just goes to show how versatile the DS is.

  34. This looks pretty neat.

  35. this is pretty awesome, i can’t wait to play with it.

  36. i am gonna bust out my 80’s bandana and rock out. Sounds fun

  37. Haa haa that actually seems pretty cool
    i would love to play that on my ds
    it may come in handy when i get a little

  38. I always buy one of these games thinking I’m gonna be some great musician and I always epic fail.

  39. Ouch, only two synths is definitely a killer on this one, but then again, you shouldn’t be expecting much from a handheld. At least the interface makes it interesting to play with.

  40. Cant wait to see what people can do with this thing.

  41. I don’t see why non-musicians would like this. I guess I’m looking at it wrong though…

  42. That looks pretty cool.

  43. Check out the sample tracks, you can definitely make some decent music with just two synths and a drum machine.

  44. Nice, makes me misty-eyed for my old DW 8000.

  45. I’m with ya…this befuddles me.

  46. This almost makes me want to get a DS!

  47. Very interesting

  48. Haha, that’s pretty groovy. It would be neat to see what people could really do with this.

  49. Eh, I played with this for a bit. Its a bit too confusing for my tastes. Maybe because I’m just not much of a music person.

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