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Final Fantasy XIII Demo To Be Included on Advent Children

At last weekend’s DSK3717 event in Tokyo, Square Enix
announced that a playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII will be included on the
Japanese Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The disk will
contain the director’s cut of the film, which is currently available on the $49.99 Special Edition DVD set. 

While visually stunning, we found the plot of Advent
nearly incomprehensible and inconsequential to the action. Perhaps, we need dust off
our copies of FFVII to get back into the swing of things. Still, it can be
assumed that a wealth of U.S. importers will be purchasing the game around its
March 2009 release date. Currently, there is no announcement of a U.S. release,
but given the warm reception Advent Children received here, it would seem to be
a near certainty.

Also on the disk will be HD trailers for Final Fantasy
Versus XIII
and Final Fantasy Agito XII. Voice actors for the title will be announced at this fall’s Tokyo Game

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  1. It will be interesting to see if the demo will make it to XBL at some point seeing as how it is going to be released for both systems.

  2. might have to get the import. March 2009 is a ways off.

  3. Finally, been waiting for this game for ages.

  4. Graphics look nice enough for FFXIII. I agree Advent was all action minimal plot.

  5. Yeah boy!

  6. This is a plus for PS3 users. I’ll definitely import this.

  7. Hope this demo manages to make it to the 360 somehow.

  8. This was Square’s big announcement? Sure a demo is nice, but it doesn’t really do a whole lot for Sony.

  9. Squeenix profits will jump 30% just from this announcement. Fan boys, ahoy!

  10. Smart idea to help sell a movie that was a little on the blah side.

  11. That’s pretty sweet. much better than a digital copy of the same film.

  12. Long way to go for a demo.

  13. Very interesting marketing strategy on Square Enix’s part, the anticipation for this game is off the charts, I can imagine the fans buying this DVD instantly, but who’s to say it’ll mostly be due to the free demo? Though, it’s an extremely nice bonus.

  14. Squenix likes there cash, sell an overpriced movie with a demo everyone and watch your profit grow.

  15. It seems square enix as up the anti
    on Final Fantasy this game seems
    really cool 2 bad its only on ps3
    i only got an xbox 360
    but im glad to see there contiune
    the Final Fantasy Legacy

  16. Square is just trying to make up for horrible development costs. Good for em, good for us to.

  17. Looking forward to the 360 demo…without having to buy something.

  18. Cant wait for this. Really looking forward to it

  19. But you won’t see an xbox demo for a very long time, we’re not even sure when we’ll see an xbox version at all, as they won’t even start working on it until after the game is complete on the ps3. The good thing is that the game is based on the crystal tools engine, so porting it won’t take too terribly long. Localization (audio, text, etc…) will also take time.

  20. ‘Tis a nice bonus for Final Fantasy fans.

  21. Looks as if Sony is trying to get back after that below the belt (but completely justified on square’s behalf) from Microsoft regarding exclusivity.

  22. Looks like Sony trying to get back on track FF wise after the below the belt (on Microsoft’s behalf not Square) blow regarding exclusivity.

  23. I’m defiantly looking forward to this. I love the series and i cant wait to watch advent children on Blu-Ray!! I hope the summons are awesome , i always look forward to seeing those.

  24. Cool, I’m sure the movie will sell like crazy now. Like others said, it would be cool to see the demo hit the live marketplace.

  25. Awesome news. I can’t wait for this game.

  26. I may pick this up for the FFXIII demo. I haven’t seen Advent Children, either, so that might be worthwhile, particularly on Blu-ray.

    As a totally impartial gamer, I still can’t believe that they’re releasing FFXIII on the 360. Seems like quite the sellout — Microsoft does have deep pockets, though.

  27. Advent Children on Blu-Ray sounds good but the FFXIII demo makes it a day one purchase.

  28. I’m pretty excited about this game. I’ll be getting it for the Xbox 360, but this is probably the first time I’ve been excited for a new Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy X. It’s been a while… Advent Children was ok, too bad I already got the DVD.

  29. I’m really looking forward to this game.

  30. I hope this demo will come to Xbox Live some time… I’m going to buy FF13 anyway, but it’d be nice to play it before hand :P. If not, I can always play my friend’s PS3

  31. Good Stuff. 🙂

  32. Square Enix still showing love to the PS3 despite making the jump to the 360.

  33. Advent Children just got a lot more interesting.

  34. I really think I will get this when it comes out. By that time I should have my PS3. I like the movie a lot. Watched it a few times. I am really just going to get it for the demo.

  35. $50 for a movie and demo? I’ll just get the game when it comes out. Hope the movie is good too.

  36. What are you talking about? Advent Children is the best!!!

  37. awesome! too bad it will be a long time before it comes out for xbox 360 though.. if it comes out for it at all… i guess it’s just oen more reason to buy a ps3!

  38. its too bad there isnt a 360 demo for march 2009 but its understandable since PS3 will be the first released and it was intended as a PS3 game at first so ill give that to them. I hope later on there is a 360 demo though

  39. I picked up my Xbox 360 following the announcement that FF13 would be coming to the system. It was far from the only reason, but it was the breaking point (along with the price drop). I’m looking forward to playing it!

  40. well there will always be hardcores fans that would want to try out the demo, would be more than happy to rebuy that movie, i would pass

  41. I was happy when it was announced that FF13 would be released on the 360. I would be even more pleased if I could play the demo on the 360. =[

  42. I think a XBL demo is wishful thinking at this point. You guys should be happy that we can play it on the more comfortable controller.

  43. I love Squeenix.

    But they need to stop making movies.

  44. I think this is a smart business move for Square. They know people will buy this disc just to get a taste of FFXIII. It worked for Konami with ZOE and MGS3 so why not for Square Enix as well? Personally, I don’t buy into these things unless I already intended on buying the original product, then it’s just a bonus, but other people are willing to pay for it and they’ll cash in on that.

  45. This was rather weak for their “shocking announcement.” After their big shock of FF13 going multiplatform, this is just weak in comparison.