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E3: Highs and Lows

Strange Timing Award:
Four days after the show’s finale, Capcom announces Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Did they think the title would get lost in the E3 shuffle?

Most Improved Company: While Sega’s Devil May Cry clone,
Bayonetta, looked great, we are going to have to give the honors to Midway.
After releasing stinkers Blacksite: Area 51, Game Party, Cocoto Kart Racer, and Hour of
last year, there’s no where else to go but up. We played three games
that we actually enjoyed and are looking forward to another one (Touchmaster 2,

Most Disappointing Title:
While Brothers in Arms: Road to
Hill 30
, and its sequel, BIA: Earned In Blood held our attention with their
combination of FPS action, squad flanking strategies, and Band Of
-inspired narrative, Gearbox’s latest was underwhelming. BIA: Hell’s
looked and felt like a two year old FPS. Disappointingly, the only real
difference between this demo and the E3 2006 walk-thorough was the amount of
environmental damage that could be wrought.

Best Food: While Sony’s completely un-kosher sausage wrapped
in bacon were enjoyed by N’Gai, Activision’s edibles were so appealing, attendees
seemed more anxious to eat, then to listen- the show started twenty minutes
late. Hideo Kojima wanted nothing of the sort- he went for pizza across the

Best Hardware: While
sword fighting in Wii Sports: Resort was amusing, the Wiimotion Plus attachment
should have been incorporated in the original Wiimote design, not as an
afterthought. Although we always seem to be extolling the virtues of the
Novint Falcon, our time with the controller and Battlefield 2 was pure bliss.
From the amount of force feedback given by the sniper rifle, to being able to
feel in-game walls, we can’t imagine playing the game without the controller.

Worst Line-up: With the exception of Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir, Atari had nothing remotely interesting in their lounge. For a name that was once synonymous with the hobby of videogaming, the compnay didn’t even look like they were trying. Deer Hunter Tournment, Backyard Football 2009, and What’s Cooking with Jaime Oliver were the highlights.

Most True ‘Punk Rock’ Moment:
When a Konami representative,
showing off Rock Revolution, failed miserably at “Blitzkrieg Bop”, thereby
ending the whole event.

Most ‘Hot Topic’ Moment: While describing the $200 wireless
Stratocaster Rock Band guitar, a Mad Catz Representative told us, “These are
hot enough to attract groupies.” Uh, yeah.

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  1. Are you guys kidding about Dead Rising- WIi?

  2. Did the Konami shit really end the show? That’s pathetic!

  3. I thought the “pwned” was real. You guys got me!

  4. That’s a joke right? I don’t see it on any other sites!!!

    Not funny!

  5. Most embarrassing: Microsoft’s consoles red ringing three years later. They should have fixed this years ago!

  6. Hey, I’m excited for Dead Rising Wii. I have the game for Xbox but never bothered to start because of the troublesome saving in the game. Plus, I like the Wii mote controls too.

    Is the Novint Falcon better than the Nintendo Wii-mote? I’ll have to take a look.

    What did Activision serve that was so good?

  7. Wiimotion plus is crap, I heard.

  8. Sausage wrapped in bacon. WTF? Were they trying to get rid of the jews and muslims?

  9. The Falcon is worlds better; you can’t even make the comparison for FPS.

    Activision served sushi and offered free drinks.

  10. You tease us with a new Dead Rising title and offer no more information about it? FOR SHAME!!

  11. Maximum number of zombie on screen: 4

  12. That’s all the info at this point. No date, a few pics, and no mention of Wiimote controls.

    Personally, I want to see all my Mii’s zombified.

  13. Dead Rising=Overrated.

  14. Sad to hear about Brother in Arms.

  15. Look at the bottom pic. Combo=1. LOL!

  16. Gotta look into that Falcon.

  17. Any gaming gossip, TG?

  18. No motion controller at all this year?

  19. More lows than highs

  20. Hey Dead Rising. WooHoo!

  21. Alot of people seem to be upset over hearing that Deadrising is going to be on the Wii. I was actually kind of excited when I heard but then as I started to think about it, I’m kind of upset about it too.

  22. After looking it up on a different site I read that the Wii game seems like it follows the same story as the Xbox version. Can you confirm or deny this rumor??

  23. I think alot of people are worried about the experience getting watered down. Less zombies on screen, less violence, etc.

  24. Wasn’t a fan of Dead Rising.

  25. Unlikedcub,

    If see you continually complain about coverage on this site. If you don’t like it, why may I ask do you keep coming back?

  26. Dead Rising wii looks horrible, should of ported it to PC instead, actually keep the amount of zombies.

  27. Ask DesertEagle.

  28. Dead Rising 2, puhlease.

  29. Unlicked is my toughest critic and biggest fan. Constructive criticism is good, it can only make the site better.

  30. LOL at Hot Topic moment!

  31. Man, midway turned out some shit last year. I played Hour of Victory and it seems like a Devry demo.

  32. never cared for the Brother in Arms game. They relied on one strategy for pretty much the entire game.

  33. Bayonetta pics and impressions, plz.

  34. Haha, they failed their own game over at Konami? That’s just sad.

  35. I also occasionally bail him out of jail after he exposes himself at the elderly center.

  36. Why couldn’t they hire some kid to play? Jeez, in my neighborhood they could get a handful of kids to own at Expert for about 10 bucks.

  37. At least it’s not the preschool!

    Then we could watch Tech-Gaming broadcast live from “To Catch a Predator”

  38. Thanks for all the E3 info, dudez!

  39. 1up talked about the same ownage, and also mentioned the same thing about Nintendo- how the show was geared toward soccer moms.

    You got the scoop on Nintendo, they said it after your article came out.

  40. Mmm, food sounds yummy! Swine in swine is good all the time!

  41. Great site. I liked this article.

  42. Who needs Rock Revolution anyway?

  43. Alot of sites saying this was the last E3, this E3 was no fun. Some even said an embarrassment.

  44. Wow that game looks some much like rock band and wow! Dead Rising for Wii Sweet

  45. I cant wait till i get a wii

  46. Sad to hear about Brothers in Arms.

  47. Bacon wrapped hot dogs.. mmm, I think I need to visit Pink’s again. And if any of you haven’t, go NOW. =D

  48. I was fooled by the “Pwned” as well… who knew Konami could (seemingly…since I obviously haven’t played the game) screw up the genre they are responsible for making popular?

  49. A sad day for Brothers in Arms.

  50. lol deadrising for the wii looks like crap compared to 360

  51. Pretty disappointing this year but it’s understandable; it’s not the same E3 of yesteryear.

  52. At least the food was yummy. I think even the most rabid audience can be tamed by good food.

  53. I like this article.

    I cant believe Konami is jumping in now with the whole rockband rip off gig. What a joke. I cant see why they just didnt release Guitar Freaks and Drum Freaks here. atleast they would have roped in the bemani crowd.

  54. It was a completely underwhelming E3 for me. I’ve wished I could go to previous shows; I don’t feel like I’ve missed much with this one.

  55. I don’t know how you could pass up Final Fantasy XIII not being an exclusive PS3 title as a high. Thats huge news and really shows that companies are noticing that sony is not going to be enough to float sales of their games anymore. Its also great that not only is it coming to the 360 but also to the PC. I think the last Final Fantasy that was out on the PC was VIII.

  56. I didn’t like Dead Rising too much and this seems more of the same :-/

  57. Shame about BiA – I’m still looking forward to it based on how good the first two were.

  58. The shirt on the guy in the Konami picture really set the tone for their conference… Pwned.