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E3: Best of DS

Sitting unnoticed in the middle of Nintendo’s booth was
Rhythm Heaven, a sequel to the Japanese-only GBA title, Rhythm Tengoku. The
game is played with the DS rotated book-style, and has one simple mechanic. The
player flicks a small on-screen coin with the stylus on the right screen into
targets on the left screen, in time with music. The title is made by the
Warioware team, and has a similar feel.

The first level we tried had an assembly line; two square
fastener nuts came cascading toward the center of the screen along a conveyer
built. When the two nuts where aligned, the player would shoot a single bolt
through the middle, creating a complete piece. Players could either gauge the
timing visually, or using a musical cue.

Rhythm Heaven is slated for a holiday 2008 release according
to Nintendo reps. We would not be surprised to see this title part of the
‘Touch Generations’ line, and be released at a $20 retail price, although
Nintendo would not confirm this.

The deficiency of good real-time startegy games of the DS may
soon be remedied by Robocalypse. We had a chance to play Tecmo’s near-finished version
of the game and came away very satisfied. Whereas most RTS have tiny, units lacking
Robocalypse featured well animated, large characters, with plenty of

After playing through a quick tutorial, we began a mission
where harvesting scrap metal was a requirement for building a robo-army. The
game simplified many of the complexities of the genre by offering pre-set spots
to build our first base. Soon after building our HQ, we then constructed our infantry. Individual
units are selected by clicked on them, and then selecting a destination. Once
the units reach their destination, they patrol and defend the area. This adds
to the strategic element of the game, while eliminating much of the
micromanaging common to the RTS. Robocalypse should be available in October,

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  1. Rhythm Heaven sounds great. A game made by the Warioware that is unnoticed? Shame people!

  2. Robopocalyse sounds like fun. If the animation doesn’t bog down.

  3. Robocalypse looks awesome.

    Someone should make stylus peripherals for consoles too to use for RTS’s and other games.

  4. Thanks, the other sites are talking about much DS action.

  5. Robocalypse looks cool!

  6. Great, two unique games for the DS. Creativity is key!

  7. I agree with Henri.

  8. I agree with Bryan.

  9. Love those kinds of creative rhythm games. Too bad it’s almost guaranteed to bomb here.

  10. I agree with Jason X! LOL!

  11. But Nintendo’s behind it; If anyone can get people to buy a rhythm game it’s the big N.

  12. Ill probably pick up both if they review greater than 8.

  13. Only two good Ds games ;(

    I expected a Mario or Kirby game at least. Maybe even Yoshi!

  14. No great Animalz gamez? WTF?

  15. Right screen on Rhythm Heaven looks kinda lonely.

  16. Rhythm Heaven – Nintendo’s answer to Patapon?

  17. I hope it’s better than Patapon. I bought that played for an hour and shelved it.

  18. Robocalypse looks awesome.

  19. How expensive will Rythm Heaven be?

  20. Can’t wait for RH; might buy the import.

  21. I’m quite surprised by the whole gta:ds. Let’s hope they don’t mess up.

  22. Robopocalyse sounds like fun. I’ll give it a try if the overall reviews are good.

  23. Both the titles look interesting, but sad this is the best of the DS lineup shown at E3.

  24. This is the only two games I’m looking forward to now. Maybe Animal Crossing DS

  25. Never seen that Robocalypse game before… But it looks interesting.

  26. Robocalypse is hard to say and spell; they should change the name.

  27. Saw RH mentioned on another site, but you are alone alone in your praise fro Robocalypse.

  28. I got bored at the demo.

  29. I’m interested in the Rhythm game, it looks like one of those quirky games that happens to still be fun.

  30. Ok, who said E3 was weak this year? There’s plenty of games to waste my hard-earned money on!

  31. definitely gonna pick this up…

  32. Rhythm Heaven here I come!!! Super Rad!

  33. Rhythm Heaven sounds interesting, but those screenshots don’t tell me anything (or are they for another game?)

  34. The art style looks quite nice. Looking forward to this.

  35. Rhythm Heaven sounds like it could be a fun game. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it.

  36. Not really a fan of what was shown for the DS at E3

  37. I never played Rhythm Tengoku, but as I didn’t like Wario Ware (or RTSs for that matter), neither look all that interesting. The DS hasn’t had much in the way of fun looking games for a while…

  38. Rhythm Tengoku on the GBA was really fun. The timing is really precise though. It’s pretty much a rhythm themed Warioware.

    On another note, I’m sad there weren’t any more DS titles shown off at E3.

  39. I love anything made by the wario ware team.

  40. If its from the warioware people then it has to be half decent.

  41. Robocalypse looks pretty cool. I haven’t really bought a DS game in a long time, but this one seems like it might be fun.

  42. Here’s hoping you can zoom out further in that Robocalypse game.

  43. I want a new Warioware game!

  44. Uh, they match the description they wrote of the bolt and nut. I think the game just doesn’t do anything with one of the DS screens.

  45. I dont have a DS. But I will pass this article onto my younger bro.

  46. Looks fun but I’m more excited over Disgaea DS.

  47. E3:

    DS is having a great lineup. Can’t wait for the future games to come out! Now to play some FFIV.

  48. Robocalypse looks the better game out of the 2.

  49. I’ll be keeping my eye on Robocalypse.