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E3: Best in Show- de Blob (Wii)

For Best in Show, Tech-Gaming is highlighting all the outstanding games shown at E3, 2008. For us, these are the must-play titles, that we had a hands-on experience with, at the show.

Everyone once in a while, a game will be developed that does
one, simple thing amazingly well. Katamari Damacy is the textbook example of
that theory, taking the idea of rolling objects into a ball of ever-increasing
size. Although the main idea was simple, is execution was amazing; it’s one the
few PS2 games that still receives a frequent play in our office.

Expect de Blob to receive many comparisons to Namco’s
revered title. The main character rolls through a cityscape, leaving a colorful
trail of paint behind. Coming into contact with plain, white buildings instantly
paints them with a vibrant, colorful texture. As the blob rolls, it also leaves
behind a permanent splatter trail of paint.

Players maneuver ‘de Blob’ with the nunchuck’s control
stick, and swing the Wiimote down to initiate a jump. Additionally, gamers can
easily lock onto objects with the “Z” button. While the control (especially
during jumps) isn’t quite perfect, it does reach a level of intuitiveness that
lets the player become fully immersed in the game. Additionally, a perfectly
fluid framerate adds to both the beauty, and playability of the title. 

THQ reps stressed that the title isn’t just about the
destruction of the environment; that smaller creatures need to be saved, too.
While saving these little beings rewarded the player, painting buildings was
addictive; for us, this was one of the hardest titles stop playing at E3. We
can’t wait until September 19th, the expected release date, to continue the story mode and enjoy some free play and multiplayer blobbing.
Meanwhile, skeptics can try a demo of the PC version here.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Wow, I never expected this game to be one of your favorites!

  2. A THQ game? Have you guys lost your minds?

    You’d rather play da blob that Gears of war II? Crazyness, I tell ya!

  3. I’d rather play an original, creative game that a rehash anyway. This one came out of nowhere!

  4. Thanks, great preview. I hope to hear more about the blob.

  5. Great, creative concept. I will buy this in Sept.

  6. THQ is just publishing, dude.

  7. Seems interesting. Might have to give it a go.

  8. If it’s like Katamari, I’m so there!

  9. Thanks, guys. I will probably be buying this.

  10. One of the best of E3 is a third party Wii game? Call me skeptical!!!

  11. Blob-tastic!

  12. Looks like something my Wii would enjoy. I haven’t playing anything since MArio Galaxy.

  13. If this title is so great, why wasn’t it shown during Nintendo’s press conference.

  14. Bring da’ Blob!

  15. Is this a PC game, too?

  16. Jeez, this title is so unknown, is you do a google search on it, this article comes up.

  17. Ok, PC demo is super addictive. Thanks.

  18. freakin’ awesome little game. Runs a bit slow on my computer, though.

  19. Ok, downloading PC demo now.

  20. Cool. I would have never guessed this would be one of the best game at E3.

  21. Demo was Ok, nothing great. I hope the wii game is better.

  22. Sounds interesting. Might be fun.

  23. Played it, liked it. Didn’t fall in love with it.

  24. Da Blob is looking great! I hope people support original games like this.

  25. Will be blobbin’ come September.

  26. lame name. Just call it Blob.

  27. I didn’t really look into this before E3, but it looks interesting enough that I might have to pick it up.

  28. I think this was shown at last year’s E3; and got most innovative by one site.

    With another year in development; this should be great!

  29. Definitely something to check out.

  30. Ok, everyone seems to be hopping on this now; Gamelife was pimping it today.

  31. agreed… very superb title. I look forward to this as soon as it’s out 🙂

  32. I think tech-gaming needs to have a giveaway contest for this title!

  33. It’s so…Blobby.

  34. I picked this game on the iPhone…it’s pretty good.

  35. I’m sure its fun and innovative, but I don’t know if its my type of game.

  36. Downloading the demo now.

  37. I was skeptical of this title at first, but it sounds like you enjoy it, so thats kinda comforting. =p

  38. I can accept De Blob being a great game, but best in show?

  39. Seems IGN feels the same way. It was one of their E3 best picks, also. Still, I gotta play it first.

  40. In a year of sequels, this is one of the few creative, novel concepts.

    Kudos for Tech-Gaming for spotting and highlighting this game. I played it last year, and it is greatness.

  41. dunno if I agree but it seems interesting

  42. The game actually does seem to be fun to play!

  43. A freeware version of this was released on PC a few years ago, if you guys want to try it.

  44. This doesn’t really seem like it would be fun to me, but I’d be open to try it. I’ll have to look into the PC demo you guys are talking about.

  45. After playing the game at E3, I agree that this game may be one of the best games shown, if not the most original. Great choice TG!

  46. Kind of reminds me of Faceball.

  47. If Kotaku can pick Fat Princess- why not?

  48. I’m seriously excited for this game too!

  49. Is that blood? Cool!

  50. I love games like this that come up with a simple and unique idea and do it well. Even the most hardcore gamer can get bored with yet another FPS or common franchise game, and fresh new ideas like this make the industry interesting. I just hope it lives up to its hype, and manages to sell well (unlike so many good Wii games that go unnoticed).

  51. This game looks pretty cool.

  52. I have the game already and I was wondering if there were any cheats to unlock stuff. Otherwise the game is awesome, thanks for your time!:)

  53. Here you go, Connor:

    Cheat: Invulnerability

    At any time during gameplay, hold down the C button and press 1, 1, 1, 1. If done properly, you will now be invulnerable to enemy attack. To get out of this mode, simply insert the code a second time.

    Cheat: Heal Yourself

    At any time during gameplay, you can heal yourself by holding the C button and pressing 1, 1, 2, 2.

    Unlockable: Myriad Multiplayer Options

    To unlock a plethora of multiplayer options, insert the following cheat at the start menu while holding down the C button: 2, 2, B, B, 1, 1, B, B.

    Unlockable: More Time

    If you need more time to complete any given stage, try the following to give yourself an extra ten minutes. During gameplay, hold down the C button and press 1, 2, 1, 2. If done correctly, ten minutes will be added to your clock.
    Unlockable: All Moods and Music

    To unlock all of de Blob’s moods and all of the in-game music tracks, insert the following cheat at the start menu while holding down the C button: B, B, 1, 2, 1, 2, B, B.
    Unlockable: All Levels

    At the game’s main menu, insert the following password to automatically unlock all of the game’s levels: B, B, A, 1, 2, 2, A, B.