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Crash Commando Makes Quite an Impact

The Playstation store is rapidly becoming a requisite part of the PS3 experience. Releases such as Everyday Shooter, Flow, and the PixelJunk titles have offered Sony owners engaging, bite-sized experiences that gamers can experience without ever leaving the comforts of their couch. For the past few days, we have been enjoying the latest addition to the respectable PSN roster- Crash Commando.

Developed by Digital Illusions (DICE) cofounders, Staffan Langin and Olof Gustafsson, the title is a delightfully simple 2D shooter that recalls a time when skeletal narratives were all that was needed to push the adrenaline-pumping action along. With nary a glance at a virtual instruction manual nor a playthrough of the in-game tutorial, we understood the games core concept- decimate any color of an opposition color.

Players move their on-screen killing machine with the left control stick, while the right stick rotates your visual weapon trajectory indicator. R1 fires your main weapon, R2 sends out an explosive round, and the square button fire a handgun round or swings the knife as a last resort. The L1 button is used with regularity to give a jetpack boost; often the game’s combatants resemble a hive of swarming wasps. With the multitude of twin-stick shooters on now-gen system, our initial tendency was to fire by moving the right stick in the desired direction. However, after less than ten minutes with the game, we adapted to Crash Commando’s effective control scheme.

When not buzzing around the screen, players can take refuge in a jeep or tank. Each playfield contains a rollercoaster-like track were vehicle can trounce upon unsuspecting enemies. Conveniently, even the transports feature jetpacks, however, their air speed is significantly reduced. Players can also use a remote powered rocket, or launch a mortar barrage across the screen.

The four levels included within the game are both distinctive and large enough to delay ‘map fatigue’ from setting in too quickly. We appreciated the ability to adjust the level of camera zoom via the game’s menu system, although we were saddened to see the game’s typical speedy framerate occasionally plummet for a fraction of a second. Having gameplay on two planes was an inspired bit of genius; instead of skirmishes spread out across an expansive map, players can quickly identity where the key battles are taking place.

While Crash Commando offers a gratifying experience, we can’t help but think the game could have offered a bit more innovation. We would have liked to see a greater risk/reward element added to the game. For players with just a speck of health, a suicide button that could injure or kill nearby foes could have offered a mischievous tactic. We would have like to see an option to trade a bit a health for say, acid blood.

Overall, Crash Commando complements the admirable Playstation Store quite well. It offers an accessible diversion with four play types and a handful to ways to demolish your rivals. Players looking for a fully-realized single player experience may be disappointed by the lack of solo option. However, gamers craving a light-hearted online fragfest should be delighted by the game’s virtues.

Crash Commando is currently available in the Playstation Store for $9.99.

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  1. First!

  2. I was debating whether to get this of that savage moon game.

  3. Can you destroy the environment? It looks like things got messed up in the second pic.

  4. Whats that meter in the corner for?

  5. I might have to pick this up, between the good reviews here and at Gamer 2.0

  6. Looks cool.

  7. How many players are usually online?

  8. Plenty. Seems like a lot of players have picked the game up.

  9. $9.99 is my sweet spot. Damn you, Sony.

  10. Are you guys going to review Savage Moon?

    BTW. anyone remember tribes? The description reminded me of that game.

  11. This is my next purchase.

  12. Sounds like a game I would enjoy.

  13. Anyone know when this will hit xbox live?

  14. Both of full of it. I bought the game and its a piece of crap. It fun for all of 10 minutes.

    More like a D.

  15. Do those guys still work for DICE?

  16. Why doesn’t the PSN store have demos? Can anyone tell me why?

  17. I just want to say, I love DICE stuff’ from Mirror’s Edge to the say underrated Battlefield: BC, they kick ass.

  18. Is this game related to Commando in any way?

  19. The trees looks like they are from Sonic the Hedgehog. Geometric and shiney.

  20. No Commando is a Capcom franchise, this is make from EPOS,

  21. Just bought it, pretty small download. I cant wait to play.

  22. Demos would really sell more of these DLC games. No one wants to buy a game with at least playing it for a bit. When is Nintendo and Sony going to learn?

  23. I bought this yesterday. I’ts pretty fun and there’s a lot of people playing, unlike other mp PS3 games.

  24. The control method sounds a little complicated. I think I’d rather switch weapons, they have different weapon buttons.

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  27. Man, I bought this and I love it. Reminds me of the old European demo scene.

  28. I bought the game and completely agree with DE ideas. Of course, every MP game needs a suicide button.

  29. Awesome game! I bought this last night and totally love it. I do wish for more maps, though.

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  31. The first paragraph reeks of fanboyishness.