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Claws Out- X-Men Origins: Wolverine Reviewed

X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the Xbox 360. Developed by Raven Software, Publisher: Activision

The game based on a movie license is the habitual bane of our industry. These titles are often developed under rushed production cycles, intended to be released alongside a corresponding feature film. Designed to take advantage of a preexisting advertizing blitz- they are frequently buggy, simplistic and graphically incompetent. Perhaps their worst offense is that they usually fail to capture the power of the source material, as Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk have recently illustrated. Fortunately, the developers of X-Men Origins: Wolverine were already well into the development cycle of a Wolverine title, when production of the eponymous film started. Subsequently, the game isn’t perfect, but it is a gratifying diversion that should thrill fans of both the comic and recent blockbuster. We could only hope more games designed around film properties were as enjoyable as this one.

As the title opens, our protagonist is aboard a helicopter traveling over a lush African jungle. An RPG explodes against the side of the transport sending Wolverine hurtling to the ground below.  After a brief freefall, the game displays a slow motion sequence of our hero poised over an angry rebel. He uses his adamantium claws to disembowel the foe, and the player is given control of Wolverine. At this point, the game’s pacing becomes apparent; X-Men Origins moves at a speed and velocity reminiscent of the title character. For the few hours hour, we were carving opponents at a delightfully breakneck pace, only slowed by the intermittent boss encounter.

Whereas we expected the game to offer the same sanitized combat as the PG-13 film, we applaud developer Raven’s decision to give gamers a mature-rated interpretation of Wolverine. While the title rarely lingers in gratuitous gore, X-Men Origins offers quick splashes of blood and body parts to convey the power and fury of the main character. It’s intensely exhilarating to see the damage inflicted by Wolverine’s claws, and the title would have felt anemic without the visceral display of carnage.

The game uses the Unreal 3 engine to render its battles and butchery, generally to great effect. The game’s initial jungles recall the lush foliage of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, while its later levels set in the rainy drenched streets of the French Quarter are without peer. Seeing the main character’s body and internal organs mend themselves was a powerful visualization reminder of the power of the superhero’s power. Sadly, the framerate can become a bit choppy at times, as the game struggled to depict the physicality of the on-screen action.

Building upon the game’s powerful action, the developers included an involved system to level up Wolverine. The rate of health replenishment, special attacks, and claw damage can all be augmented, adding a bit of depth to the title. The gamer also has the ability to alter the protagonist’s Mutagens; which also amplifies the amount of damage issue Wolverine can issue or take.  Since both systems have the same end result, they could have been simplified into one customization screen.

Increasing Wolverine’s physical attributes would have been unnecessary is the game’s combat wasn’t enjoyable. Fortunately, it’s intensely gratifying, and incorporates a few elements that will likely be recycled in future brawlers. One of the most satisfying moves involves Wolverine locking onto to a distant foe, and then jumping toward them with his claws outstretched. It’s a simple technique that is persistently compelling and fantastically executed. Both players who prefer involved combinations and button mashers will enjoy the combat system. It’s remarkably designed for the enjoyment of both hardcore gamers and casual X-Men fans.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is exceptional in two respects: it’s an enjoyable game based on a film license that manages to outshine its source material. For those two reasons, fans of the book and film deserve to give the title an extended look; they will likely be captivated by its fiery action and graphical lushness. X-Men Origins manages to convey Wolverine’s sense of strength and fury; for that reason alone, the game is an accomplishment.

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  9. I never really liked the game that much, it felt like a glorified Gauntlet game to me.

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