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Bionic Commando Developers Swing Into Action

At this year’s E3, Bionic Commando: Rearmed was one of our favorites downloadable software titles. The title managed to recapture the feeling of the original game, while updating the graphics for next-gen systems. Previously, developers GRIN, released a video showing the steps they took to carefully preserve the gameplay; from recreating the NES title’s contrasting color schemes, to reimagining the main characters.

Now, the second installment focuses on rebuilding the game from scratch. Listen to how care went into simulating the physics and levels of the original title. We’d kill for a in-game level creator!

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  1. Great. I am so exited about this game.

  2. At first I though; great an ad for the game, but this is the shit that would make up collector’s editions.

    Oh, and a tin case. Good vid.

  3. Excited about this game.

  4. You guys never run out of the puns.

  5. Cool video. Day one purchase for me.

  6. Enough! Gimme this game, already!

  7. Christian Petermann

    This game looks awesome. The first was amazing and the new game seems amazing. Multiplayer too!!!

  8. I can’t wait til I hear hitler’s head explode!!!!!!!!!

  9. I too thought about a level editor when they mentioned easy level creation.

  10. Looks interesting. I don’t think I’ll have the time for this one though. So many games coming out this year and next.

  11. This game should be fun. Bionic Commando was always one of my favorite NES games.

  12. looks like a pretty cool game! dunno if i’ll get around to playing it though with all the other great games coming out in the coming months

  13. It looks like it will be pretty fun I think I’ll get it.

  14. Too much DLC; I’ll have to pass.

  15. This game looks interesting. I never got to play the original NES version, but this is making me want to pick it up. I might buy this, if it turns out to be good. Looks good so far though!

  16. I CAN’T WAIT for this game!

  17. I loved the orginal NES version so much, that I’m scared this won’t live up to my expectations.

  18. Game looks interesting, but that dude’s molestache is awful.

  19. Love the NES game!

  20. Sounds great. Swede programmers FTW!

  21. Cool making of vid. Thanks, dudes.

  22. Yea I am thinking this will be a pick-up. Probably not a day-one buy but definitely not a rental.

  23. As an NES baby, I absolutely will be checking this out.

  24. Really looking foward to this one. So many good XBLA games this month, so little time.

  25. Do you get a free Doc Oc arm with the purchase of the super fancy edition??

  26. That’s a really cool pic for the article! And I’m really looking forward to this game too! More companies should take such care when doing a remake as GRIN has with BCR. Thanks for some further insight into their development process.

  27. I really like the art direction they took for this remake. I’m looking forward to trying out the demo.

  28. I am uber stokedabout this game.

  29. I remember playing this all the time back in the day. I can’t wait for this game.

  30. This game looks really fun. I’d love to see every classic game remade in the same quality as this. There are so many great titles that deserve the same treatment. Contra, Mega Man, Commando, Ghosts ‘N Goblins, Golden Axe, Legendary Wings, Rastan, Slaptter House, & so many more.