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An Open Letter to Former EGM/1Up Staff – Please Continue!

Although I can’t recall if I read Electronic Gaming Monthly from its inception, the magazine launched when I was ten years old- right when my reading and gaming skills were being honed. I do remember as a youngster, placing the magazine before me on the floor, and laying down transfixed in its pages. Every story, review, and even advertisement was carefully scrutinized in preparation for a future discussion among my classmates. In this pre-internet era, I was mesmerized by the previews and screenshots of upcoming games. I would reread the publication methodically, until the bottom edges of the magazine were left dog-eared and inkless.

Periodically, I’d receive a yearly subscription of EGM from a relative savvy enough to know I had no interest in Mad, Cracked, or Ranger Rick. When issues arrived in less than pristine condition, often with ruffled corners, or tears that obscured screenshots, I’d be coolly incensed. Later, other magazines caught my fancy: NextGen with its first-rate page stock, or Die Hard Gamefan with its screenshot heavy layout. As each of those diversions moved to the internet, I returned to EGM. For the past four years or so, the periodical experienced a renaissance; it was one of the last bastions of true game journalism.

For the past few years, I was also a regular listener to the 1up podcasts, from 1Up Yours, Retronauts, and 1Up FM. Each of these show’s had a wonderfully dynamic cast who were genuine gamers; they brought a level of authenticism and professionalism that was exclusive to the industry. While attending E3 for the past few years I had a change to meet some these personalities. I found each of them to be amazingly friendly and delightfully knowledgeable. From discussing the merits of Bionic Commando with Jeremy Parish, sharing a bit of post-Microsoft disappointment with Garnett Lee, or meeting a young Nick Suttner at a Cheapassgamer meetup, each of these meeting was amazingly memorable. I’m sure the 1Up offices fostered an amazing synergistic quality that the industry may not see again.

I suppose Ziff-Davis’ sale to UGO was inevitable. Producing a steady output of podcasts, videos, and magazines with some of the top people in the industry couldn’t have been inexpensive. Being able to hold onto brilliant minds like Shawn Elliot and Jeff Green was probably difficult when greener pastures (hill zones?) beckon. Still, I’d like to think in a better world, a company like Ziff-Davis could survive, if not thrive.

My advice to all of the displaced 1Up staff is to follow the advice dispensed by countless arcade coin-ops. When your accomplishments have been temporarily interrupted, listen to the machines, and heed its advice to ‘please continue’. Although fate has separated this group of remarkable individuals, I take solace in imagining each member of EGM and 1Up elevating the level of journalism in all their future outlets.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Bravo! Although I haven’t read EGM as long as you, these words captured my feelings.

  2. Excellent. I like the optomism is all of this mess.

  3. Actually quite touching

  4. What the hell is UGO going to do with just a web address and no talent?

  5. I really enjoyed all their work. EGM made some mistakes recently (1 person reviews) but they tried to be one of the best.

  6. ah, memories. Best of luck to the 1up Crew.

  7. I wish the 1up crew all the best!

  8. UGO can suck it. I hope they all die violently for doing this.

  9. Where’s the first pic from? What game?

  10. youre right. the goodtimes had to end sometime.

  11. I wish them all the best!

  12. Earthworm Jim FTW!

    Great letter, DE!

  13. This was the most depressing news I had heard in months. It makes no sense at all.

  14. You really sucking on the 1UP teet there, arncha?


    get over it.

  16. Uh, have to listened to their podcasts?

    They’re not worthy of plucking the 1up’s crew’s asshair.

    Especially the mongoloid tard-cast.

  17. I guess Shane will have to get a job for Sony now. What else can he do?

  18. to hell.

  19. Best podcasts ever. I used to listen to them religiously.

  20. I cant say I was a fan.

  21. or just continue sucking. Their site doesn’t even work right with firefox.

  22. Shane can go back to gamestop where he will push PS3s on soccer moms looking for wii’s

  23. Rolling Thunder, I believe.

  24. Will they still host all the old podcasts?

  25. Hey guys just want to point you out to so we can share our misery together. Cheers.

  26. RIP EGM and 1up.

  27. I wish the crew the best. Do continue!

  28. i looked forward to Monday mornings at work with diggnation, twit, and my fav the 1UP show. poor 1UP show i will miss all of you greatly 🙁

  29. Wow. Very sentimental. Even though I am relatively a novice to 1UP, with only reading EGM and watching the 1UPshow for about two years, I was delighted by the content provided by, and the chemistry thereof, the 1UP staff. It’s a dirty shame that UGO, the Spike of gaming sites and one of the biggest problems hurting gaming’s media image nowadays, had to acquire 1UP. Next up, is going to have a ton of boob ads! Just in general, I think that sites like UGO and networks like Spike should be cut asunder; they do nothing but hurt gaming’s once quirky media image. I remember when the industry was trying to become a more “legitimate” and gamer-neutral thing, but now we get heterosexually male-oriented programming and such that bugs the hell out of the rest of the gamers out there – women, the LGBT community (ME!!!), and those who really aren’t very much interested in nookie anyway. I hope 1UP will rise from its ashes like a phoenix and UGO rots in the underwear drawer like a bad piece of fruit on a tacky porno mag!

  30. DE, I didn’t know you liked the 1Up crew so much. I found this quite touching.

  31. A excellent response to the situation. I hope the 1up guys read this.

    I used to always listen to the 1up Show on my way to work on Mondays. It made the commute so much better.

    Thanks for the memories.

  32. Well said. The emphasis should always be on games, not on trying to sex everything up, which I find offensive.

    It’s as if the ad people think gamers are neanderthals that get all excited whenever we see a girl. Please!

  33. Ditto.

    I don’t know why everyone is all upset. Some guys who got paid well to play games, travel and write about lost their jobs during a recessions. They’ll work again.

    Feel bad for the people losing their homes, families and lives during this difficult time, not some spoiled gamers.

  34. Yes, for having a name like DesertEagle, he sure is soft sometimes.

  35. Um. no. Just no.

  36. This chapter is video game history comes to a close, and I for one, am a bitter sadder because of it.

  37. What a bunch of saccharine crap. You made my teeth hurt and wasted 6 minutes of my day.

    Who cares about these guys? These sure don’t care about your site.

  38. I don’t understand why some people leave comments like this. If you didn’t care for 1up, just move on.

  39. I tried posting this on the website, but they took the link down 🙁

  40. I just heard about this. I cant believe it.

    Why would they let go of 40 employees like that?

  41. Wow, sounds like you met quite a few of the 1up posse. I wish I was so lucky.

  42. Thanks! I’m a complex animal who doesn’t mind all the flack I catch for enjoying SingStar and disco.

    rInfinity: Don’t forgot those ads are doubly bad- No only are they offensive to many, that also contribute to the notion of an ideal body type when females view them.

    And, yes, I’m a bit of a hypocrite for running ‘sexy’ woman ads. I do wish more ads were ‘genderless’.

  43. So very sad. I wish all the staff the best. Keep your heads up!

  44. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    Yup, this kinda broke my heart!

  45. Don’t feel too bad for them? Did you read/look at their last cover story? An embarrassingly pixelated, jagged image of Wolvernine.

    Read the first sentence of that preview. Maybe Suttner can host a podcast, but he can’t write. You guys are marginally better.

  46. Great reaction letter, DE.