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An Interview with Director and Gamer, Sean Cain

With our recent giveaway of Naked Beneath the Water, Tech-Gamers learned of Sean Cain’s directorial capabilities. In our exclusive interview, we also examine another side of Cain, as he expresses his love of gaming.

Tech-Gaming: What was the inspiration for Naked Beneath the Water?

Cain: I first started writing this script back in the 90’s. The only real reality show was Real World on Mtv. I had this idea that one day our idea of reality television would be akin to the Romans tossing Christians to the lions for entertainment. We’re not quite there, but inching closer every day. I believe the pinnacle of American TV will be a show called, “Fuck Me, Kill Me”. The object will be to have sex and then murder the person in the most gruesome way. Once we get over the moral questions the ratings will be astronomical.

TG: You’ve mentioned in interviews you like videogames? Where did this interest start?
C: How does everything start with my generation? ATARI 2600!! Nothing will quite be like that first game of Combat! Blasting tanks, airplanes and whatever else. Pure bliss.

TG: What are you playing now?
C: A lot of Deathmatch multi-player on GTA4.  I’m not always that good, but I get by. GTA San Andreas is still my favorite game though. I probably sat in front of the TV like a drooling zombie for 2 months straight. Critics say that GTA is bad for you, but I disagree. GTA lets you do everything you wish you could do in real life without actually hurting anyone.

TG: Analysts are both skeptical and excited by the convergence of Hollywood and the game industry. What is your reaction?   
C: I always say that the ‘shiny box’ does really matter. You could make a movie about cowboys, gangsters, samurai or characters from a well known video game. That’s the gimmick that gets people to the theater. What does matter, and this is where many films fail, is what they place inside that box. It has to be about something. Most horror remakes suck balls, but the new Dawn of the Dead was excellent. Why? Because you had a good story, good actors and it was about something rather than shooting zombies. The problem with most game adaptations is that they
are put in the hands of shitty storytellers who care more about CGI effects than anything else.

TG: ‘Naked’ is really savvy about our media-centric culture. Any prospect of examining gaming in future endeavors?

C: I’m working on a script right now in which one of the characters is a hard core gamer. He bitches and complains about having to watch cut-scenes over and over when he can’t defeat the mini-boss. There’s nothing worse than being forced to watch cut scenes over and over.

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