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Weekly Roundup: Downloads, Patches and Pre-GTA Excitement

360 News

– A title update is available for Rainbow Six Vegas 2, that fixes fifteen problems and makes nine improvements. Achievement hunters will be happy to note that their long-lost, Private First Class points will be given after they download the patch and load their gamer profile.

Army of Two downloadable content became available with the SSC Challenge Pack. Costing players 600 points ($7.50), the pack will offer four new obstacle-course style maps for a pair of two main teams. Winners receive cash to modify their in-game weapons.

PS3/PSP News
– The Metal Gear Online beta, after a few missteps, is now officially working. After downloading at least one new update, players can try the demo until may 11th.

Level Uper N’Gai’s Croal’s most anticipated game after last year’s E3 was Echochrome. Three levels are available in the Playstation Store demo, for both PS3 and PSP oweners.

– Although PS3 owners will have to wait for their RSV2 Patch, they can kill time by checking out the changes in the Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds update. Players will now be able to play with soccer balls in the lobbies, and while on the links, walk around and taunt other golfers. Still no voice chat, but Japanese players have a downloadable course and two new characters.

– PSP players can download Kingdom of Paradise onto their memory sticks for $10.99 through the Playstation store. Our money is on R-Types which both PSP and PS3 players can enjoy. It’s a PS1 game that we haven’t seen in ages. Can the critically acclaimed Einhander be coming soon?

Grand Theft Auto 4
Wow, this looks like this is an early contender for game of the year. Rockstar has managed to fix nearly all the problems with past installments, now the only question remains: which version to buy? The PS3 with slightly prettier graphics or the 360 edition with downloadable content?

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  1. Wait. GTA looked better on the PS3, you guys are joking right?!? Right?

  2. Yeah, Martin. The IGN review even stated that the PS3 version has less ‘pop-in’.

  3. Good lord, how long does the MGO torrent take to download?

  4. Argh, there be Pirates about.

  5. Actually, in this case you use a torrent to download updates BEFORE you can play the game.

    There’s also mumbo jumbo about ‘downgrading’; sounds like some PSP hackers designers created the MGO frontend.

  6. Is the AoT download worth it? The game was kinda short IMHO.

  7. N’Gai is crazy. I just d/led the demo. It was ok, nothing worth getting your panties in a bunch over.

  8. Loco Roco is also available. It’s a great PSP game.

  9. Ps3>360. No way. Didn’t the PS3 version slow down development. That’s why were getting the game four months later.

  10. Many are reporting the PS3 version is a bit better graphically. Although no DLC will hurt; but who wants to pay $40-50 for 10 hours of gameplay?

  11. If rockstar was sneaky, they could release the PS3 material as a disk that people could put on the HD’s. Thet was they get around MS exclusivity deal.

  12. 360 version. You PS3 guys are going to miss out on some cool stuff.

  13. Downloaded Rainbow Six patch. got my acheivement! YEAH!

  14. PS3 for GTA4. Better graphics FTW!

  15. MGO won’t work for me. POS.

  16. GTA4 game of year. There I called it. This is the game people will still be playing, and then the DLC will hit and people will play more.

  17. Is ‘slightly prettier graphics’ really something to crow about? ‘Slightly’ wouldn’t be enough for me to care. I just want GTA and I want it NOW!

  18. Can’t wait for GTA.

  19. N’Gai is smoking crack again. No way is echochrome interesting for more than 20 minute bursts. He’s just trying to get web hits with a crazy quote like that.

  20. That N’Gai is so carzy. Maybe his braids are wound too tight.

  21. That N’Gai is so carzy. Maybe his braids are wound too tight.

  22. I agree that Grand Theft Auto 4 should be game of the year. The graphics aren’t what attracts people to this game. I believe it’s the idea of running free through a city with absolutely nobody to tell you any better. It can be viewed as a scary game to let young kids play.
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