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Tech Gaming Reviews Iron Man: Busted and Rusted

In theory, creating a successful videogame adaption of the
Iron Man film seems like an easy task. The character has the agility and speed of
a fighter jet, with the weaponry of an Abrams tank. A developer would only need
to update the ‘strike and hide’ gameplay of the forgotten
Thunderstrike series to
have a hit on their hands.

Iron Man’s first level finds main character Tony Stark on a
ground based mission, where the main hero’s abilities are gained. Offering no flight, and only a small amount of enemies, play seems to sputter
along with bits of slowdown. Interestingly, once Iron Man takes to the air,
these problems are resolved somewhat. Note that overall gameplay is marred by
slowdown not found in the demo; while taking out two enemies on a bridge; the
game should consistently go into slow motion for about five seconds. The framerate in the 360 version is slightly higher overall than the Playstation 3 edition.

Graphically, Iron Man
is quite impressive; large outdoor environments are drawn with no signs of
pop-in. Desert locations are especially beautiful, with sweeping vistas, and
delicate textures. Enemies such as tanks, turrets and jets are well drawn, but
recycled too often through the game. While game bosses give a reprieve to the repetitiveness,
a few more character models would have helped matters considerably. Players may
feel fatigue as they destroy the same tank model for the hundredth time.

Iron Man’s controls are a mixed bag. At times, it feels exhilarating
to control the gold and red hero, hovering while destroying vehicles. But
trying to eliminate jet fighters, which constantly bombard the player with missiles,
is frustrating. Ground-based combat is clunky and uninteresting; it doesn’t
convey any sense of muscle.  Developer
Secret Level should have aped God of War’s sense of power and battlefield dominance.

While missions range from destroying all enemies to
protecting civilian zones, there is a certain sameness that is pervasive
throughout the game. There is little satisfaction in mission completion;
players trudge through the levels with the reward of new landscapes, and little
else. Bosses fights are not tactical, and usually involve finding a bit of
cover, popping up occasionally to release a missile barrage. As the game
progresses, levels are peppered with an increasing amount of enemies, so that
latter levels feel a bit frustrating.

Overall, we are sad to report that Iron Man seems like
another quickly designed title to capitalize on the film’s impending success. For
a character that seems perfect for a game, Iron Man the game is a
disappointment for players.

Final Score: D

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Great review; honestly, I was expecting much from this game anyways.

  2. Sad, so sad! The fan was great though. I think I’m going to see it again.

  3. DraculasMaster

    How come no other sites are reviewing this game? Great job, people!

    I agree a game like this should kick ass.

  4. How about a review of the DS version? I heard that ones better.

  5. Sad, but this is what I expected. Sounds like there’s no fun to be had at all. Is the pic from in game? if so that does look nice.

  6. Seems too high a grade. I’d give it a F based on the demo.

  7. Too bad Segas behind the next Hulk game, too.

  8. Does this review surprise anyone? Typical dreck.

  9. I played the demo and thought the controls absolutely sucked. Evade didn’t do anything. You were supposed to be able to grab missiles and through them back. I did this once in about 10 tries.

  10. File this review under more licensed crap. Such a shame no one cares about quality.

  11. Smart gamers don’t buy licensed games, and if they do they wait for the quick price drop. I learned my lesson on the Matrix games. Man, those were two big steaming piles of crap. The first one didn’t even have Neo.

    This still drop to $30 in about a month, then $20, soon thereafter.

  12. Please review a game I might consider purchasing, please!

    Ok, that aside interesting read.

  13. Sounds horrible.

  14. I can’t think of any game that was a movie tie-in worth a damn.

    At least the Iron Man movie was good.

  15. Man, Iron Man was the worst game I have ever rented. I took that back to Hollywood video and complained about how hard it sucked and they gave me a free rental plus a free movie rental for the pain. Nice folks there

  16. Actually, a friend got this game and I kindof liked it; I do agree that it gets frustrating though

  17. The horrible controls in the demo put me off. I can’t belive the final product was worse than the demo. That’s impossible 😉

  18. I’d like to hear a podcast from you guys. I trust your reviews; you guys don’t pull punches.

    I think a lot of the big sites are influenced by advertisers/ exclusive coverage.

  19. Movie was great, expected game to be poor.

  20. Good job, you scooped 1Up by three days and gave a better review.

    They gave it a D+, btw.

  21. Try developing a product along side a huge franchise film, with a team of 20, and a tight budget. Se if you can do any better.

    Awful review 🙁

  22. Your review is completely off the mark. Iron Man is a great title that fans of the movie will enjoy. I won’t be reading any other reviews from this site, and will be telling others to do the same.

    Best wishes.

  23. I don’t think anyone here is attempting to be a game developer, but the review is a thoughtful deconstruction of the pros and cons in his opinion of this game.

    I think the problem for most movie tie-in games is that they aren’t given much of a budget or enough time to really do something special. Because when it comes down to it the entertainment corporations don’t care about content, they want a hook that’s going to sell units. Hence, the crappy movie tie-in game that has to come out when the movie does.

  24. The fans have spoken (at least on here) and they didn’t seem to agree with your assessment.