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Defense Grid: Containment DLC Review

From free Flash-based entries such as Desktop Tower Defense to premium variants like Plants Vs. Zombies, and PixelJunk Monsters, tower defense titles has grown to prolific proportions across the last half decade. Much of the ...

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Cubemen Review

What is the Concept? Cubemen, the latest game from Melbourne-based indie developer 3 Sprockets has two attributes which separate the title from the bulk of the tower defense deluge: it’s devilishly cheap and surprisingly involving. ...

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Dungeon Defenders Review

What is the concept? As titles such as Toy Soldiers, Monday Night Combat, Trenched and Orcs Must Die have demonstrated, the action/tower defense genre has proliferated across Xbox Live Arcade. Yet, associating the recent release ...

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Orcs Must Die Review

What is the concept? Recalling Trenched and Toy Soldiers adept amalgamations of the tower defense and third-person shooter genres, Orcs Must Die rewards marksmanship as much as prudent planning. Players are thrust into the role ...

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