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Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review

The old adage “birds of a feather, flock together” is a tragically accurate explanation of my social circle. Comprised of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures, each male friend finds their way into the clique by ...

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Sonic Generations Review

Beyond a flimsy, bilingual leaflet which reveals where Sonic Generations’ actual instruction manual can be downloaded, there’s something else inside the game case: a heaping pile of vindication. Playing through remixed renditions of stages culled ...

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Pucca Power Up Review

Despite iconic status in Korea- where Pucca’s likeness can be found on items ranging from Kleenex, cutlery, and adult-sized scooters, the character hasn’t quite broken into the upper echelons of stardom within the United States. ...

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Deca Sports Extreme Review

As purchasers of any of Nordcurrent’s 101-In-1 anthologies will likely tell you, there’s a direct correlation between the number of diversions on a collection and the depth of each game. One series that has admirably ...

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Boulder Dash XL Review

What is the concept? XL is a loyal reimagining of First Star Software’s, Boulder Dash– a title which proliferated across  nearly every popular computer and console platform during the mid-eighties. At its core, players guide ...

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