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Asura’s Wrath Review

Although computer-generated imagery is ubiquitous in contemporary film, its usage is typically rooted in reality rather than the fantastical. With harpists which hurled deadly projectiles out of their malevolent musical instruments and a character capable ...

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Shank 2 Review

What is the concept? 2010’s Shank injected the fusty 2D brawler with much-needed dose of adrenaline, resulting in a wonderfully hyperkinetic and impishly violent game. For the sequel, the developers at Klei Entertainment knew not ...

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Guardian Heroes Review

What is the concept? 1996’s Guardian Heroes is a textbook example of the fan-pleasing design philosophy of Japanese developer Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Bangai-O, Ikaruga). Most brawlers of the era focused on the protagonist’s efforts to ...

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Rise of Nightmares Review

Whereas the business model for many publishers stresses a steady stream of sequels, SEGA has nobly attempted to cultivate a handful of original IPs alongside iterations in their Sonic and Virtua Tennis franchises. From a ...

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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Review

Although Sega, Capcom, and Konami valiantly tried to cultivate a core-gaming fanbase on the Wii, their efforts ultimately proved futile. M-rated titles such as Madworld, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories ...

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Recession Beater- The Asskickers Review

For decades, gamers have been punching, kicking, and tossing around the downtrodden. This perception didn’t occur to me until I spoke with Stanislaus Berton, the developer behind the recent PC and Mac release, The Asskickers. ...

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