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Podcast 14-9: Monsters Ate My Podcast

Podcast 14-9

After the first recording was sacrificed to the Podcasting Gods (OK, transformed into a zero-byte file) Robert and Say are back to deliver another episode of IndieOutlook. This week we cover Ronin, Not a Hero, Wakfu Raiders, BOMB: Who Let the Dogfight aka The Adventures of Marcel Gaston Against Time and Pride, Flem, Down the Mountains, and Monsters Are My Metropolis.

4:30- Ronin
10:50- Not a Hero
15:16- Wakfu Raiders
20:20- BOMB
26:48- Flem
36:15- Down the Mountain
41:00- Monsters Ate My Metropolis

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Here’s how to tell if an episode is going to be good:

    1) If there’s a loli in the art, then yes.
    2) If it opens with Guile’s song, then yes.
    3) If there’s a mention of Japanese or indie games, then yes.

    • I’m waiting for the day, Jeremy just hops on “unexpectedly” in the middle of the other show. You gotta make that happen.

  2. Almost an hour of IndieOutlook? Sounds good.

    I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the games. Always like to hear about new stuff.

  3. Good show so far, but Robert I expect more doujinshi from you! Get on it!

  4. Downloading the show now so I can listen during the week. You guys seem big enough to do some indie giveways. It would be cool if you hosted those.

  5. Sounds like Mr. Allen really likes his ramen.

    So, knowing that, you would be your dream sponsors for the show?

  6. Never heard of any of these games, but I do know the Baha Men.

  7. Not a bad podcast. My first time listening and I have to admit I liked it. The women is a little hard to understand sometimes though.

    • Women? You’re calling Robert a lady because of his giggle? Haha.

      I like Sai’s accent.

      • Aw thanks, ChaosTheorist. People would think that after a lifetime of comments on my accent/name, I should be used to that by now. I never will, I guess – forever self-concious of it.

  8. Going to give Bomb a try since I’d a flight sim snob as well.

  9. Worst French accent ever. Otherwise a decent show.

  10. Sorry to hear about your time in the hospital. A few years ago, I spent the better part of 2 months in one. I know how powerful games can be in getting your mind off unpleasant things.

    • I don’t know how else I could cope if I couldnt spend most of that time gaming, really. I can’t wait to just be done with surgery and go back to yearly check ups (assuming it all goes well). Also, hopefully things are much better on your end now.

      • My grandma is in the hospital a lot these days. When she’s with us, she has the occasional marijuana brownie to help get past intense pain days. After that she’ll play a game or two.

  11. Just tried out Wakfu Raiders. Seems ok, but the 30th fight was the same as the first. When does it get interesting?

  12. I like the variety of the regular show a bit better.

  13. Unlock Mr Shigoto, the Swedish kaiju, because he’s our favorite podcast host by day. Use his “lets jump right in” attack!

  14. Good show. I can listen to an one hour episode in a single day, rather than stretch it out over a few days, like I do with the usual podcast.

  15. Sure it look like furry porn, but I’d like to see you cover this:

    It’s called Shiness.

  16. How long do we have wait for another episode? Jeez, guys, it’s been way too long.