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Podcast 16-1: Vita Means Life, Don’t You Love Life?

In this year-end wrap up, the crew offers impressions of Heartnomics: Lost Count, Let It Die, and revisits old favorites on the NES Classic Edition. We also devote heaping helping of airtime to our favorite games and devices of the year, before wrapping up things with a dose of retro trivia.

0:30 – Impressions
68:00 – Best of 2016
96:00 – Trivia

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. I totally forgot you had a podcast! I’ll listen this weekend!

  2. The audio is pretty good but sounds a bit tinny at times. Like it’s coming from a distant AM radio station.

  3. Bo Jackson was a running back not a receiver! You’d hand the ball off to him, not throw it.

  4. Robert I can’t believe you icked Grand Kingdom as your GOTY. You wonderful weeb you.

  5. I send in my idea but you ignored me. 🙁

    I’ll ask again: who is your best girl/waifu of 2016?

    Jeremy: That’s your favorite female protag of a game or anime.

    • lol, got it. 😀

      So here’s a qualifying question: are underage characters waifu material? Does that bring the paradigm to a crashing halt? Clementine from The Walking Dead? 😉

      Really though, there are plenty to choose from but the first one that springs to mind is Nariko from Heavenly Sword. I main her in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, anyway. 🙂

      I also finished Dreamfall Chapters recently, and Zoe Castillo is a pretty good pick. You?

  6. Look VR is cool, but no why would I buy a PS VR right now. Why? Sony has a consistent track record of dropping support on a product, leaving consumers in the cold.

    PSP? Dropped
    Vita? Dropped
    PS Mobile Store? Dropped and gone.
    Move Dropped until they figured it could be used for VR. A little late since the batteries of most of them are dead.
    Vaio computers? Dropped
    Wonderbook, Eyetoy, Eye of Judgement set up. Dropped, dropped, dropped.
    3D games? Dropped.

    I’m sure there are others I might have forgotten about, but you get the idea. Fool me, once. Shame on You. Fool me 4 times+, shame on you Jeremy. I don’t see how you can be such a PS fanboy when presented with the hard evidence.

    • Here’s the other thing that I surprised you didn’t pick up on…

      Blue got a $60 NES Classic and a $200 PS4. Pretty typical gamer. Jeremy is looking for a $600 add-on for that $200 machine. Somethings that’s 3 times the cost of the original device, and that doesn’t include the games.

      I’m excited for VR too, but I won’t be playing it until the price drops to less than $200. I think all but the hardcore gamers probably feel the same. Another point: VR streaming isn’t there and I don’t know if it really can be. You can watch someone react to VR but it’s not all that fun because you’re missing out on a lot of the experience. With regular streaming, you get most of it.

    • Well its a valid point for sure but when a company stops supporting as product hopefully you’ve got your enjoyment out of it already.

    • Companies are all the same- they’ll drop something if they feel the projections aren’t measuring up. At a certain point, you’ll have to drop costs to increase demand, which lowers margins. But with consoles, they do make a bit of money for each game produced (which is why console games are more expensive than PC), so there is a bit of wiggle room.

    • What exactly is our timeline for “dropped” here? I mean I won’t come back and hit you with the hard evidence for the software available on each of the platforms you mentioned (and it is substantial) but, like,

      NES: Dropped
      SNES: Dropped
      Wii: Dropped
      DS: Dropped


      • NES had a 20 year life span
        SNES has a 13 year life span.
        3DS still plays DS software.

        Vita just turned 5 and it was dropped like a year ago. PSP was about the same. Wonderbook, Eyetoy, they were clearing those out after a year.

  7. One like all things Sony, another likes all things Japanese. The other likes cheap things.

    So shouldn’t this be more of a PS4 lovefest?

  8. There were two PSVR bundles at my Best Buy in Houston. Maybe Sony is releasing more. Still too expensive for me, though.

  9. First time listener. I really liked the podcast, especially the trivia.

    3/5 for me.

  10. I really need to play Grand Kindgom then!

  11. I liked the background music. Where is it from?

  12. Good show. More trivia, please! That was fun.

    (I got all but one right)

  13. I’m not sold on VR. I’ll wait for the prices to drop and the tech to improve.

  14. I think I missed the Metroid love (according to Twitter)

  15. Blue, you sound pretty happy with the NES classic. Good cool. Nevermind the haters.

  16. I love my Vita. SO many great JRPGs on it. I’m thinking once VR gets those, I’ll jump on board. By then, the price will drop.

  17. I learned there are a whole bunch of Qix porn games today. Some of them are:

    Gals Panic (series)
    Gal Pani X
    Fantasia (series)
    Fantasy 95
    Lady Killer
    Lady Love
    Lovely Girls
    Miss World ’96 Nude
    Perestroika Girls
    Party Time: Gonta The Diver II

  18. Oh, and I learned some of the games penalize slow play by turning the girl into a monster or showing a gory picture.

  19. Had a good hearty laugh over port Qix games. I remember accidentally stumbling on one with MAME.

  20. I got a NES Classic for Christmas. Really well built and fun as well. I do wish the controller cords were longer, though. What was Nintendo thinking?

  21. I have a question for the next show:

    With the Switch specs supposed leaked, are you more eager or less eager to pick up the console?