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Playmaker- FIFA Soccer 10 Review

As both a warm-up and a clever way to disguise load-times, NBA Live 10 allowed players to practice their jump shots and layups before a competition began. The mini-game was a competent, yet unremarkable diversion- ...

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30 Second Savior- Half-Minute Hero

DesertEagle’s Take: There was a period in gaming when titles were measured by the number of simultaneous moving sprites, instead of polygonal complexity. Diversions such as Gunstar Heroes, Bangai-O, and Dynamite Headdy captivated players with ...

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An Unreal Hero: MagnaCarta 2 Review

I was recently extolling the virtues of the Japanese role-playing games to an acquaintance who appreciated more action-oriented diversions. He explained that while he had neither issues with androgynous characters design nor a derivative plotline, ...

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