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Podcast 12-2: Remy, UDraw Me Like One of Your French Girls

UDraw MeThis week the Tech-Gaming crew reflects on 2012, remembering the studios and media outlets which shuttered their doors this year. Beyond offering impressions of Persona 4 Golden, Epic Mickey 2 and Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, an atypical time-traveling elimination round of trivia, we also interview Cesar and Say from Phoenix Online Studios, who are on hand to discuss Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller. Finally, don’t forget to enter our Creat Studio-sponsored contest for a chance to win a copy of Smash Cars, Magic Orbz, Wakeboarding HD, SkyFighter or Mahjong Tales!

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Show Notes:
Artwork: Rose the Cat with Tomato Still Life by Jeremy’s daughter
Intro: Mega Turrican: Turrimann OC ReMix
Interlude 1: Revenge of Shinobi Eternal Tears OC ReMix
Interlude 2: Crush Electrotherapy OC ReMix

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Is the show really 2 hours and 20 minutes or is this some kind of file error? 😉

    • I assume 30 minutes is Sean saying “I told you so” and “Nahnahnanahnah” about The Walking Dead. 😉

  2. My favorite Creat game is TerRover.

    BTW, is is pronounceable “Cre-At” or “Create”

    Happy new year, all!

  3. Magic Orbz is my favorite Creat game. BTW- How does the contest work? Do people that pick a game from the list have a chance at winning that one or anyone?

    Robert, what happened to your voice? You sound pretty sick!

  4. Listening now, man the number of developers that have gone belly up in 2012 is depressing.

    You did forget:

    Spellbound Entertainment
    Rockstar Vancouver (Max Payne 3, nyo)
    Ubisoft Vancouver
    HB Studios Halifax (Baller Beats)

    • That section was a bit depressing, but was well needed. So many people (2 of my friends included) were laid off in the industry this year. I know most people will say “that’s the nature of the business”, these are really talented people.

      Also, glad to have interviews back. Thanks for listening to us!

  5. Add my former employer Zynga Boston to that list.

    • Good call on Rockstar. Totally forgot about Zynga. I think Glu had some significant layoffs too. I feel like other big publishers had closed some individual studios as well.

      Without TOO much thought, I bet there are another dozen we didn’t think of. 🙁

  6. Wakeboarding HD is my favorite, but I want a copy of Mahjong Tales.

    Thanks for putting out an end of year show guys. I liked the overview of developers that left us in 2012. Nice touch.

    The one problem so far: too much interrupting. Main culprit is Deagle. Let the others talk, dood!

    • Is it me or was Robert kind of a jerk while Jeremy was extra nice. What the hell happened, Freaky Friday podcast recording.

      Still, Robert I can’t be too mad at you. You did an interview this week with a studio I actually care about.

  7. I’d love to win SkyFighter, It’s my favorite because it has NOLA’s seal of approval.

    I like the change of format? Is this permanent?

  8. Sounds like a great show. Interview, trivia, and the whole crew.

    Don’t know how you guys were excluded from GAF’s top 60 VG podcasts. Sound quality maybe?

  9. I’d love to win Smash Cars.

    BTW Deagle, why no F1 Race Stars review. You’re the Codemasters fanboy, right?

    • A while back he said how Codemasters was doing an awful job at PR, and didn’t even know the release date of Dirt Showdown. I didn’t even know of F1’s existence until I saw the game at Best Buy.

  10. Bratz Super Babyz is by far Creat’s finest hour 😛

    Excellent interview and trivia this week, Des. But what happened to NOLA, he really did get eliminated for calling you “Bob”, right?

  11. Calling a uDraw a WiiU substitute is just plain trolling. Funny as hell, though.

  12. Yeah, if you could just boost the sound quality a bit and get Blue on track, I’d like you more than the Bombcast.

  13. I played a bit of Epic Mickey 2 over Xmas. Yeah, it was pretty pathetic, I’d say wait until it hit $20, unless you’re one of those Disney nuts.

  14. Mushroom Wars is my favorite Creat title .

  15. What ended up happening with your WiiU, Robert?

  16. Des could interrupt less. Sean could be happier. Jeremy could be less on a Sony drone. Blue and Sage are cool.

  17. Mushroom Wars is my favorite Creat title. i’d like to win any of the games,no preference lol

  18. Mushroom Wars in my favorite. Loved elimination trivia, even if it took longer.

  19. That’s really cute that you included the tomato in the pic.

    Mushroom Wars FTW.

    • Yeah, that is a cute touch. Nice, long show with a lot of variety. Good interview, too.

    • Haha, it totally made me laugh. The artist saw me just now responding to comments and said “HEY. HOW DID THEY GET THAT!?”

      lol, good feels all around.

      • Tell her she’s famous (at least in the Americans who love Japanese games and go gaga over Sony products community)!

  20. Someone tell Des, it’s not pronounced OAK-A-RENA.

  21. Great show. One of the best in months.

  22. So Jeremy, does Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault have online multiplayer? Any reason to buy it for single player?

    • To be honest, Zybot, I haven’t played EXCEPT online multiplayer. So, unfortunately, I don’t know if I can really answer that for you. Reviews that have focused on the single player have been fairly negative. 🙁

      I didn’t really clarify in the show, but it has a fun co-op mode AND a neat versus mode. I didn’t talk much about versus, but there are different “segments” of the tower defense game: A “node capture” where you gain bolts to buy stuff, a “squad” mode where you buy your own creeps and attack units, and then an assault mode where you set it all in play.

      Then it repeats. And it’s just a lot of fun. And, like uDraw, it’s a shame that it will be so overlooked. Ah well.

  23. TerRover is the bombdiggity!

  24. Need to pick up Cognition. Any season deals?

    • I say $24.99 gets you the whole season+soundtrack. Not bad if you ask me.

      Oh, and favorite Creat game is SkyFighter.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen $30 for the season. I’ve never played it but I’m a big adventure game fan, and I trust the pedigree of the creators.

      I’ve heard mixed things, but I like the idea of it. It apparently has choices that carry over, and I’d like to see how it compares to something like The Walking Dead.

  25. For the contest Mecho Wars.

    Good episode! Glad to hear everyone for the year end wrapup.

  26. Sage’s sound was a little low in some parts.

    Liked the idea of Nola using the T-Pain app to bug Deagle.

  27. I’d say Hamster Ball is my favorite Creat title. Mushroom Wars is pretty good, too.

    Good good this week, lots of variety, and a lot of energy up until the end. I want to know who killed NOLA, though?

    Oh, and can old Deagle get tested on game trivia once? I wouldn’t mind hearing him squirm.

  28. Site is kind of slow. Why does that still happen when a new podcast posts? Fix it!

  29. Question for next show:

    What is the most important video game or game series of all time?

  30. Magic Orbz is my favorite Creat game.

  31. Thanks for all the hard work guys. Happy new year!

  32. Mushroom Wars is definitely my favorite Creat game, it’s just so amazing! 😀

    Thanks for doing this! I don’t own any of the five you guys are giving away, so that’s nice to boot! 😉

  33. TERrover is my favorite. Excellent show this time. LOled at the art and Des’ ‘Draw me’ comment.

  34. I like Mushroom Wars.

    Happy 2013 all!

  35. Good one this week. Just finished listening. Des, how come you didn’t talk about Hawaii?

  36. Smash Cars is the best Creat game.

  37. I need to admit that I’ve never played Mushroom Wars. 🙁

  38. So did this week’s podcast kill the site? I was it was down yesterday.

  39. So he writes 90% of the reviews, hosts the podcast, and codes the site? Polygon could save a shit ton of money if the they hire him and fire like 4 or 5 dudes. Of course, they’d be riots on the review threads when Disgaea gets a 10 out of 10!

  40. Cuboid was my favorite.

  41. Mushroom Wars! One of the first FRee Games from Plus! XD

  42. As a first time listener I’m impressed. Great show, you guys seem organized and we’ll released. Just listened to another new show (Red Sun Gamer) and you guys were far and away my favorite. Good job.

    • Thanks Tallboy! Glad you enjoyed it. The back-catalog isn’t too bad either, so browse around! 🙂

      • I’ve been listening for about eight shows now. You guys are getting better with age. But can I suggest guests for the whole show?

  43. Cuboid! Obviously 😀

  44. im definitely gonna go with hamsterball. i can get lost rolling that little dude around for hours. plus you could play your own music!

  45. I honestly was aware of R&C:FFA’s existence until this podcast, and I listen to 3 other VG shows. So Sony and there partners spend tons of money developing and get almost no marketing push? Makes perfect business since. 🙂

  46. Here is the list of winners (who have been notified via email) thanks to all who participated!

    Bento Boxer
    George Kot

  47. Thanks so much guys! I never win these things.

    (Downloading now)

  48. Man, I didn’t win? More contests needed.

  49. The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom is the name that escapes you all.

  50. I totally disagree with Sean about you guys reviewing the larger games. While I love to see you highlight less known titles (and see more previews), I find Desert’s take on games to be an enjoyable read– even when I don’t agree with him.

    Sure, he’s a little soft on games (same could be said for Phillip Kollar) but you can tell he still loves gaming and isn’t all whiny/cynical/jaded etc. When it comes to FPS, JRPGs and some sims he’s one of the better ones in the business. Oh, and for racing he’s no slouch.

  51. So when’s the next show? I’m looking forward to it.