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New Releases 4/27-5/3: Fuel for the Fire Edition

This week, media pundits will be re-energized by the release of the fourth installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, ignoring the innocuous Kart racer, and the requisite movie tie-in. So, we dedicate this week’s releases to Jack Thompson, Hillary Clinton, Fox News, and anyone else oblivious to gaming beyond Rockstar’s latest opus.

Xbox 360
Grand Theft Auto IV
Iron Man

Playstation 3
Grand Theft Auto IV
Iron Man

Iron Man
Mario Kart Wii

Brain Voyage
River King: Mystic Valley
Toy Shop

Iron Man
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

Iron Man
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

Pick of the Week: With GTA IV getting near- perfect review scores, recommending this title is quite easy. Modifications to the aiming system, gorgeous graphics, and true next-gen A.I. should woo new fans who couldn’t look past GTA 3’s shortcomings. Games who have the slightest inkling for retro titles should pick up SNK’s Arcade Classics. It’s a perfect compilation of old school games without the new-school Virtual Console price.

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  1. Been playing GTA since 12:20 AM, time to go to sleep!

  2. To try Iron Man or not..Hmmm, I think I’ll wait as Sega titles always seem to drop quickly in price.

  3. Mario kart Wii and GTA4 for the PS TRIPLE!

  4. Young Chun-Li sees a robot coke machine for the first time, foreshadowing future battles.

  5. SNK- Neo Geo games FTW. But can someone explain why the psp version is double the price of the ps2 version?!?

  6. Too much great stuff to buy. I guess the game drought is officially over, right?

  7. GTA for the 360 for me.

  8. I have heard good think about River King; i’ll get that. No GTA as my 360 died on Sunday.


  9. SNK, Baby, SNK. I always had Neogeo envy.

  10. I can’t find SNK anywhere, peoples!

  11. Was this image a rejected CD cover for The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots??